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Good Face Gone Bad: Fergie’s Morphing Mug

It appears that Stacy Ferguson has undergone some ill-advised surgeries of the plastic variety. It looks as though she’s gotten a new nose and had some of the fat taken out of her lady lumps and injected into her face since she first appeared on Kids Incorporated alongside another one of our favorites.

I never understood the whole “Fergie’s hot” thing. I think she’s a fine singer who’s in a popular band and that they collectively do an above-average job of producing radio hits, but something about her look is just terribly off to me. I don’t think it’s “meth face”, although I’m sure her history with the drug didn’t help.

Check out the gallery below to see how Fergie morphed from a naturally pretty teenager to somewhat of a swampthing and let me know what work you think she had done in the comments.

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  • I’m not stupid. I’ve looked for a damn x. There is not one that I can see. Thanks for the help though.

  • Gee, you put a pic o f her at 8 years old and show how she has changed whens she is in a 30 year old picture.
    Honestly, what celeb has not had work done? Your bashing of Fergie reminds me of that Perez bashing he used to do of her.
    She is very pretty in person, I have met her. And i want to see pics of the faces of the bloggers beating on her, or pics of their bodies.
    Men do think she is hot.
    Aniston and GaGa are way uglier than Fergie could hope to be. Bash them.

    • Thank God there’s someone else on this planet who thinks Jennifer Aniston is not as attractive as everyone touts her to be.

      • im so with you jenifer aniston is fugly as shit and people need to realize this. she has the chin of a dude for fuck sake…but fergie is still ugly sorry. also lady gaga is crazy ugly and nobodu talks about it dont know why………………

    • Wow… I respect your opinion but you have got to be kidding.. I don’t see how anyone can honestly group Jennifer Aniston with Fergie & Lady Gaga. Frankly that is an insult and pretty much the equivalent of grouping Elizabeth Hurley with Renee Zellweger and Kelly Osborne. Jennifer may have lost some of her gorgeous glamour as she has aged but she still remains one of the most beautiful women in the world. I’m willing to go as far to say that if these 3 ladies were pitted against one another in a vote, Jennifer would blow both of these ladies out of the water 10/10.

    • Fertile is objectively not that hot. This is going to sound harsh but it is reality: most men would absolutely bang Fergie but men will bang nearly any normal looking woman or less, that’s the difference between men and women. Us men will mate with just about any female because we are not shallow or vapid but because we like sex. Period. So we don’t care about all these things in a woman that women do in men. However, it is not fair to say Fergie is hit simply because men would bang her. Compared to her peers in the music and acting sphere in which she resides, she is woefully ugly. No comparison. Her face is absolutely split. I am actually surprised Fergie has gone as far as she’s gone in her music career being that bent. Sorry, that’s the reality and most men would absolutely tell you that as far as pop stars and run of the mill famous female musicians go, Fergie is hard to look at.

      Same with Jennifer Anniston, yes, to most men she is very attractive but that’s not really saying much as men will find pretty much any movie/TV star chick hot that you throw in front of them. Again, we are talking about comparable beauty to other similarly situated women. In that regard, Anniston is plain Jane. Definitely not this smoking hot movie star babe compared to say, a Scarlett Johansson who is grade A prime tail.

  • jeniffer aniston is not super hot but neither is fergie. fug has a banging body but she`s ugly, why is it so bad to say so?

  • One of the problems is that her forehead is quite narrow with not enough room between her brows and her hairline. The heaviness of her brow also doesn’t match the new nose and when she added bigger lips and a new set of teeth, it all went wonky.

    Unfortunately, her skin is bad enough that foundation just looks like spackle.

    I know this is awfully nit-picky, and I kinda feel bad for her that we’re dissecting her face like this, but then I think about her millions and don’t feel so bad.

    I’m a mean girl…

  • She definitly took some of the fat in her stomach off and did something for her wrinkled face to not be that noticeable because there is no way a woman her age looks like that naturally. If not ask Betty White who says she has a amaizing body but she doen’t show it off because her man face daughter gets jealous!!

  • Language people have u ever thought of little kids coming on this sight I’m disgusted with the UNCOOL language but ya lady gaga omg get me a paper bag ganna barf very ugley

  • Meh, Fergie is beautiful. This is just a badly taken photo of her. Nothing more than that. Please don’t bash a person who doesn’t deserve one.

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  • the funny fact is she DIDNT use surgery…

    Ferg is beautiful, and ofcourz u picked the pictures where she looks less attractive (while all the artists and celebs have better and worse days)

    If u look closely: Yes her face changed (OFCOURSE she’s an adult know) and also because of her meth addiction: She lost a lot of weight and was anorexic. After that period she ate a lot and did a lot things to get a healthy weight again. That is one of the most difficult, hard and painful things to do as an anorexic! So she is an AMAZING example of being some kinda hero!
    She fought drugs, anorexia and her emotions! (cuz her parents got cancer, she was dropped out of Wild Orchid, she was poor and alone so it wasnt strange she used drugs).

    There are always some people bitching about her:
    No she isnt perfect, BUT she shows it to the world thats a BIG difference with other celebs!
    She aint the thinnest girl around, no shes got an healthy weight and shows the world that you dont have to be thin aslong if you love your body others will do it too.

    Fergie has been and still is my biggest inspiration in the entire world: She got bullied and bitched out, she felt horrible cuz of it but she keeps doing her things! Cuz she wants to be who she is and thats what admires me a lot.
    Shes one of the strongest woman I know.

  • I sooo agree with you. Why gorgeous Josh is with her is a puzzle to me. She is mean to him in public! Fergie is nothing special in the looks department. Her face doesn’t look normal, she looks older after all the stuff she has had done. The eyebrows are spooky; too late to change them now and no one would know who she is without the weird ones she has now. I like your website. Please keep it up!!