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Christina Applegate Has a Baby!

photo of christina applegate pregnant pictures

Christina Applegate, whom I feel like I just reported was pregnant, like, a month ago, has confirmed through her rep that she’s given birth to a healthy baby girl, Sadie Grace LeNoble. The kid’s father is Martyn LeNoble, epic musician who’s played in and helped out with bands like Porno for Pyros, Jane’s Addiction, and The Cult – the two were married (uh, Christina and Martyn, not Martyn and his new daughter; that’s kind of weird unless you’re in Utah I guess) within the last year.

Sadie Grace was born this past Thursday in California, and the new family is said to be doing very well. But then again, if they weren’t doing well, it’s not as if we’d know one way or the other, right? But I’m sure they are.  This is usually a good time in a person’s life.

I also think this event is pretty special, too, because Christina underwent cancer treatments a few years back, so it’s nice to see that she’s totally healthy enough to have children and be, you know, alive. I also have a big old coonhound by the name of Sadie who’s whining to go outside and poop as we speak, so this new baby and my dog? Are sort of like kin.

Congratulations to the new family! I gotta take the dog out.

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