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I’ll Bet the Olsen Twins Could Each Fit Into Nicki Minaj’s Two Asscheeks

photo of nicki minaj ass before and after pictures

I know it’s, like, supposed to be super wicked cool and stereotypical that rap girls have big old booties in the way that Sir Mix-A-Lot says and whatever, but this is just ridiculous. It’s apparently unnatural (we’ve all seen the before-and-after pictures of Nicki’s ass), it grows bigger by the month, and guys? It looks STUPID and disproportionate. Way. She might be talented for all I know, but her cartoon-like ass? Is all I think of when I hear her name.

Am I right or am I right?

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  • I agree with Sarah for the first time. Her butt does look stupid just like Kim Kardashian’s butt. This is not coming from a girl with no butt either. Baby Girl- stop typing in caps, because you make yourself look stupid. So stop looking stupid. Do you also have x-ray vision so you can see if those are implants or not? You should become a super hero.

  • she has enough cottage cheese to feed an army.. i want to buy her a tredmill for her bday. she needs to stop trying to be white and take off the wigs, why cant she just grow her own hair and be happy with herself not try to be blonde. her vag is so fat it looks like she’s packin 10 inches. i bet she has kanckles. her fake eyelashes are rediculous. she wears the weirdest clothes. her thighs look they could swallow a truck. plain and simple she needs to lay off the cookies and twinkies because she is huge she is a fat ass. she makes rosie o’donnel look hot. and her nipples are the size of my lap top, her boobs are like 89% nip. oh and she is a fat ass. she couldnt even make it in a playboy magizine, maybe like obese edition

  • Hey every body to live dose not me u as alive and thing ar not the same nicki keep it up the good work we love u ok

  • Irima are you like retarded? Go back to elementary school and learn some grammar. Also, she stole ” everybody dies, but not everyone lives” from the gator hunter guy. Who is we? How can you love someone you never met? Your stupid, and she’s a fat ass cunt who doesn’t deserve anything she has.