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Can We Talk About Nicki Minaj’s Ass?

Now that the family holiday is over, can we get real for two and discuss Nicki Minaj’s ass? She showed that thang off yesterday during Hot 97’s Thanksgiving Thank You concert in New York and after seeing these photos (swiped from JustJared, obvi), I have to ask: Do you think that it’s real? I mean, never in my life have I seen an ass that size or shape, especially on a girl with her frame, but asses seem to be innovating these days. It wasn’t that long ago that J.Lo switched up our definition of “junk in the trunk”, you know. Maybe Nicki’s just rocking the next level of natural butts. Or maybe she had five inches of silicone inserted at the base of her asscheeks.

What’s your verdict on the realness of Nicki’s butt, guys?

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