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Klook! Kardashian Ksilly Kbandz!

I will just laugh myself into the grave over that headline. Giggling myself six feet deep is what I’m doing over here.

After the whole Kardashian Kard fiasco (not that kard, the other one), you’d think Kourt, Khloe and Kim would show some discretion when putting their name on a product, but no. Now the girls have introduced a collection of Silly Bandz, those rubber bracelets you probably saw your kids and cousins swapping under the table like, last Easter. That’s when these things were popular. To come out with a collection of Silly Bandz in 2011 is like coming out with a collection of Timbaland-style high heel boots in 2009– just completely fucking tragically late and unstylish.

Thankfully, I have no problem being ugly and irrelevant, so I will be picking up a pack of these bad girls ASAP. A rubber Khloe Kardashian on my wrist? Is it my birthday again?!

And while we’re on the topic, what other reality shows should they turn into Silly Bandz collections? I’d like a Real World San Francisco pack and even though I don’t watch the show, I’m sure a The Biggest Loser collection would be amazing. Just little sandwich and tear-shaped pieces of rubber?

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  • These things are so stupid, it doesn’t surprise me that the Kardashians are trying to monopolize them, too.

  • Between the biggest loser tear idea and douche’s comment, I’m cracking up… literally, out loud! Good stuff.

  • Why won’t they just go away??
    Who isn’t advising them against over-exposure? I can’t even watch E! anymore because the Kardashians have 17 different shows on the network.
    Go away!

  • I love how the Khloe Silly Band is bigger than the Kim and Kourtney ones. She can’t even escape the comparison in stupid neon rubber bands.

  • the black colored one signifies you’ll do anyone, anytime…nice maybe i’m out of touch (probably)…but isn’t “been there…done that”….actually their mom needs to get a grip and quit pimping her kids.