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Crystal Harris – The Newest Mrs. Hugh Hefner-To-Be

Hey, so have you heard the good news? Boyfriend Hugh Hefner is going to be a doting, loving husband once more. His latest girl-toy? Model/singer and Playmate, Crystal Harris.

Crystal, if you have no idea who she is, is the archetypal, busty, blonde Hugh Hefner clone, but this time? The love is for real, y’all. Hef claimed that he popped the question on Christmas Eve and Crystal obliged with burbling yeses and tears. The couple met back in 2008 and the rest was history:

Harris, 24, met Hefner in 2008 at the Playboy Mansion during one of the mag’s famous Halloween bashes. The model/singer … was Playboy’s December 2009 Playmate and served as 2010’s Miss January.

But don’t worry about Hef’s financial liquidity – Crystal has no interest in Hefner’s fortune because she has her own career don’t you know:

“I would say that I’m not after Hef for his money. I have my own career going.”

Of course ‘she would say.’  Believe you me, this girl is just hoping that she’s Hef’s current wife when he finally does kick, and now she’s just hedging her bets. You mark my words.

Anyway, check out Harris’s photos in the below gallery and see if she rings a bell for you. I tried to find a few of her fully clothed to mix things up a bit, but guys? There really aren’t that many.

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  • Hah! You can be damn sure she’ll get very little when he does pass. I’m sure he’s got an ironclad prenup and his daughter is actually the one who runs the Playboy empire. She’ll see to it that this little hussy gets sweet fuck all and I don’t blame her.

  • It’s hard to say if it’s love or whatever, from the outside! But Hugh sure is a great person and a real “playboy”, maybe the last one nowadays! And Crystal is good looking and seems to be nice! So…good luck!