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Chris Brown Graduates From Domestic Violence School, Tweets Photo of Diploma

photo of chris brown with a puppy on his shoulder pictures photographs

OK. So we all have our feelings about Chris Brown – some hate him, some love him, some forgive him, and some even say that his violent physical rage against Rihanna was an entitlement (and what the fuck is wrong with you people – no one deserves to be hit you bunch of twats).

Chris has also kind of stayed out of the spotlight since the whole fucking-up-Rihanna’s-world thing, (with, you know, the exception of whining that his albums were suffering because people couldn’t get over the fact that he brutalized his girlfriend for the world to see)

And then he comes out and does this:
twitter photo of chris brown domestic violence completion certificate pictures photographs

Yes. Posts his certificate of completion for participating in an anti-domestic violence class. On Twitter.  His mama must be so proud – maybe she can hang it next to the photo of her boy in the orange smock, who’s picking trash off of the side of the highway. … I mean come on guys. It’s nice, you know, his tweet and all about being ‘proud’ that he completed the (ahem, court-mandated) course, but I think flaunting the certificate that states ‘Yep, Chris Brown attended each and every single meeting and didn’t spend the entire time texting bitches on his phone’ is pretty classless, plainly, because it just screams ‘Attention! And more of it, motherfuckers!’

Just break it down – say a good non-celebrity friend of yours was busted for beating the hell out of his or her significant other. Imagine, obviously, the embarrassment and shame that both parties went through. You’d think that your friend would want to serve his or her time, learn a wicked valuable lesson, and pray like the hammers of hell that those around would be forgiving. What, then, would you think of your friend if he or she decided to post a photo of a domestic violence graduation on Facebook? Wouldn’t you think that the entire thing had been cheapened, and it was a last ditch effort at sucking the very last bit of attention through a busted straw? Yes, you would. Because it’s unnecessary. It would be in bad taste for your friend to do it, and it’s in even worse taste to do it from a place of celebrity, Chris Brown.

I’m glad that you’ve learned your lesson Chris, I really am. I hope you’ve taken forgiveness and forgiven yourself. I also hope to God that you never get to a place again where you resort to violence in any circumstances.

But what the fuck all over this story.

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  • Maybe he’s changed and is honesty proud of his accomplishment? It’s okay to be proud about taking steps to become a better person. Just playing the devil’s advocate here….

  • They should have tattooed that fuckin diploma on his forehead. Wormy, spunksuckin, worthless pussy needs to be bitch slapped.

  • Christ on a stick…. Are you two fucktards for real? No real man would ever hit a woman. Why don’t you two do us & your mothers a favor…. Open a vein or eat a bullet. Away with your ignorant asses.

  • Glad ya liked it Sarah. Why don’t you climb up on ‘ol uncle Chaz’s lap & let me amuse you some more….

  • i swear rihanna should come back and beat him up hes so ugly and i only like his songs but hes soooo uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris is nothin but a NASTY HOOD RAT who needs to go back to the ghetto and stay there! Any black woman with an ounce of intelligence and dignity would know that once a beater always a beater! He’s got a lot of anger and issues with women. Rihanna was probably not even the first girl he beat. Only nasty hood rat hos would be ignorant enough to defend this nasty man.

  • Dayum he looks busted in this pic. I don’t know if he’s truly remorseful or not for what happened, but I do know FUGLY when I see it. And this dude if fugly. Look at those teeth and that protruding mouth and those evil looking eyes. Eeeeek!

  • Black men are so funny! Only a black man would take a picture of his anti-domestic violence course certificate of completion and Tweet it! Ignorant girl-beating monkey! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • I know right! Thats exactly what I was thinking. why would he be PROUD of something like this?! I’d be so EMBARRASSED that I even had to take that class in the first place! That’s so unbelievably ghetto! LOL

      • Please chris brown is not ghetto and just because his black doesnt mean his from the ghetto and that all black men would do the same thing he did. So stop stereotyping ppl just because the way they look

    • Please chris brown is not ghetto and just because his black doesnt mean his from the ghetto and that all black men would do the same thing he did. So stop stereotyping ppl just because the way they look.

  • Chris Brown… Ghetto? Shoooot… he ain’t Ghetto by a long damn shot. As for the smackin’ his girl thing. You shouldn’t speak on it. You never know what it’s like in the other mans shoes. It could just be that’s he was better at blocking her punches then she was at throwin’ um. Nobody ever stopped to think/mention that maybe in their argument she took 1st swing. And I’m sorry… but if any other human being thinks it’s OK to take a swing at me… than I have the right, at my discretion, to greet like with like, eye-for-an-eye if you will. Granted… he probably got all amped-up in the moment and went a bit too far. But these are all things you should consider before deciding to take a swing at someone. I had an Ex who was crazy like that, never hit her, but dodged plenty of sharp objects thrown and had to restrain her a time or two in my arms to prevent injury to my person. And crazy people can like just like you on the outside. It isn’t until you co-habitate with them that the other side will manifest. I’m not saying this is what happened neccesarily in CB’s case… but it’s something to think about. -G