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Miley Takes A Bong Hit, Is Totally “That Girl”

But don’t worry, it’s just salvia.  Totally legal.  Totally ok.

Now I’m pretty familiar with what weed is all about, but I have zero experience with salvia.  Being the thorough girl that I am, I went and did some research at, and it turns out that the two drugs are totally different.  With that knowledge, I’d like to state that I believe this is actually weed. Right?

I could raise my concerns about how this might affect Miley’s role model status, but I’ve done that before, so let’s take a different route.  Did anyone else find this video oddly endearing?  From the “Is that my boyfriend?  Is that my boyfriend?” to the “Are you being as weird as I think you are right now?” to the incessant giggling, I’m sure many of us have been there.*  And it’s not like Miley’s roaming the streets, she’s hanging out with some people in her house, and someone happened to leak this video.  There’s nothing way wrong with smoking behind closed doors (meth doesn’t count).

*Mine was after a shot of absinthe.  I sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic through the parking lot and had a conversation with a zebra in the backseat, and my BFF recorded it.  I’ve heard that recording approximately 1,067 times.  When was yours?

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  • Nah, this was totally Salvia. It hits you quick, unlike weed. Looks like she had an okay time. I’ve seen some pads trips on Salvia. They only last a few minutes, though.

    • Yeah I think so too.
      I didn’t like that shit, it just made me feel uncomfortable. Within a second of inhaling it I felt it and started laughing uncontrollably. My clothes felt really uncomfortable and hot and my body felt like it had a magnetic pull towards the floor. Other than that I can’t put the feeling into words.

      • That’s EXACTLY how I felt when I tried salvia! I remember sitting on a couch in the living room, looking across the room to the dining area, which, to me, had turned into a fucking BEAUTIFUL meadow, and all I wanted was to run around in the meadow, but I could not get my body off the couch. It felt exactly like a magnetic pull. So I did what anyone would do and, naturally, flung myself off the couch and onto the floor, where I sat until it was over. Man, that was fun. Go on Miley.

        Question though: Isn’t salvia technically illegal to smoke? I know it’s legal to buy and sell as “incense”, but every time I go into a headshop the people are real sticklers about not openly talking about how you’re buying salvia to smoke it. Am I wrong?

  • Aside from parents of her young fans, who cares? She’s 18, and we’re delusional if we pretend the whole of Hollywood doesn’t like to experiment. She could have done a LOT worse that a giggly salvia trip.

  • She’s an adult, and she’s in her home with friends. She’s not doing anything wrong. The weirdest thing about all of this is her father’s gloomy tweet. I’m guessing that Miley is breaking his achey, breaky heart.

  • Emily, where were you when you had a shot of absinthe? I’m wondering because I’ve been told that U.S. absinthe doesn’t contain true wormwood (but that European absinthe still does). I just don’t want to waste money on U.S. absinthe, haha.

    • I was just down at the gay bar. Yeah, from what I understand, U.S. absinthe has wormwood, but it’s more filtered so that it’s not as bananas as the European (real) absinthe. However, I’ve done a shot twice, and the first time I talked about politics to a zebra and the second time I kept telling people that I could “feel every feeling that anyone’s ever felt,” which I still think was true. So I would try a shot at a bar for funzies and see what you can see. Two thumbs up!

    • European absinthe has wormwood, but such a small amount (in the brands I have found here anyway) that really any effect you can claim apart from the alcohol in it is placebo effect. Maybe you can still get absinthe with a decent amount of wormwood somewhere, but there is still no evidence that wormwood causes hallucinations. In the past, cheaper brands used toxic ingredients to give the absinthe the green colour which looks like it’s the only reason anyone ever hallucinated from the stuff. (because they were slightly poisoned) I have tried a few brands of absinthe, a few of which actually contained wormwood, and although once it felt somehow like a better kind of drunk than normal alcohol, and I had a fantastic night, there was no hallucination. There is nothing “bananas” about absinthe, at most you get a more lucid drunk. I once gave some friends absinthe and they all claimed to have hallucinated bizarre things, only the next day I read the label and it was a fakey aniseed liqueur with green colouring and no wormwood. So the hallucinations were bullshit. Sorry Emily, I think the zebra you spoke to was either real, or else you’re talking shit.

  • I don’t really find it shocking or offensive. She’s 18, it’s her own home, she’s obviously new to it and just having fun with her friends. Charizard is right- Miley is obviously not worried about the recording taking place, meaning that someone she trusted and believed in obviously made bank off of this. I don’t buy the whole “stolen” from a friend bit- the person recording is OBVIOUSLY only focused on Miley and getting it all on camera. Poor kid.

  • the only thing I find annoying is that her “friend” is totally milking her. “tell us you’re thoughts girl”

    No one likes miley but no one likes a moocher either

  • the only reason this makes me angry, is because the more attention salvia gets, the more likely it will be that it becomes illegal :c i hope not, ive tried a bunch of shit, and salvia is my favorite,hot damn it makes you really trip, but it doesnt last very long, like depending on how much you have, it lasts 15 minutes more or less :D

  • i think i smoked salvia once in high school, but i guess it must not have been that memorable. unlike the time someone actually passed me a bowl with opium on my own back porch – that was interesting!

    and emily, here’s my zebra story:

    it was the day i took the lsat. i went home, sat at my kitchen table with a bottle of jager and a shotglass. i went from 0 to shitfaced in about 30 minutes. naturally, i remember nothing except waking up the next morning on the sorority house couch arguing with the ghost that lived under the stairs.

    however, there was a good recorded portion of the evening where my friend is essentially puppeteering me and making me dance/sing to ja rule.

    clearly, the video was deleted almost immediately haha.

  • i seriously dont think that is salvia. when your on salvia you dont “omg im seriously having a bad trip” i dont even think shes high, looks to me like shes just acting hahah wants to fit in with her stoner friends

  • I must say this amuses me- not the topic per se, but the ‘engine’ behind it (behind its publicity). This website itself exists solely on schadenfreude. I am not portioning blame, I feel I lack time and reason to do so (effectively.) Now I’ve got the pseudo-philosophical banter out of the way, I’d like to get back to wormwood and the like- I live in Europe, and I have resided their since I was young (I +- know what I’m talking about.)
    The effect substances have on people differs from one to another; and it is wise to consider the effect of a mixture (say Miley had a drink or 2-3 aforehand.) I still think it could be grass (I can think of around 12 types, with varying effects, off the top of my head- and I don’t even smoke.)
    About the absynth I saw some people mention up top- It’d be unlikely you’d obtain anything heavy (or “real” as some people call it) in the US- most of the ‘results’ you find on youtube are of people acting out of anticipation (notice I said Acting;) not really to it’s properties.
    I probably sound incoherant, and I am, but that’s thanks to insomnia- nothing else.
    Cheers to randomness.

    • no, you’re right. It’s acting. There is no hallucination. And neither is there hallucination with weed. Yeah, it can alter your perception of things, but you’re not making shit up out of nowhere. You’re not seeing Jimi Hendrix flying past in a phone booth. You might look at the table and think, that table doesn’t look right. My hands look puffy and red. Or see something in a new way. I think the main reason people report hallucinations is that when you are expecting the drug to kick in, and don’t know what to expect, any random idea that pops into your head you think, I just thought of zebras, is that my trip? Am I tripping zebras? And then you flesh it out more and tell a friend ” I totally saw a zebra” when no, you just thought of zebras and it was sufficiently random for you to turn it into a fake trip. Then you smoke weed a few more times and realise that thinking of zebras isn’t tripping out, and you’re never going to hallucinate anything other than a slightly different interpretation of what someone said to you.

  • Its salvia if it is anything. That is not a weed high unless she is just really really effed up. Plus she even says the word tripping. And there are sometimes halucinations with salvia, but unlike weed there are “good” and “bad” ways to smoke salvia. Salvia is best smoked out of a bong. if you roll it or put it in a bowl then you won’t get the same if any effects from it. Its also not a party drug. Its best to do with just a couple people in a calm environment. Doing it in the situation that she was she’s lucky she felt anything and didn’t have “bad” trip.