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Turns Out Preteens Don’t Get The New Miley

When Miley Cyrus ditched that whole Disney image, she apparently left a lot of her fans behind too.  Sales for “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley’s racy new album, are kind of pathetic for her – the album sold 72% less copies than her debut album, “Breakaway,” did in its first week. This drastic drop can be at least somewhat attributed to confusing her young fans.  The New York Times spoke with Perry Hamm, an 11-year-old girl, about Miley’s new image:

“I don’t know what was going on in her head. I feel like she acts 25. She looks so old. She is too old for herself.”

Too old for herself indeed.

I think this is a fine line.  Miley’s 17, so she’s not that little Hannah Montana bitch anymore, and I can’t blame her for wanting to do her own thing.  On the other hand, she does (or did, as the case may be) have a remarkable amount of children who look up to her.  What do you guys think?  Should Miley just do what she feels or mellow out for the kids?

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  • Young or old? Why can’t she appeal to both groups?

    Keep the outfit in the photo Miley, but lose the stupid white bandanna thing around your head and replace it with some Mickey Mouse ears.

  • She should mellow the frick out! I think she should dress more appropriate for her “little” fans, they got her were she is now!
    without those kids she would never be as succesfull as she is
    now, they bought all the CD’s, DVD’s, posters, jewels, make-up
    etc. It’s okay to grow up and experience with your body image and beeing sexy and getting curves and all but i dont think you have to dress like a hooker to make good music.

  • As a teen, I never really liked her, and now she is acting like she’s this serious ,experienced person on the inside who’s “breaking out” of whatever ‘trap’ she’s in. She should have stuck with her former, non-sexy image , at least that one appealed to some kids , because it’s not like she’ll be taken seriously acting like a spoiled rebelling teenager. srry , just my opinion….

  • Don’t know that she left her fans behind, but she sure as hell left behind her fans’ mothers — and they were the ones who were buying her CDs for their precious little girls (though why in god’s name they would do that is beyond me).

  • I think the problem is if Miley’s going to act all grown up, then you’d expect her music would target the all-grown-up audience. Which then backfires on her because if you’re older than 15 it’d be f’ing embarrassing to be a Miley fan.

  • I saw her musical debut album, “Can’t Be Tamed,” at Target this week. I know not to “judge a book by its cover,” but the title speaks for itself. If this is Hannah Montana all grown up, she’s grown up all wrong.

  • miley is a disgusting ugly worthless whore who will die of AIDS or a drug overdose in the next 5 years

    • dude fuck off, let her do whatever she fuckin wants to do. It’s her decision not ours. (if she fucks up then she’ll write a fuckin song about apologies nd win back her fuckin fans)

  • There is a difference between being “grown up” and being overtly sexual in the name of shock value. Britney did it right with the sexy Catholic school girl schtick. Miley is trying too hard and it is not so much sexy as trashy. Her agent or her Daddy should have found a middle ground for their meal ticket.

  • haha she threw her career away. in 5 years selena will be bigger than miley. it’s good to see that class and morals still count for something

  • I think it’s hard for someone her age to figure out how to make the jump from pre-teen fans to being an adult. Think back to all the flack Brit and Christina got when they tried to grow up and be sexy. I hope, for her sake, she goes a more Christina route than a Britney one, but I’m not inclined to judge a 17 year old girl who has grown up as a HUGE star, with all that entails. I have no experience of her situation. I’m not really in any place to judge.

  • im a gurl saying miley stop acting this way or your gonna lose your friends fans and family

    • shut the fuck up bitch, u dont know that, u just say that because ur jealous that she makes a shit load more money than you could ever dream of, and u wish that u could date anyone halfway as hot as her… bitch.

  • Miley’s a slutty bitch that’s probably gonna die of an STD. She’s a whore and she’s way to old for herself. I’VE SEEN PROSTITUTES WITH MORE CLOTHES THAN HER. She’s a slut

  • I’m an adult Miley fan. I think the new song is grat. The video is cool. Everyone so upset cause a 17 year old girl wants to dress a little more adult.

    Why shouldn’t she be allowed too. I for one like her new sexier image and I plan on getting the album.

  • Honestly, though I thought that the song “Can’t Be Tamed” was not particularly pleasing to the ears, her recent wardrobe makes me almost want to have a daughter, just so that she can dress like that. A son could, too, I suppose, but they would be more flattering — usually — on a girl.

    I do intend to buy the album; I expect that there are a few musical gems on it. And it will be much less expensive than having children.

  • haha, everything went up the creek when she got up and ditched the very same people who bought a billion of her cd’s, sold out her world concerts and bought a trillion pieces of her merch, making her richer than daddy ever was. Eh, career fail major time.

  • She is turning into quite the whore.

    But her album was “Breakout”– Kelly Clarkson’s album was “Breakaway.” Please, please don’t confuse a hooker with actual talent :]

  • “I’m an adult Miley fan. I think the new song is GRAT. The video is cool. Everyone so upset cause a 17 year old girl wants to dress a little more adult.”

    Of course you are! You can’t even spell a simple word correctly!

  • I think she is just reacting to her womanly feelings after finally knowing how it feels to be with a guy (if you Know what I mean)

  • I never liked Miley Cyrus. I still don’t.
    But the one of the reasons people are making such a big shit about her clothes and behaviour is because she was once a Disney actress. If there was suddenly a 17 year old singer that dressed like Cyrus does, people wouldn’t make such a big deal. Miley Cyrus is responsible for trying to change herself and her audience, but people that constantly comment on her slutty behavoiur should shut up. It’s a good thing that she is losing her younger fans ( at least they have more common sense than she does), and Cyrus should know the consequences of being famous and being a Disney actress. I definitely do not support Miley Cyrus’s decisions, but people should stop observing famous people’s lives and start living their own.

  • personally i predict another ‘Britney’ pathway
    her parents should know better then to let her do this, strippers dress like that for gods sake

  • Miley’s on the world stage now and so are seventeen-year old, fourteen-year old, eleven, and nine year old hookers, so it’s simple math really.

  • i personally like the transition, however, i am a pervert. she really needs to act and dress her age. this shit is getting out of control.

  • i’m so ashamed. i’ve been acting like a slut and now my fans are leaving me and going over to selena, who kept it classy. it’s all billy ray’s fault. yeah i call my dad by his first name. i run that house and do whatever i want. my parents buy me booze and trace licks my pussy

  • Don’t care! I think Miley is wonderful and I love her “can’t fuck with me” attitude and I think that if she wants to be slutty and have fun so be it. She’s a teenager. We’ve all been there. She just happens to be famous. As for her fans, she appealed to the younger generation when she was younger, but now she’s older and is able to appeal to the older generation. I mean, hell, I’m 21 years old and I love Miley Cyrus AND Hannah Montana!

  • shee need to put some weight on her she looks sick i mean to dam skinny i hate skinny none girls it looks gross

  • Miley is amazing! I love her new album. I think it’s her best so far. She’s not slutty. I think her style is amazing.

  • I think she is doin okay. Hell look at fuckin Disney! Every fuckin mother fucker that’s been on that fuckin show has turned out bad! Look at Ms. Spears & all of em from the Mikey Mouse Show & shit! It’s a fact that sex sells!!!!!


  • I think the new Miley is pretty cool and I give her props for taking the next step in her career. Yeah, she’s young but still, was she going to do the Hannah Montana gig her whole life? She has to grow up sometime. We all have to remember that Hollywood life and our regular everyday lives are not the same. The way I look at it is, if she’s old enough to have horrible stories written about her and a camera following her every move, she’s old enough to take the step forward towards an older fan base.

  • give her a break!! shes growing up and fyi… the albuim was called breakout!!!! the majority of ppl lyk Miley… stop givin her stic- when anyone else dus sometin like appears half naked in their videos nobody cares( ex katy perry) and its alrite

  • i like Miley she is not a bitch she just wants to be in the grown up life i now she is only 17 she a teen and teenagers like to try new things you should be so hard on her

  • I used to let my lil daughter watch Miley Cyrus on, any show that Miley play on TV… and now i cant let my daughter watch it. She look up to Miley and that image will scar my daughter and will confuse my daughter’s image on how miley’s attitude was. Ofc, I cant blame miley for doing this for money(money has power)

  • I think it’s awesome she’s become a slut! What 12 year old boy DOESN’T want to see her dancing on a pole while naked or giving lap dances?! What the hell is wrong with you people badmouthing girls who are making the world a sexier place to live in?

    • you dumb ass chick wait til she 18 if not yet I bet she could get yo man den,.. hell Ide watch my man fuck her sexy ass up then I would get on that sexy ass chick miley is hotter den hell and yes I love that particular women .. she could be my sexy bitch and I would be hers and we would take all of yall b.f or husbands yes I said it HHHHAAATTEEERRRSSS!!

  • Its fairly simple in my opinion, She needs to embrace the fact that shes older but realize that Kids don’t just look up to her, but strait up mimic her, I’ve been saying this next statement since she arrived as Hanna Montana, She is just playing into what sells and eventually when shes tired of the Kids she will try to “play with the adults.” I’m not surprised that she “Can’t Be Tamed” anymore, lets just hope that parents will have the sense to teach there kids better then Billy Ray over there.

  • Miley hey I like your new stayle I want to just like you win I get older I do want to go to consert

  • i dont care what nobody says but u r 17 and u need to stay 17 . so if i was 17 1 would stay 17 because when u get older it going to be hard.

  • i think miley shouldnt be so older & she is upsetting kids that love hannah montana! its rude… & she shouldnt be taking such slutty pictures not so many people like her anymore !

  • You bunch pansy asses don’t know what your talking about. It’s like she’s doing porn or something. I mean, you see people wear than whatever she wears. She just trying to grow up. She’s almost 18, and soon enough she’ll be a woman. Maybe all these things that you all are saying is the result of oh I don’t know uh JEALOUSY. So back off. Bunch of rudy poo monkey ass. You don’t like what I’m saying I got two words for ya. SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!

  • i dont see any reasons for you to be insulting her just simple tell her wat u dont lyk bout her well i still lyk u miley and i dont care wat any one says i still remain ur fan all u insulters dont have hearts well miley i want u to follow ur heart

  • PLEASE show up at my door one day wearing that outfit.I’ll ruin you for any other man.I promise.

  • ppl who are hatin gta stfu cuz Miley is fucken sexy as hell and most of u out there probably havnt even got laid and if u did it probably wasnt as hot as u think it wuld be.

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  • You guys all need to grow up, you’re arguing about someone who will probably never even know your names. Miley’s growing up, but she’s trying too hard to grow up. She’s going to do what she wants, it’s not like she’d ever read any of your posts.

  • Oh, and for all of you guys like “Miley Fucker” who are saying stuff like “HEr pussy is tasty”, you’re probably some 14-15 year old kid who’s trolling on this website, or you’re some middle-aged man who’d sitting at your computer fantasizing about a 17 year old girl. I realise that she’s almost 18, but still, grow up guys.

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  • why yes, i love Miley…Indeed i think she should mellow down a bit so my baby cousin that looks up 2 her wont turn out as a comleat WHORE!!!! Goddamnit miley ACT UR FUCKIN AGE!!!! imma fan but still….