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Taylor Swift: Entertainer of the Year?

A photo of Taylor Swift

Ok, maybe that headline is a little wrong, because Taylor Swift was obviously officially named Entertainment Weekly‘s Entertainer of the Year, that’s not a question.  I guess the question is more of an incredulous “really?”

I think Taylor Swift seems like a sweet girl and everything, and I’m super excited about her new role as Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard, but Entertainer of the Year seems like a bit much.  Or really, I think her overwhelming popularity seems to be a bit much.  I’m sure her music’s enjoyable if you go for that sort of thing, but have you seen her live performance?  It’s not that great.  In fact, she’s sort of notoriously bad in concert.  I’m not saying that I could do any better, I’m just saying that I was at this party last night and in between rounds of shots, a couple of my friends played that classic game, “Turn the Shitty Pop Song Into a Showtune,” and their drunken theatrical version of Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” was way better than anything I’ve ever seen Taylor do.  And that definitely makes me question the integrity of this award.

Who do you guys think would have been better suited for this honor?  Lady Gaga?  Bristol Palin? Steve Guttenberg?

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  • Totally agree. I think Taylor Swift is sooo overrated, and I hate the message on her songs, how women should stay pure and how they’re all these sensitive beings who just want to find their prince charming. I think the entertainer of the year should be Lady Gaga because she has been touring endlessly, or maybe Katy Perry, because maybe they’re not the best singers but they put on a good show.

  • I think it is right on. I deal with the young people in my city and they are all very into her. she is bigger than the cultural lines and even crossing pop and hip hop lines here. As for Lady Gaga I think she is the worst I have seen in a long time.

  • Totally agree about her not performing well live, kinda important part of being an “entertainer” dontcha think? Cute talented singer/songwriter but a bit overrated IMO.

  • you know if you think about it, our economy is in the shitter big time right now. At the end of the day who’s going to sell the most magazines and make Entertainment the most money for their December/X-mass issue? This wholsesome, teen-fan based, white, blond, heterosexual, pretty little pop tart- that’s who. Imagine how many young girls, will go and buy this mag because she is on the cover, not to mention all the parents who will possibly buy this mag because of their young kids? It’s about dollars and cents, people.

  • hahahahahahaha now thats something i could laugh at for the end of the year, taylor swift is a sweety, and shes cool, i like some of her songs, but taking the cake for entertainers of the year, thats just a push.TAYLOR SWIFT there is alot more of entertainers in the world who could over lap you. i would define you as a singer, thats it. NOT an entertainer of the year.

  • Miree, you would rather have LADY GAGA as entertainer of the year? Great influence, all her songs are about drugs (which she does) and sex. Same with Katy Perry. Taylor Swift was a perfect choice. Good job entertainment weekly.