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Jwoww is Learning The Hard Way Why Love & Money Don’t Mix

While The Situation is getting his hustle on more or less flawlessly, his co-star Jwoww is being sued by her ex-boyfriend who’s claiming that he’s responsible for a large chunk of the cash she pulled in this year.

From TMZ:

Jwoww is being sued by Thomas Lippolis — who claims he didn’t just date the reality star — but he also served as her business manager … locking down deals with MTV, nightclubs, a tanning lotion company and even a plastic surgeon.
In the lawsuit, filed today in NY, Lippolis claims he was the “sole negotiating agent” with Jwoww’s “Jersey” deal — locking down $17,500 per episode plus a $75k bonus “dependant on ratings at the end of the season.”

Now, he wants $350,000 to make things right.

It’s not that I’m surprised that Jwoww had a shady “manager” negotiating her deals for her and that she just so happened to be romantically involved with him, but I’m disappointed. The girl arguably worked hard for that money, and it’s going to get taken away from her because some sleezeball without a contract can claim that they had an agreement within their romantic relationship? That’s really sad for her. She should have protected herself and her money better and just hired a real manager who would take the 10% but get the job done right.

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  • JWoww worked hard for that money? Are you joking?
    It’s pathetic that I even know who these losers are. I don’t watch their ridiculous show, but still I can’t escape them and their absurd attempts at fame and relevance. Gag.

  • Looks like her former “boyfriend” is just trying to get his own 15 minutes of fame. All JWoww’s attorney has to do is ask for a copy of the WRITTEN contract that JWoww and the ex-boyfriend agreed to and signed. When it doesn’t appear, JWoww’s attorney can ask for the case to be dismissed.