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The Situation Popped a Bonedawg While Shooting His Workout DVD

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is capitalizing on his Jersey Shore fame by releasing a workout DVD, and the promotional bloopers hit YouTube late last week. I watched these two days ago and laughed, but didn’t find them worthy of posting here. Then late last night ONTD pointed out that at the :40 mark in this video, The Sitch totes has a boner in gym shorts.

Boners happen, I know this, so I don’t know why my instinct is to shame the poor Juicehead (I mean, seriously, you can’t keep that stuff under control for a couple hours, Michael?) I am slightly skeeved by the sight of The Situations erection, but a large portion of my humor is stunted at about 12-years old, so I also laughed really hard and turned around to share it with you all.

And don’t forget, we’ve had a long-running debate about whether or not The Situation is well-endowed, so don’t forget to chime in on that now that you’ve had a better look at the goods.

(BTW, this reminds me of Jim Rome’s classic “Boner in Sweatpants” bit.)

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