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Uh-Oh. Dina Lohan is Pissed at ‘Glee’

Gwyneth Paltrow played a substitute Spanish teacher desperately trying to get on her students level on last night’s episode of Glee, and in the process wound up insulting the entire Lohan family. Damn.

Out of context, Gwyneth’s character cracking jokes about Lindsay’s history of rehab and mental illness seems totally mean-spirited, but the entire scene was about a lady trying to get down on the level of some teenagers. It’s easy to go after Lindsay Lohan (I should know, right?), but it makes sense for the character.

Still, Dina Lohan had this response, “Our lawyers are sending a letter to Glee on the grounds that the show allegedly defamed the actress who, by all accounts, is working hard on her recovery.”

Allegedly is right, girlfriend. Did you even see the episode yet?

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  • Lindsay also got pissy about that “Milkaholic” ad. The episode was pretty good. Gwyneth did a good job with the role. My only thought was that there is NO way teachers would wear a skirt that short.

  • Dina is probably not really pissed. She just sees another way to keep her cash cow, ahem sorry, her daughter in the spotlight.

  • 1) Truth is an absolute defense here. They were joking about how LiLo has been to rehab five times. If they said 15 times or 32, they might have an issue.

    2) This isn’t a False Light, or privacy issue; it’s well-known, and well-reported how many times LiLo’s been to rehab. It isn’t false. It isn’t even a statement: “Discuss how many times Lindsay Lohan has been to rehab”.

    3) They didn’t say ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Mother’; if Lindsay Lohan is the one offended, why isn’t she the one sending the lawyers? How can you be offended on someone else’ behalf? If that were true, the crying emo kid would have sued on behalf of Britney Spears a few years ago.

    4) LiLo is a public figure. Public figures have a much higher bar to pass when talking about lawsuits that ‘defame’ their character. Here’s a tip: Stop getting shitfaced so you can stop going to rehab. Just a sayin’.

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  • I saw that clip, and it didn’t sit well with me either. I’m not a Lindsay or a Gwyneth fan, it just makes Gwyneth look like the one making poor choices. I would never agree to that script.

  • If Dina Lohan is going to get offended every time someone uses Lindsay’s life as a joke, then she is going to have a rough life. If she didn’t want her kid to become a national warning sign, perhaps she should have tried being a mother first and a manager last.

  • Dina is full of crap. She doesn’t have a job, does she? Isn’t she just a parasite attached to her daughter? So her threatening to unleash lawyers on someone else must be a joke, as she has no means to pay a lawyer.

  • You wrote “trying to get on her students level” when the proper grammar is “trying to get on her students’ level.” Plural possessive. I wouldn’t comment except that you properly use punctuation in many other places, so I figured you would want to know. Either use it right all the time, or not. You’re a professional writer (right?). Write properly.