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Beyonce’s Perfume Ad Banned in Britain

So I just read that Beyonce’s commercial for her perfume Heat has been banned from British television before 7:30 PM because of it’s sexually suggestive nature. Yo, in Britain. Where they all act like delightful horndogs and call it being cheeky!

But I just watched the ad and I’m not sure if I understand what the big deal is. Is this that much more sexual than say, a Victoria’s Secret ad? I don’t think so. Is it because Beyonce comes off as a poweful sex demon and not a grown ass woman running around in a g-string and angel wings?

Lighten up, people! Let Beyonce express herself!

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  • It’s the watershed system, it exists in other European countries. It doesn’t mean it won’t be shown, it will only be shown after a certain time when it’s less likely children will watch it. It’s like swearing on telly or programmes of a certain nature, they also start after 7:30 or 9 PM. At the end of the day, Beyoncé’s target market are not children, are they? So it doesn’t matter. And FYI; I don’t think the Victoria’s Secret ad would be shown before 7:30 pm either, I have never seen one on British telly anyway, at any time.

  • Dayum! “Fever” was sexy in 1958 when Peggy Lee sang it and it is sexy in 2010. The ad is suggestive as hell and, if shown, everybody in the room with the TV will stop all conversation and watch Beyonce show us how it is done. But it isn’t as “dirty” as some of the European commercials that we get to see on those so called “funniest commercials” shows that are on now and then. Anyway…what woman hasn’t felt this way about a man one time or another. Deal with it England!

  • Damn, you two beat me to it! Victoria’s Secret ads and the like wouldn’t be shown before the watershed (if we had Victoria’s Secret anyway). After 9pm you can do pretty much what you want, but before then it’s assumed children will be watching.
    I think it’s funny because the US system is so crazy about swearing but really relaxed about (heterosexual) sexuality. We’re kind of the opposite.

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  • I’m not a conservative douchebag or anything, but how on earth is this selling perfume until the last ten seconds? Yeah she’s hot, but after thirty seconds the whole ‘oiled sex maiden’ act is annoying.

  • God, this song reminds me of a couple of women I used to work with years ago. Factory setting, so pretty laid back and these two would sing “fever…fever when you lick my beaver” all the time. Hey, anything to pass the time, right?