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Mel Gibson Ordered to Return Baby Lucia By Her Birthday

Mel Gibson Can't Keep Daughter For Her Birthday

Mel Gibson won’t be allowed to spend his daughter’s first birthday with her as ordered by the judge. Tomorrow’s is Lucia’s big day, and since Mel has her today and the nanny responsible for transporting her to and from her mother’s house is sick. Mel saw that as the perfect opportunity to spend more time with his little girl, but when he asked the judge, he was shut down. Apparently there’s more nanny where that sick one came from and Mel really has no reason to keep his daughter away from Oksana on her birthday.

Pssh. Good. The dude doesn’t deserve to see his daughter at all, let alone have extra (important) days tacked on to his visitation. Most couples out there have to do the awkward “picking up the kids” thing face-to-face, but he’s allowed to avoid that by using a nanny and then using that nanny’s illness as a way to swindle more QT with his baby out of the judge.

One year ago tomorrow, that baby came out of Oksana’s vagina. She deserves to be with her mother.

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  • Oh Molls, you remind me more and more of Perez Hilton. So sad that you feel you need to be so negative and hateful.

    Nothing has been proven that Mel has been violent towards his child and Oksana is using her as a pawn. Both of them need to suck it up and co-parent regardless of their beef with the other because this child will suffer if both of them continue this BS.

  • Oksana is a gold digger. Why would she record someone she has a child with unless she already planned what she wants to do.

    We should scrutinize her intentions and actions. I feel sorry for Mel for being victimized by such a bottom feeder. I hope Karama catches up with her and she sees her life crumble around her and everything she touches turns to sand.