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Can You Believe That This Child Is The Father of Mariah’s Baby?

It seems like just a moment ago that Nick Cannon was buying tacky, candy-themed jewelry for his lady Mariah Carey, and now the two are having a baby. Gosh, things move so quickly. Nick probably feels the same way. The dude’s like, my age. Not even really that close to 30, and he’s having a baby with someone I watched sing at the Grammy’s when I was in 4th grade. That’s a real trip.

These pictures of Nick arriving home to their NYC apartment are kind of killin’ me, though. The dude gets out of the car looking like a high school student, is followed into the house by a man carrying a bag of balloons that look like they were designed specifically for Mariah on the off chance that she did turn up pregnant and then later he comes back outside in a suit and what looks like the makings of some Andre 3000 facial hair.

Damn, Nick! Why you have to be so mature!?!?

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  • Yeah, let’s see how many kids they have before they wind up breaking up. You know Mariah will add about 60 pounds from having a kid that she won’t lose.

  • Anybody know why Mariah’s stage show is 110% black?

    No European Americans, No Asians, No Indians, No nada..

    Does she hate white people?