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The Kids From ‘Glee’ Got Nearly Nude for ‘GQ’

Glee Gets Practically Naked for GQ

I came across these outtakes of the Glee cast’s GQ photoshoot and I was like, “Holy shit, they were allowed to do that?”

I’ll go all Sluts McGillicuddy the second someone whips out a digital camera, too, but I have never portrayed a teenage high school student on television. It makes me uncomfortable to see a famous actress posing as a high school student who just so happens to be standing in the hallway in her underwear. And the facial expression? It’s like, “Hey, I dropped my pencil, why don’t you come over here and bone the stuffing out of me?”

I almost can’t believe that Fox allowed these photos to get out there. For the first time in my life I understand why so many adults were upset by the “…Baby One More Time” video.

And I’d like to note that this post officially makes me weird, old and bitter.

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  • As much as I LOVE Lea as a performer, I have to admit that homegurl is trying waaaaay too hard to be sensual. Either you have it, or you don’t. Dianna Agron, on the other hand, does.

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  • I think that it’s fine. The pictures are not particularly appealing to -me-, but that’s because they’re girls. Some high school students are very attractive, though they are generally underage — and these actors are not actually high school students. I do not really see the problem.

    But, then, I teased my younger sister for being a prude and only ever being with one guy. Perhaps I just do not have that “imagine that high school students are chaste and pure” gene that some parents (and others) seem to have.

    But don’t worry, Molls. I’m bitter, too. In fact, this is a celebrity gossip site. I think that we are ALL bitter. <3

  • i don’t really think this is fine. glee isn’t even a sexual show, right? why does EVERYTHING needs to be sold with sex? lea doesn’t even look sexy in that pic, she looks like she’s having a seizure and needs medical attn.

    • They’re not selling Glee in this spread. It’s the cast in a photo shoot. Chill. And sorry, but Lea looks incredibly sexy in this shoot.

  • It’s not so much that these are “sexual” photos…we’re sexual beings, blah blah blah…but they’re…so…passé. Hottie highschooler has been done to death. Most of the skanky Halloween costumes show more real estate. I’m not saying that that should be the standard by ANY stretch of the imagination, but that you can add this photo shoot to the evidence pile proving that not even Hollywood starlets are immune from trying WAY too hard.

    “I’m insecure! Please validate my existence and my femininity by fapping away at a picture of my tets in a push-up bra!!! I’m pretty, right?!?!?!”


    No wonder the distinction is lost between alluring and “hot”.

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  • I would like to comment that Terry Richardson, resident ULTRA CREEP, is the photographer. That dude has a well documented history of pressuring women into sexually explicit shots and completely dehumanizing his (female) subjects. Note the reasonable amount of clothing the dude is wearing! While everyone involved is adults blah blah blah, he’s a freaking sociopath that will say and do whatever it takes to objectify someone. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the Glee peeps involved in this situation outed him as a piece of shit? Unlikely…but seriously, this dude is horrible, and I am totally not surprised to learn he was the photographer of this grossness.

  • The Glee characters do have sex in the show, sometimes with each other. Where did you get the notion that this show is a sparkly-clean, all-ages Disney show? The music can be listened to by anyone but the show itself deals with some mature topics that may be inappropriate to kids (hence the PG rating). That said, these photos are PG-13 at best. They’re alluring but not boner-inspiring, to put it bluntly.

    And how many families do you think are going to pick up a copy of GQ to bring home to the kiddies? You should take your grievances up with the actresses who agreed to pose with little clothing on, not the photographer or the magazine or Fox.

    I love all the catty comments here and on the outtakes page, btw… all sounding like a bunch of old women sitting around a coffee table gossiping and bitching about all the people having a more interesting life than them. The Mike Myers “Coffee Talk” skit from SNL comes to mind when I read these.

  • Your really a stupid bitch. seriously, why don’t you go and rant about those damn insecure Teen Mom girls and leave actress who are well over 18 alone. Most teenagers are doing way more explicit thing than their photoshoot for GQ. Don’t get the actress and the character mixed up. just because they play kids on TV doesn’t mean they have to act like kids.