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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Aren’t Signing a Prenup

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are getting hitched this weekend and the news is out today that the couple is not planning on signing a prenup. This is the most recent of many incredibly dumb decisions that the two have made, both as a individually and as a unit.

Russell told New York:

“Really, love between two people is the most spectacular and ordinary thing in the world.

“I want to make our wedding just about me and her loving each other and we’re getting married in front of our friends and family and keeping it normal.

“So it ain’t selling the pictures, ain’t doing no pre-nup. (But) it’s like a normal thing. It’s hard to make it normal because there’s this inflation of this toxic gas of celebrity billowing into it.”

A quick search tells me that Russell is worth about $5 million and Katy is worth closer to $15 million. I don’t know that I see Russell going all revenge-style, trying to snatch Katy’s pocketbook in the event of a divorce, but like… It kind of bums me out that Katy’s not protecting her (arguably) hard-earned money.

Sure, there’s something romantic about throwing caution to the wind and doing things the way they did them back before people were only living to be like, fifty years old, but there’s also something really dumb about it. I just doubt that a year-long romance between a twenty-something pop star who likes to party and a sober comedian ten years her senior is going to last. It’s not like they’re Khloe and Lamar or something (Khloe and Lamar will be together until death.)

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  • Very crazy move. Yeah, they may both be financially capable in their own right, but I would sign a pre-nup, if I were them to avoid all the confusion. And lets face it, Hollywood does not have the best track record when it comes to marriages and relationships. I actually only seeing Russell brand nad Katy Perry being together for three years.