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So This is Who Rachel McAdams is Boning Lately

photos of rachel mcadams and boyfriend pictures

Well, as far as a lot of people are concerned, it’s a general step down in the looks department considering she’s been with Ryan Gosling, Josh Lucas, and Ben Jackson, but hey.  Different strokes for different folks, eh?

The man’s name is Michael Sheen, and I only know him from Kingdom of Heaven, but he’s apparently got a pretty impressive body. Of work, that is. He was, incidentally, the rabbit in 2009’s Alice in Wonderland, and if you aren’t already smitten just because he’s captured the romantic attentions of the always-lovely Rachel McAdams, here’s another reason for you to dig him: he’s involved in the upcoming Twilight flick as character Aro Volturi.

So, see? Apparently all movie stars aren’t as superficial as they might seem. This guy’s a step up in my book. Or at least a step laterally, because come on … Ryan Gosling is the hotness and not much can top him.

Except for Adrien Brody. He can top anyone — myself included — any day.

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