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The “Amazing Adrien,” Indeed

Oh, Adrien Brody, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Apparently, my boyfriend has so much all-encompassing ambition that he’s got a back-up plan in case Hollywood ever gives him the big steel boot: performing as a magician, The Amazing Adrien, at children’s birthday parties.

According to a recent interview, Brody states:

“I was the Amazing Adrien. I would do younger children’s birthday parties. The one trick I could do almost anywhere was to break a pencil with a dollar. It was destructive, and also cool. Magic was my first foray into acting. There’s improvisation and you have to reel people in — it’s a good stepping stone and handy to have as a back-up!”

What’s amazing and magical is the way this total stranger has me so besotted. I hope your acting career heads south, Adrien, and then you can head south and do magic tricks at my party. I promise there’ll be a lot of ego-stroking by way of referring to you as the “Amazing Adrien,” and we’ll see if there’s any tricks that involve things disappearing into a box. That one’s my favorite.

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