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Love It Or Leave It: Katherine Heigl’s New Blonde ‘Do

photo of katherine heigl with new yellow blonde hair pictures

Leave it. In the cheaply-designed Sun-In box that it came from. Then, if you saved the receipt, drive your ass back to the discount store that you bought it from and beg the pimply-faced Assistant Manager to give you your money back.

But either way, you’re fucked, Katherine. One, ’cause it’s a really unfortunate corn-stained mess of a color, and two, because duh, stores don’t give refunds these days — just store credit.


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  • Sarah, why are you picking on her?
    She might not look the best in it, but that color is probably on about 30% of the blondes I know. Its not “corn-stained mess”, its just normal blonde.

  • Geez Sarah! Why so violent over a hair color? If she dyed her dog that color then I could understand the anger.

  • Do you ever read your stuff before you post it and realize that you are the most negative person who writes on this site?
    It gets old.

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  • I like Katherine Heigl, despite all the flack she gets for being a bitch. However, this hair color is atrocious on her. She can’t pull off blonde.