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Lindsay Lohan Back in Jail: How About This For a Big Fat Steaming Vat of Awesomeness?

photo of court sketch from lindsay lohan's trial goes to jail pictures

In a turn of events that frankly shocked everyone, Lindsay Lohan has landed her ass back in jail not thirty days after being released. And she’s not being held with any bail, either. This means she could be sitting in jail for the next thirty days.


Lohan was due in court today after failing two drug tests — one for cocaine, and one for Adderall. Rumors had also been circulating that she was back in the old drinking saddle, too.

People “close” to Lindsay’s camp claim that they’re shocked, because they didn’t expect the judge to remand her to jail so quickly, nor did they expect to see bail denied.

Story developing …

Court sketch courtesy of TMZ

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  • Well, they said that she was “misdiagnosed” with ADHD and shouldn’t have been on Adderall at all. Thus, she shouldn’t have tested positive for it, que no? And, anyway, dirty is dirty and two dirties for ANYONE ELSE IN THE MAPPED UNIVERSE equals a probation violation. Good for Judge Fox, I say!

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