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You Remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Right?

Keanu Reeves certainly does.  He’s taken a break from being Sad Keanu to chat up co-star Alex Winter and the writers of the original Bill and Ted movies, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, about the possibility of a third movie:

Reeves said:  “We’re trying.  Alex and I are still friends and we’re talking, and we’re talking to Chris and Ed.  They’re going to try and see if they can write something.  To me, I’d love to play the role.  I’d love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again.  We’ll see what they do.  I’m meeting people now – they’ve shown the film to their kids.  We just seek to entertain.”

I don’t think I’ve heard news this exciting since I heard about Justin Bieber at Hooters (I’m a pretty excitable person).  When I was a young child, full of whimsy and curiosity, my older stoner sister and I could only agree on three movies: Labyrinth, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and this really creepy Claymation movie about Mark Twain.  And sure, when I told my friend about this movie she asked “what are they going to call it, Bill and Ted’s Tubular Mid-Life Crisis?”  And yes, George Carlin was an integral part of the movies.  But my seven-year-old, “why is 69 their favorite number?” self cannot help but be thrilled.

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  • OH my god! OH my god! Oh my god! WOUld be so rad! My step sisters would hang pictures from Teen Beatz! magazine (or whatever) of Jonathan taylor thomas and the others on their walls, but I was hardcore Keanu. I still love him, even if he may be gay, or just has some weird thing where he thinks he needs to speak an octave too low. THis movie will be totally fucking awesome. Especially if it’s about Bill and Ted’s tubular Mid-life crisis. Seriously. Seriously. And i am very sad george carlin won’t be attending. Too busy distracting god with all his hilarity. She just can’t multitask, and when carlin gets her going…

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