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Katy Perry Was Beyond Awkward On Sesame Street

Sesame Street is like the Saturday Night Live of kids shows when it comes to celebrity guest appearances and just like the late night sketch comedy show, the guests don’t always nail their performances. Cut to Katy Perry’s segment on the show, in which she sings a kiddie version of her song “Hot Or Cold” to an indecisive Elmo.

I’m not going to make fun of Katy for the lame lyrics to the Sesame Street version of her song or even her outfit. She probably didn’t have much choice when it came to either of those things… However, what the hell is up with those facial expressions. Obviously acting with a fake monster who’s being operated by a man’s hand against a green screen isn’t the easiest thing to fake, but she managed to do it semi-decently in the “California Gurls” video.

Maybe Katy’s just not at home when there isn’t Ready Whip busting out of her chesticles?

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  • Molls, don’t know what you were expecting; but as far as Sesame Street cameos, I thought she did a good job… She did the campy facial expressions and was playful. Didn’t see anything too “off” about it. The little kids will love it.

    • What?! At the very least her barely covered boundless bouncing breasts were “off” about it! What is wrong with sesame street to stick her in that little stripper puke number, then have her pantomime running around for two and a half minutes. And why is she acting mentally disabled? Is she mocking the mentally disabled? Is she mocking elmo? No wonder he doesn’t want to play with her. I’ve used the same line myself, “This is having sex.” Then run away!

  • Yes they should have put more clothes on her I agree as that was disturbing to watch. However I didn’t think her facial expressions were bad. I thought she did pretty good for a little kids show & I think kids would laugh at the video. The video is to entertain the children, and make them laugh. But I really wish they would have used more conservative clothing on her. Not sure why the Sesame Street producers agreed to such a skimpy outfit for children viewing. Really they are the ones to be knocked for it, not Katy Perry. I’m not a big Katy Perry fan, but seriously I thought she did ok with what the directors, producers, etc. gave Katy to work with.

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  • Ha, Ha you men and women are daydreaming, this person will probably be us president til 2016, and I feel most of us really should just get use to it, Hes Just as well Dammed Effective To cease.

  • K seriously the complaints are ridiculous kids see far worse on commercials and billboards clearly these parents who are complaining are reading far too much into it and as far as Katy should know better ….why?… she isn’t a mom and I bet there were costume people and all sorts of other sesame street people involved in her outfit and really anyone out there with little girls go to thier dress up box whats in it???
    she is having a play date with Elmo to play dress up
    all you complaining “parents “GROW UP” it is the adult view of it that is inappropriate kids would never in their innocent minds see anything wrong BTW I have 4 kids 2g 2b and would not sensor them watching this. and how many of those same outraged parents let their kids watch Simpsons or Family Guy? …stupid.

  • I thought she was great. It’s Sesame Street, got to keep it campy and fun. As for the dress code, take a look at Disney’s Tinkerbell. Maybe if the Puritans let loose a little our per capita rape stats wouldn’t be three times France’s.