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Paris Hilton Won’t Be Doing Jail Time For That Cocaine Business

A photo of Paris Hilton

As I’m sure you remember, a couple of weeks ago Paris Hilton got arrested for cocaine possession.  One might think that since Paris has already been caught with weed twice this summer, this little cocaine bit might just be enough for her to see some jail time, but no worries!  Paris will be free to take care of her bunnies to her heart’s content!

In exchange for a guilty plea, Paris is going to get off with a year of probation, a $2,000 fine, 200 hours of community service, and enrollment in a drug abuse program.  And here’s the last part of the deal:  if Paris gets into anymore trouble while on probation, she gets a year in jail.

Ok, but this is Paris Hilton.  Does anyone really think she can go a full year without getting into trouble?  The girl gets caught with drugs about as often as I get caught watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and crying (which is very often.  Do you guys remember when Angel lost his soul or when Buffy made that great sacrifice for Dawn in the fifth season finale?  So upsetting).  I’m betting it’ll be before winter that Paris smokes some weed in public or gets caught shooting up in a Wendy’s bathroom and then doesn’t go to jail.

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  • This is bullshit. Utter and complete bullshit. Oh but not surprising in the least. I hope her condom of blow falls out of her overstretched twat at LAX and she finally gets the hard time in the joint she deserves.

  • I am so pleased that Paris will not be going to prison. Neither marijuana nor cocaine (though cocaine totally sketches me out and has ever since I wrote a paper about what it does, chemically) should be illegal. Her driver, however, should go to prison, for driving under the influence.

    And OH. MY. GOODNESS. The second season finale of Buffy gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. Ever since I was eleven and saw it for the first time. Geez.

  • What happen to 3 strikes and you’re out? That only applies to the rest of the population. Justice in America as we know it. Blind to the rich only. Sad.

  • God damn i wish i was rich like her thats about the same sentence i got for a class b misdemeanor i never committed