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Heidi? Spencer? I Hate You.

photo of spencer pratt and heidi montag kissing at the zoo pictures

I hate you for being the overexposed reality stars that you are (and yup, I’m totally aware that I only contribute to the absurdity by writing about you), I hate you for helping young adults to think that life on The Hills is what real life is actually like, and I hate the way that you so shamelessly fuck the media in public, and at every opportunity that you can muster.

This “divorce” that the two douche asses have been talking about as of late? Yeah, total confirmed BS obviously. Heidi and Spencer, famewhore and famewhorette respectively, were caught frenching at the Santa Barbara zoo yesterday for Heidi’s birthday. And, you know, if it were any other couple on the face of the earth (say like Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green) that were reconciling, I’d be like, “Aw, damn, see? True love always sometimes wins out — even in the face of alimony.” But no. Not these two. I actually hate the fact that they’re getting back together or “seeing each other,” or whatever other 7th grade status label they’re going to affix to their relationship for the public eye. Because that’s what it’s all for — the public eye. And I hate it. And I hate it most of all because it means that I’m probably going to continue writing about these two talentless schmoes until they finally do drop off of the radar, and thus continue to do my part in perpetuating the self-absorbed filth that they peddle.

This is very bad news for me, and for mankind in general.

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