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Quotables: Megan Fox Talks Marriage and Children, Brian Austin Green Just Talks

photo of married couple megan fox and brian austin green

“[Marriage is] the one thing that I was really specific in waiting for until I was with somebody that I knew that I would be right with and she’s the one … She [Megan] makes me happy and a better person. She’s everything. There’s nice stability that comes with getting married. It’s a nice thing to know that I’ll come home to her and she’ll come home to me. It’s not the paper so much – it’s saying the vows and meaning it.”

Well, well, well. Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox’s husband, did an interview along with his wife for People magazine. Can you fucking believe it? I thought along with the those balls of his that she she locked up his larynx and vocal chords, too.

Good for you, Brian!

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