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Want to See Miley Cyrus Mouthing Off To Her Mother?

This fun video of Miley Cyrus behind the scenes at one of her shows has surfaced today. It starts off with her talking to the camera while checking herself out in the mirror. She asks us (the audience, of course), if we want to hear her crack her knuckles and before we can even answer, she does it. Her mother Tish, who is essentially a joke and just there to pick up her paycheck, immediately scolds her and swats her on the hand. Miley responds to this by telling her mom she’s going to call Child Protective Services. Then her mom slaps her on the butt and says she’ll keep disciplining Miley as long as she needs to. Miley responds to this by freak dancing with one of her dancers in the mirror and sloppily rapping about her love of singing. Seriously. Her mom hits her, and then she starts grinding her ass into some dude and rapping. It’s like a cartoon version of the Miley we imagine her to be.

The girl’s almost 18. Her disrespect isn’t really interesting anymore. She’s too old for me to be fascinated by how rude she is to her parents. At this point I just feel kind of sad for her. She’s almost an adult, it’s pretty pathetic that she still hasn’t learned what a turn-off her bossy attitude is to fans and spectators alike.

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      • some kids are straight up monsters. like, no matter what you say they’ll still go against your wishes. so, some kids do need to be spanked. others you can just put in timeout and they’ll learn. i don’t have kids and i’m guessing you don’t either…however, once you do i’m sure you’ll change your stance. like, i was spanked as a kid and i’m fine. i don’t hate my parents either.

      • umm, clearly they were jux playing around and u heared miley urself…. she even said to her mother “do it again” so plz stop makin a big deal out of nuthing! ugh!

  • Yes, she’s obnoxious and annoying. But –
    A- She is seventeen. Who isn’t at least a little jerky when they are that age?
    B- She is wound up to go perform her show. (Adrenaline rush.)
    C- She has had people swooning over her and handing her gobs of money since she was twelve. It would be hard not to be obnoxious – and arrogant, as well – in that situation.
    That banter between Miley and her mom seems to be just that, banter. They are both smiling throughout and seem to be joking. That could just be the type of relationship they have.
    And now that I am done partially defending Miley Cyrus I must go wash my hands from typing such a thing.

  • that all looked pretty harmless to me. but i guess unless you’re nicki minaj molls probably hates you.

  • her loud-ass speaking voice IS crazy obnoxious. but the fact that she asks her mom for more spankings is quite hilarious AND means she’s kinky in the sack HAY GURRRRRRRL!

  • Chill out….they were clearly joking with each other and it looks like they have a great relationship. I loved it and I’m no Miley fan.

  • Seriously, this is the only time on jumping on this wagon, but come on Molls! They’re clearly having a good time. This video could’ve been shared with such a different spin, however maybe it’s true you just don’t get how to work this blog. Sorry. Team Miley on this one.

  • uh… i’m no miley fan, but molls seriously, it wasn’t THAT bad. it looked like they were actually having FUN. and here i was thinking there would be drama.

  • As just about everyone else said, they were CLEARLY kidding around. If you think that was disrespectful, then you really couldn’t stand to see an exchange between my mother and I. We’re very close, but at 33 my dynamic with her is still based around us taking the piss out of each other. So what?

  • This is old news. Yeah, she acts a little rude to her mom but I have heard much worse from non-celebrities kids insulting their parents. It must be slow news week this is nothing new.

  • well, as a mother of 3, 2 of them adults, I saw absolutely no disrespect to her mother. I saw just the opposite. At her age, this is a perfectly normal mother daughter exchange. Some moms are under the delusion that they are still raising their children at 18. I always told my children that at 18, my relationship with them will change, because I will now treat them like my best friend and not just my child. At this point, you are finished raising them and if you did your job correctly, they are wonderful, caring adults. At 18, she is not a child any longer, but a woman. So the relationship changes and they are 2 adults interacting with each other, not just mother and daughter. I thought it really showed how much they care for each other, to be able to joke with each other in that manner.

  • What? I’m guessing this blog writer has mommy issues?

    This clearly looks like a mother and daughter who are having fun together and being playful. I agree that I have seen an obnoxious Miley before, but not in this video. There are girls out there who can’t relate to their moms at all, much less joke around together. Kudos to these two for finding time to hang out before the show.

  • WOW!!!!! U got serious issues dude!!!!! Miley was sooo not what so ever disrespectful at all, and yes I am a proud Miley fan, but even if I wasn’t anyone can see that there was nothing wrong with this!!!!!! I agree with others on this pg!!!!!! Go get a life and grow up, cuz u ain’t changing how I feel about Miley, no matter what!!!!!! I’m pretty sure other fans will stand by her as I will!!!!!!!!!!!! But, yeah anyway you are wasting ur time, at least she ain’t like Lindsey Lohan!!!! I like her too, but not that much anymore!!!!! They all grow up, and how would u like it if people did what ur doing to you?! You wouldn’t like everyone to know ur buissness!!!! You’re just out for the money and don’t care about noones feelings!!!! Ur a heartless peice of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Most of the comments land on the side of “this is a pretty healthy mother-daughter relationship.” I’d go futher: it’s more loving and healthy than most mother-daughter relationships I’ver ever seen. Tish obviously doesn’t like Miley’s knuckle cracking, but she seems to know that at 17 years old, it’s far better to jokingly disapprove of Miley’s behavour rather than starting a major incident over it, especially minutes before show time. And by the way, Billy Ray is worth $150 million, twice what Miley has made–Tish is not there just to collect a pay check!!! Gossip is one thing. Getting your facts screwed up is another. Billy Ray has sold more than 30 million albums in his life. He’s had 8 top-ten singles and 15 top-40 singles. That’s no “one-hit wonder”!!! His wife doesn’t need to work if she doesn’t want to! She’s obviously involved heavily in her daughter’s carreer out of love, not for the money!!!

  • Jeezzzz, it’s called having fun, give miley a break, even 17 18 year olde can joke about aswell, I think the video us cool it shows wot a good relationship miley and her mum have together

  • I used to be such a fan of miley cyrus but shes turned into such a sleeze and its horibl and im totally disgusted with what shes become

  • Ugh, stupid bitch! They’re both obviously joking. Ever heard of it? You write like they’re being serious. Grow up.