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Snooki’s New Man Has a Violent Past

Jeff Miranda, the Iraq war veteran that Snooki has been hooking up with, has some rumors to clear up. His ex-girlfriend went to RadarOnline with a pretty damaging report of his history of abuse. According to the ex, she currently has a restraining order against Jeff after one night they shared got crazy.

From RadarOnline:

The order also states that Miranda choked and punched Hansen in the stomach, and over New Year’s 2009, pulled her by the hair and called her a slut, c*nt, wh*re, and b****.

Hansen says that when she tried to get her things from his house, Miranda grabbed her by her arms and held her down on the bed screaming “I love you, why are you doing this to me?”

The final straw came when Hansen says Miranda pulled a shotgun on her after she refused to have sex with him.

“Jeff is nothing but scum,” Hansen told exclusively. “He claims he is in the mafia. He’s threatened two of my friends’ lives and my own.”


While I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, between this report and the fact that he’s a war veteran, I don’t trust this dude. Snooki, get us some answers!

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    • I had the same problem. Specifically, I kept picturing Miranda Cosgrove. And though domestic violence is NEVER funny, the image of Miranda Cosgrove physically overpowering -anyone- is pretty amusing.

      BUT that’s just how police and news reports describe events.

  • So I’m a war veteran. Am I not to be trusted? I would really relook at how you phrased that because that is downright insulting to those who have served.

    • I believe that Molls meant that, unfortunately, many war veterans, past and present, suffer serious psychological ailments as a result of their traumatic wartime experiences. This can lead to some serious instabilities in their behaviors — particularly in individuals who would already have been violent anyway.

      • Maybe Molls should clarify what she means. Also just because, according to his ex girlfriend he is a douchebag (haven’t checked to see a police report) doesn’t mean the military or his service caused those issues. Some service members, like the rest of society, have issues that do not correllate to their service. Some use it as an excuse and some have legitimate issues, but if all or manyservice members acted accordingly when we came home there would be alot more issues. It’s for a reason that members are afraid to identify themselves with having psychological issues based on service…..for example something like this can negatively affect civilian job ops.

        If she had replaced that with any ethnicinity or other stereotypical view many would be up in arms. You

      • That’s why I said: “…particularly in individuals who would already have been violent anyway.”

        And making a statement about people who have been through a particular experience is not the same as making a statement about, say, a person’s ethnicity. If she had said “the fact that he’s an Italian-American” or something upon those lines, then yes, I would be all up-in-arms, as you say.

      • Actually military members have been discriminated by employers due to the assumption that they have PTSD when they come back from a war zone. Some employers don’t know how to deal with it or assume that a military member will freak out and hurt others because they are misinformed. There are some who assume we are baby killers and protest our service even though it’s our govt leaders who put us in the positions we are in. So yes, we can and do get discriminated against. It’s not as prevalent as other forms of discrimination, but it does occur. I don’t understand your logic that it is different.

  • That is so disturbing. If even the smallest fraction if of that report is true, she should not be dating him. In fact, there is no reason for him to be allowed to walk around and enter relationships. If he cannot be in prison (which, personally, is where I would keep him — people such as he have no business being around ANYONE), then he should at least come with a warning label.

    Seriously — sex offenders have to register and (in some places) inform their new neighbors of their criminal history. Those who commit domestic violence should really have to do the same.

  • I’m w/ “me.” Just because he’s a veteran doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be trusted or that he’s inherently violent. I’ve never served, but this sentence irks me.

    • Agreed. It’s extremely presumptuous to just go ahead and associate a war veteran with domestic violence. I’m not easily offended, but this really bothers me.

  • So all of us are violent because we choose to do what you think you’re too fucking good to do, is that it? You seem to think that we are just a bunch of grunting barbarians that kill people right? Wrong bitch, so very wrong.

    So I suppose that according to your logic, I’m going to go home and slap my man around because we’re all fucking crazy right? I mean honestly, the better conclusion to jump to is that this ex-girlfriends couldn’t have possibly fabricated parts, if not all of the story when she decided to “run to Radar Online”. No, you’re assumption is far more likely that because he served his country, he then hits women. All that PTSD just built up and he couldn’t contain himself, right Molls?

    • Chill dude. You win your arguments with a more reasoned, less emotional response then getting angry and calling her names. I’m just as pissed as you, but it won’t get you far and might only ingrain that attitude she may have.

      Hearts and minds……not always the easiest way to do things but it eta more respect then you might think. Peace….

      • Sorry “me” but given the fact that I’m out here in Kandahar while she’s sitting there passing judgement like that is infuriating; particularly when we are getting rocket attacks left and right…and for the record, I’ve never been in any sort of altercation, be it physical or otherwise.

        Molls says things without a filter far too often and I’m so sick of it. I really enjoy all the other writers on this blog and it’s a shame that this girl always seems to have a foot sandwhich on a regular basis.

      • I gotcha, been to both Iraq and Afghanistan (although I was definitely a Fobbit in Iraq) and definitely get being angry at people who don’t understand what they speak about. But cursing them out and taking out your anger on them when they make uninformed statements only helps fuel their misguided and misinformed speculation about service members.

        Stay safe and thanks for all you do.

  • Molls, can you please explain this sentence, “While I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, between this report and the fact that he’s a war veteran, I don’t trust this dude”? I am not easily offended but it sounds like you are denigrating our service men and women and that is not something to be taken lightly. You owe an immediate explanation to the readers of this blog.

  • Lately I have been bothered by several comments the writers of this blog have made, but to suggest that being a war veteran predisposes one to violence has me outraged. To risk one’s life for my country is nothing short of heroic. Do you know how many men and women have served for your life, liberty and comfort, Molls? And those who suffer because of it are in the minority. I don’t care how funny you girls can be anymore. I won’t be returning to your offensive site.

  • Wow! Shocker! Molls knocks it out of the park again!

    So, so disrespectful to the people out there busting their ass every single day in the military.

  • Since I’m a veteran, I find that particular reference disturbing. I continue to serve as a police officer to protect those who are unable to protect themselves. But in the end I guess it’s ok. My service, and that of all my fellow veterans allows you to stay home safe and write whatever you want.

  • What bullshit. HAHA
    Some people will say anything to make someone look bad.\
    I have known Jeff well over 10 years and he is in NO WAY abusive.