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Quotables: Fantasia’s Had a Rough Life, You Guys

“Carrying six years of so much, I always take a licking and keep on ticking. Everyone thinks I’m so strong, it became so heavy for me. I wanted to be away from the noise. I just began to get tired of taking so many licks. The foreclosure, so many things I had to deal with, people just see the glitz and the glamour … I was in the hospital and they gave me a different name. Nobody asked me anything about the press, they talked to me about my nails and hair. A nurse, Melanie, she would come in and make me walk around. She brought me Sister 2 Sister magazine, and I was in there. She told me ‘You gotta get outta here and you gotta go back to work.’ And for me there are people that love me and want to see me go back to work. There’s no perfect person. They didn’t treat me like Fantasia, they treated me like Tasia.”

You know, suicide is no joke. It’s not a laughing matter, it’s something that should be taken seriously, and whether or not the cry for help is for attention or to save a life (sometimes one is just as important as the other), Fantasia Barrino is still talking about her suicide attempt to whoever will listen. And by “whoever will listen,” I mean “various talk shows through various interviews.” The above quote was from Fantasia’s latest Good Morning America interview, where she discussed her …

… suicide attempt again, stumped for her reality show, and reminded folks that her album drops soon, all in the same breath.

That being said. Yeah, suicide sucks and being overwhelmed by shit can sometimes really, really bite, but talking about this suicide attempt as flippantly and easily as Fantasia has could really create some bad notions for unstable people ’round the world. I’m not saying that she should shut herself away from the world and bask and revel in the fact that she tried to take her own life — but what I am saying is that she should maybe be taking this time to privately reflect on the good things in life, the things that make life worth living, and the fact that she still has a young daughter to think about — a young daughter who hasn’t been mentioned at all throughout this rigmarole.

You know what? I’m sorry, Fantasia, that things have sucked so hard for you for the past few years, but you really need to go and take care of your daughter and your other personal obligations, and quit painting the media red with your trials and tribulations over financial troubles and relationship issues. Everyone’s had both. As I said, I haven’t heard one thing about her daughter — or how this affected her daughter — since all of this stuff went down. She’s probably wrecked, for fuck’s sake. Man up, stop doing all of these interviews, be a mom, and be thankful for what you do have.

Just sayin’.

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  • I don’t usually watch TMZ but last night they had some interesting observations. This chick was filming “Behind the Music” two days after this so called suicide attempt. And like you say, she is pimping this out everywhere. Mightly suspicious behavior.

  • I was disgusted by what I’ve read and watched from Fantasia recently. She chose to have an affair with a married man. Separated or not, the man was married to another woman. She brought that on herself. I had to turn off the GMA interview. All she did was whine. At some point, we all have to own our choices.
    Someone talked about the way she talked, dressed, sang, etc? Welcome to celebrityhood. Give me a break.
    It’s pathetic that she’s using this cry for attention to promote herself further. She should be ashamed that she put her needs before that of her daughter. It’s pathetic, really.

    • that is not fantasia problem that man knew he was married. that’s the bottom line. he made those choices. he flee from home and went to another womens side. nobody can’t make no man leave their home. if you don’t or can’t protect your home. then people will walk. i am sure fantasia didn’t know his status. and if she did then she shouldn’t made it so easy for him to leave.
      also, they planned that anyway, they knew tasia looked like an easy target. and they knew nc laws. they bank there expense on that. and if anything he might have sent some coins to his wife while he was out running around.. let me go.
      think before you speak. you don’t know nothing. unless tasia told you herself…………

    • ashame. no you should be ashame. because, i know your man played games on your aaasssssssssss as well. and fantasia daughter. you don’t know enough about her to even speak about her. you don’t know tasia like that. all you know is pic’s, mag’s and books. and that if only she wanted you to know.
      instead of pointing blame, why don’t you ask and maybe she mmmmaaaayyyyy tell.

  • first of all wateva is goin on with Fantasia and this married man is between them 2 her daughter should not be brong onto this situation this is an adult issue she need to stay in a child’s place and wateva happens with Fantasia should not effect her relationship with her daughter!!!!!!!!!! :0

      • oooooooooooooo. i’m sorrry ur in the last age. old ass. there is no more american english. have you not tell. todays world. it’s people language. if u can read than you hear it. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbitch. o i forgot the english version bitch

  • Come on…. all stars do it. Is it really gossip though? Fantasia is using the system to sell her shit and you are using Fantasia to sell your shit. Smile motherfuckas ya all gettin paid off that bitch and you didnt have to swallow one fuckin pill. I LOVE YOU WORK DARLING> MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE MY PUBLICIST

  • dreambbb—ch. keep dreaming fantasia, don’t need to trick no fans. if you are a true fan then you will buy her shit. no queen to you. ’cause queens make sense. omg u didn’t

  • wow , that is really bad b/c she was thinking about committing suicide , i mean she is a human , she has problems and they think about things as a real person just b/c she is a celebrity doesn’t mean anything , she still has a life of her own ! something else i need to say is celebrity’s have issues in their life too gosh , why wont people just leave her alone but , i think that’s why i wouldn’t want to be a celebrity/star although i have a voice of an angel ! i wouldn’t want everyone to be in my business , because me myself feel that what goes on in my life is me and my family’s business ….. well other than that I’m fine/okay ! :)
    have a good day

  • well i think that we all have our own issues and we address them differently tasia is who she is and we are not to jugde we all do fuck shit in life we all fall short tasia pick yourself up baby and move on god is the only person you really must answer too sweetie but remember this through christ all things are possible he will never leave you or forsake you be bless a true fan

  • well i think that we all have our own issues and we address them differently tasia is who she is and we are not to jugde we all do fuck shit in life we all fall short tasia pick yourself up baby and move on god is the only person you really must answer too sweetie but remember this through christ all things are possible he will never leave you or forsake you be bless a true fan

  • Always use capital letters when talking about God, Christ, Lord. Just a friendly observation, you would never want to dishonor Him, even though you are using the name of the Lord in one breath and cursing in the other. Watch it ok!!

  • fuck them haters boo it dont make you a bad person cause like dick I like diffent pussy and yeah Im married lets do a song together called fuck yar real talk get at me our singel will be a hit