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Quotables: Rachel Uchitel is Still Diggin’ on Tiger

“I feel horrible for him. He loved her. But he was in love with me. I hope he remembers that was real, and reaches out to me. I’d give up everything to be with him again.”

Annnnnnd by ‘everything,’ surely you mean what, Rachel? Your celeb rehab notoriety? Your fatty side of beef-looking lips? Your Botoxed-to-hell face that only a first-year plastic surgeon could love? Your dependencies on various pills? What is it that you’d exactly give up to be with him, girl? I’m listening.

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  • Good post Sarah. But lass you forgot, maybe she means the 10 million. I can’t imagine anyone that good in bed!

  • Oh Beet! You sure do have a way with words! Keep it up! Thanks for keeping me laughing!… ahhh perfection!

  • Apparently she doesn’t give a s*&% about how she destroyed his marriage, his wife and the kids. “She feels horrible for HIM”. What a (fill in the blank, your choice).

    • Are you fucking mentally retarded? You do realise that:

      1) Miss Urchitel wasn’t married.
      2) Tiger Woods was.
      3) Miss Urchitel doesn’t possess the ability to force people to do her bidding. Whatever part she played Tiger chose to cheat. Period.

      A prime example of the sad fucks that comment here about attractive, sexually confident women who make choices about their lives in a completely negative fashion (smacks of jealousy and a deperate need to feel morally superiour BTW) and completely absolve any similar indisgression by power males.

      Or in this retarded comment actually swap the blame over from the man to the woman despite the fact that it’s completely the guys fault.

      As if when Tiger comes on to you you’d knock him back LOL.

  • This is a hoot. Rachel, who through her loose lips (at both ends) helped to damage Tiger’s career and destroy his marriage, wants to marry her love. But Rachel, you’ve already gotten your payoff! Do you think that he’ll give you more?

    Of course we know what part of Tiger’s anatomy is responsible for the collapse of his beautiful world, but she obviously fell hook, line and stinker (sic) for his shpiel.

    How apt that the celebrity whore Rachel will likely have her heart broken by the lying Tiger. Get used to disappointment, Rachel. You are just another link in his chain.