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Jesse James is Dating Again

Well, it’s apparent that if you’re a ‘tough girl,’ are into body art, and like stars on your face, you have a shot with Jesse James. ‘Cause evidently, Jesse was spotted out with a new girlfriend this past weekend and it was none other than Kat Von D, queen of tattoos and punk rawkness, just like Dita Von Teese is queen of porcelain skin and burlesque.

Awesome. … For Jesse.

I know that, you know, everyone deserves love in some way, shape, or form, but what the hell is a self-respecting woman doing, crawling into Jesse James’ bed before the stank of Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee has even been cleansed from his penis? Does that shit ever even come off? I just threw up in my mouth. For real.

In all reality, the two were photographed having dinner together somewhere in Las Vegas. If Kat has any concept of sexual health — or scruples to not get involved with a man who cheats and cheats and cheats — then it was purely business. And that was the direction I was leaning towards.

But yet. But yet. The two were said to have exited the restaurant later in the night holding hands. And that shot my hopeful theory all to hell. I know that sometimes people hold hands because they’re friends, it’s your mom, because it’s chic, and because Americans like to be like Europeans with their trendy traditions, but Jesse James? He knows as much about class and polish as he does about marriage vows.

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  • She has NO personality whats so ever. I watched her show and every episode she has about as much personality and dried cat vomit.

  • Why does it matter. He is divorced and free to see other people. Why is everyone so judgemental about Jesse James and who ever he chooses to see. I am not into tattoos but I would not judge somebody by their tattoos.

    • I don’t think it’s about him dating, but more about who would actually date him, given his recently track record.

    • what the hell are you talking about, judging people by their tattoos? are you reading in english or what?

  • Kat??? NOooooo!! But if you watch her show you know that she was married once to this guy who didn’t seem to deserve her and she was crazy for him for some still unknown reason. But Kat and Jesse have a lot in common…tattoos, reality shows, not really having great love lives, being insecure (he cheated on the world’s best woman, she’s constantly hiding behind tats and make up). That last one should be the EXACT reason they don’t date each other, but sadly, probably the reason they WOULD be drawn to each other. =/

  • I have never, EVER seen her in a pair of pants that didn’t show off her midsection in the most unflattering way possible.