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There’s A Reason For This

So Britney Spears has been out and about a lot lately with the most horrible hair.  While I just chalked it up to Britney being her good ol’ crazy, lovable self, there’s actually a little more to the story.  Don’t worry, it’s still because she’s crazy though.

Apparently the situation is that Britney constantly switches stylists.  According to E!, she’s been bouncing between stylists and salons for a while now, and here’s the reason:

“They don’t want anyone getting close to her,” a source tells E! News. “They won’t use anyone who has done her hair in the past and won’t let any current stylist see her more then three times.”

Does that sound really shady to anyone else?  Why can’t Britney get close to someone?  Are there secrets that no one knows about that could be divulged to a sympathetic stylist? Does Britney have attachment issues?  Has the real Britney died and the girl we are seeing stumbling around today is really a robot?

Please do your part in solving this mystery in the comments.

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  • She’s a spy and carries secret messages in her weave.


    She’s an alien from space, her scalp is an erogenous zone and her family doesn’t want her to form any lasting human attachments.


    She’s heard the phrase, “three times the charm” and misinterperted it.

  • That’s really weird. I guess I can see that since she’s had some character judgement issues in the past, they might want to keep a firm grasp on whom she allows into their inner circle… and spending so much time with a single person is breeding ground for such things…

    But it seems like the best way to solve that would just be to hire a babysitter for her while she’s sitting in the chair… Someone to keep conversation focused on the business at hand… And then just do what most baby sitter’s do… Pop in some kind of movie for Britney and just have her sit there quietly.

  • 3 times sounds a little odd, but i can understand that they don’t want some random stylist, who they can’t trust, selling her hair on ebay or talking about her business with reporters… or…maybe they don’t want them stealing strands of hair to sell for drugs, and 3x is about the time they get confident enough to do it? i don’t know. i used to work for a guy who got rid of all his personal assistant’s after one year because he didn’t like anyone knowing too much about him.

  • Didn’t her old hairdresser give her messages to/from Adnan or something? I think I remember reading something about that, but I could just be making it up. Either way, I doubt that every person she meets would be willing to do the same.