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Some People Need to Just Not Talk

And right now, that person is Jessica Biel.

In a recent interview, Jessica made some comments about her financial worries that pissed a lot of people off (and by “a lot of people,” I mostly mean me and a couple other bloggers):

Biel told Radio 1: “Since I was so young when I started I didn’t think about it. I just liked it, it was fun. But as I got older and started to become an adult and then had to get a car and have to pay for insurance and all those things… it’s a huge worry.”

The 28-year-old added: “For example, I haven’t worked at all this year. I haven’t made a film so I haven’t had a pay cheque and I won’t do anything until September and I don’t know if I’ll do anything after.

“It’s always up in the air constantly. My life is very much a question mark when the next pay cheque is coming in and even when it seems like you make enough money, you sometimes don’t know when the next cheque is coming in.”

Really?  You are a movie star.  You were on 7th Heaven.  You are banging Justin Timberlake.  There is absolutely no need for you to cry about your money woes, and if there is, then maybe you need to doing cocaine cut with stardust and filling your swimming pool with pirate gold, because that’s the only way I can figure you’d be in financial trouble.

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  • Do you ever read what you write? You make so many mistakes, you should let someone check it before you post it. Shame on you.

  • Basing on the way you write Emily, I can see how unhappy you are with yourself and your life. You rant meaningless things most of the time.

  • I agree! And maybe she spent all her money on all those hideous clothes she has been wearing lately. Especially that unfortunate yellow suit.

  • WTF is wrong with you whiners? – emily is absolutely right! boo hoo, cry me a river, money bags biel. y’all, she’s trying so hard to show us “common folk” she can be just like us, but what a load of crap.

  • Well…. think about it. Sure Biel used to star on a TV show and has been in some movies, but she is a shit actor. I wouldn’t call her a movie star. She is not a star. She isn’t getting the rolls and she’s right when she says she hasn’t been working. And like most people (myself included), my “money” is tied up in investments (mortgage, retirement plans etc). I don’t have tons of cash to throw around, even with a steady pay cheque. I can see how it would be tough for a shit actor like Biel who hasn’t worked in over a year and hasn’t been getting ANY income. She is living off whatever little pittance she got from the shit roles you took in the past.