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Oksana Finally Says Something

We’ve definitely heard what Mel Gibson has to say about “the tapes”, but until now we’ve really heard very little, if anything, from Oksana Grigorieva, the target of Mel’s brutal rants. Oksana spoke with Radar about the recordings and for real? I don’t think this chick’s a bad person.

In the interview Oksana doesn’t elaborate much, but generally confirms that she released the tapes for her own safety and to force Mel to leave her alone. She says that any accusations of an extortion plot are lies made up by Mel as part of a smear campaign against her. None of this comes across as particularly convincing, but it’s also believable.

One piece of information that Oksana offered was very interesting, however. She said that the tapes are actually just a tape. All the recordings were all from the same night. Meaning Mel made nearly ten rambling, threatening phone calls in just a few hours. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than if they were spread out over time, but it explains why they were all recorded in the first place. Oksana told Radar, “Everything, by the way, this is really important, all the tapes that you hear on the Internet, all of them were recorded that one night. The tapes, as you call them, the voicemails, everything was recorded that night because I was in fear for my life.”

That paints a pretty nasty picture, huh? A mother at home receiving a series of phone calls from the man who she counts on for financial support threatening her physically? Terrifying. I’m not sure if she went about outing Mel as a monster in the right way, but I can’t say I blame her.

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  • Russian whore released the tapes to try and drain money from Sir Gibson. She failed. She’s going to jail for extortion.

    It’s still a man’s world, baby. Make me a samich.

    • Hahaha – you always get it ass-backwards. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not a man.

  • I have to say I actually feel a bit better that all the tapes were recorded in one night instead of spread out over time.

  • I was just skim reading, glanced at the picture, and I swear for the first couple of paragraphs I thought you were talking about the Octomom woman. I was like “when did she meet Mel Gibson? Did they have a sex tape? What? She looks much better than usual – new surgery?”
    Finally figured it out – I’m a bit slow today. I feel very sorry for the poor girl – whether she did the right thing or not by making the tape public rather than just giving it to the police, it’s not fair for so many complete strangers who have no idea of what actually happened to subject anyone to such vitriol.

    • Good call on Octomom. The rest of your comment was shit, but Octomom was brilliant.