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All My Gay Nerds, Throw Ya Hands Up!

We don’t normally cover the comic book beat, but we do cover the “awesome gay stuff” beat, so here’s this: The new issue of Spiderman is going to have a gay couple getting their make out on on the front cover! Is big deal? No! And that’s what’s so great about it. A milestone perhaps, but definitely not a big deal. It’s just two dudes making out in the park, as two people in love have to right to do.

Here’s the plot of this Spidey installment for any of you who give a care:

Poor Peter Parker. All his friends hate him, his girlfriend has stopped speaking to him and to top it off, the whole world despises Spider-Man. What’s a dude to do?? How about save the world and maybe meet the new love of his life? Fan-favorite BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (NEW AVENGERS) and rising Ultimate sensation, SARA PICHELLI (RUNAWAYS) bring you a new and exciting Spider-Man story you don’t want to miss!!

The issue comes out 10/27 and while I don’t know anything about graphic novels and their collectability (Shhh, yes. That is a word.) , I’d say that that this might be an issue you want to get your hands on and keep in a plastic envelope for your great grandkids to sell when they’re about to lose their home.

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