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M.I.A. Offers a Free Show to Stiffed Fans

M.I.A. Promises Free Show on Twitter

After what was reportedly a dreadful performance at NYC’s HARD Festival, M.I.A. has offered to host free show for HARD attendees who felt ripped off. In addition to the M.I.A.’s crappy performance, a thunderstorm took over that resulted in the show ending early. Although a rep for the performer hasn’t been able to confirm that this free show will actually happen, the gesture is generous and totally fair.

Which makes me want to ask you: What was your biggest concert nightmare? When have you felt stiffed by an artist or screwed over by a ticket broker? A few weeks ago I saw a thirteen year old girl in a new dress crying her eyes out in front of the Miley Cyrus show because her grandma had bought her bogus tickets on an unauthorized site. When I was like, 16, I bought tickets to see Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts. We drove like, 45 minutes to get there, got inside, found spots on the grass field and waited there for a half hour before we started hearing announcements that the show was canceled due to Xtina having a sore throat. Needless to say, a refunded ticket didn’t make up for my devastation.

Holla in the comments. Get it out, guys.

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  • No nightmares, luckily. But I did go to the Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child concert you were denied.

  • 8th grade. MC Hammer with Vanilla Ice opening. Winter blizzard. Mom refused to drive in said blizzard (I get it now). I cried for days.

  • Muse concert, this September. I was way beyond excited, as Muse is one of my favourite bands off all time, but it got canceled because Chris’s wife is having a baby around that time.
    Huuugely disappointing.

  • Went to see Mos Def. I’m used to the main act beginning about an hour after the time on the ticket, but he didn’t show up until at least 2 hours later. They had to delay the show and it was very obvious. They had his DJ come out and spin for a while to waste time, a second DJ was also supposed to be there but he never made it. When Mos Def finally got on stage, he performed for maybe 30 minutes, his performance was mediocre at best. The opening act had a way better show than him. The whole thing was disappointing and there was no explanation for what happened.

  • The last 3 times I went to see Peter Doherty/The libertines.

    1. Pete was so wasted he didn’t know the lyrics to any of the songs.

    2. Pete didn’t show up (later found out he was arrested).

    3. Pete showed up, threw up onstage and then went backstage.

    Still he’s the same guy that once decided he didn’t want to play at a given venue and took everybody back to his place and played all night so I can’t hate him and I’ve already got tickets for the reunion show this summer.

  • I saw John Mayer live at Darien Park in Darien, NY in ’03. It’s 6 Flags (which should have told me something) and an outdoor venue (at least, at the time it was). Both of those factors were bad enough with the weather (rain), but the worst part was the horrible sound system. if I hadn’t listened to a Mayer CD before, I wouldn’t have known what songs were on. Counting Crows opened, and they had a great sound check and set, which was confusing.

    He was marginally better in Las Cruces, NM (indoor venue at NMSU)where Maroon 5 opened for them; he played again with Maroon 5 in ABQ at the Journal Pavillion (outdoors). The JP was the best performance by far, but hee has issues from time to time with the sound dude. Whomever was on staff in Darien should have been fired.