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It’s A Brand New Christina!

This is Christina Aguilera’s new video, “You Lost Me,” and it’s kind of wonderful.  Everybody’s talking about how she’s really softened up a lot for this video, and that’s because she really, really has.  Personally, I think Christina’s always been a classy lady who likes to play around with different styles and genres – this is a long cry from “Candyman” – but she’s always amazingly talented and incredibly poised.  This video is no exception.

All right, that’s my sickening praise on Christina.  What about you guys?  Is this video a hit or a miss for you (please be proud of me that I am refraining from declaring that Christina is beautiful, no matter what you say)?

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  • I disagree, i don’t think this is a brand new Christina, i actually think this IS the Christina we all enjoy to hear. What a beautiful voice she’s got, and i love this song, i’m def. buying it.
    I also think this song is a pretty smart move, considering how much we’ve heard of celebrities being cheated on…

  • It’s VERY rare these days a new pop song comes on and my mouth hangs open through the video and song. I really can’t think of another song I’ve recently heard where I felt wowed by how powerful it is.

  • This is a good song – has a little bit of an old Fiona Apple flavor. She is a very talented vocalist.

  • To me it’s kind of reminiscent of “Beautiful”. It was right around “Fighter” and “Dirrty”, which were both gritty and a bit change from the pop star we knew before. But then she came out with Beautiful and it was somber and more about the vocals than the raunchy video.

    Nothing new for her, but still a beautiful and powerful song.

  • I absolutely love this. I don’t understand why people insist on comparing her to Gaga. One of the MANY major differences lies in the fact that Christina has the ability to make crazy, colorful, fun videos and turn around and let the next song speak for itself with a very touching, yet understated video. Good form.

  • THIS is what Christina should be doing – not trying to compete with what’s “hip” and “now”. She is incredibly talented – she has one of the best voices of her generation! I just think a lot of her material’s been poor.

  • Great acting by her. And her image is MUCH better minus the bleach blond hair and bright, red lipstick.

  • I heard this song a while back and ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. Honestly, you could have put up a black screen and I would have played it through. But to say that this is a “new” Christina is a little much. And I’m a fan…so I’m always hoping her next move will put her back on top…but sadly I don’t think this album (or this song) is it.

    This song is reminiscent of “Beautiful” and “Hurt.” But her ballads these day sare usually the rare gems in an album of nonsense. This album dropped with “Not Myself Tonight” which was a hot mess and the video was HORRIBLE. People compared her to Gaga because of the forced lesbianism and ridiculous threesomes. See here:

    She really needs to find an identity and stick to it…and let her voice knock all these other people out of the water.

  • This sounds like it might be one of the
    songs Sia wrote for Christina. Does anyone know? She has a new album out too. It’s really good except Sia likes to basically repeat a chorus for the entire lyrics of a song. It does get a little annoying by the end of the album.