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I Think I Figured Out What Kristen Stewart’s Problem Is

OK, so people always call Kristen Stewart a bitch, right? They say she’s aloof and too cool for school and rude in her awkwardness. I don’t think that’s true, you guys. This is what I think it is: Kristen Stewart sucks at talking.

Technically, there’s many worse problems the girl could have. She’s an actress. She doesn’t need to know how to engage people in conversation because when she’s working, someone else is writing the dialogue. But when it comes to press tours and all that, it shows when someone’s not eloquent, and that was the case with this interview I stumbled upon.

Kristen, when asked why she’s not involved with more social networks, says, “I can’t be online because, I have to be online! I’d love to please the fans because of the way they support us, but time is not enough. It wouldn’t be enough the ammount of time I spent online with them.” Those are not the words of a well-spoken woman. It reads as super bitchy (“I don’t have time for that because anything I’d give would never be enough for my rabid fans.”), when I think/hope she means something much more sincere (“I can’t get involved with that stuff because I would never be able to respond to everyone and I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt or be a disappointment.”)

But I’m not saying that she’s dumb, either. In the same interview she refers to music as one of the most “sensitive elements” in her life and has a pretty solid perspective on what fame and success has granted her (“Now people ask me “what’s next? what project are you choosing?”. It’s a privilege having the opportunity to have those questions, even if it’s hard to answer them sometimes. I owe it to Twilight. Fame looks more spectacular from the outside than it does from the inside.”) So what’s her deal? It’s weed. It’s all that weed. Chick’s a total stoner.

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  • There’s nothing wrong with Kristen. So what if she likes to smoke?? It is legal in California ya know??!! You people like to hang on every word she says and does and you don’t do that to other people. Just stop it! Don’t you people have anything better to write about. I can see why she doesn’t get on-line. She would have to read these stupid articles about herself. I bet she laughs her ass off at all you stupid people! I bet her and Rob just roll about all of this crap you guys write about! It is unreal how you guys come up with this shit! Grow up and find something half way decent to write about! This shit is getting old!

  • Doesn’t surprise me…. no wonder she can’t talk, much less be eloquent with words…. her brain is wasted! Frankly, I’m surprised she can remember her lines for her one-dimensional acting!

  • I don’t really care for Kristen, but I can sort of relate as to how she speaks in public. I’ve been acting my entire life, when I get on stage or in front of a camera, it’s all very natural. Try getting me to speak in front of a crowd, or even have a birthday party, and my conversation skills turn to mush. I stutter all over the place and don’t ever make a cognitive statement. I think she just suffers from social anxiety.

  • “She just sucks at talking”

    You barely figured that out? Hey did you hear Michael Jackson died?

  • I find it ridiculous the way you opine about something you know nothing about- you’re always going on about various celebs who are supposedly high on weed… Weed isn’t anything like what you and other people who have never smoked weed make it out to be.
    Weed isn’t like that simpsons episode where Homer sees rainbows when he cuts himself shaving. You have to smoke serious amounts of it and not have anything better to do all day than smoke for the “goofy stoner” stereotype to be true.
    A very busy actress who has admitted to smoking weed isn’t going to be all “woah man, look at my hands!” or whatever. It’s just stupid.

  • If you read her other interviews and even watch some of her latest ones, you can tell that she really does mean well in everything she says. I feel that the media gives her an unfair amount of shit for trying to speak her mind. If I were put on the spot like she is, I would fumble with my words and probably say something pretty fucking stupid. I don’t blame her. I think she’s talented and I’m sure she will have a long career.

  • i think kristen stewart is very beautifull and smart and talent. Amm i don’t hear thet someone call’s her a bitch.You her that?