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Lady Gaga Should Just Get a Tumblr or Something

Yesterday Lady Gaga reached out to her fans over Twitter to let them know they should ignore the protesters outside of her St. Louis show and in the process of doing so, she annoyed the hell out of anyone who didn’t live in St. Louis and follows her on Twitter. OK, so probably not everyone, but definitely me. I had a low battery on my phone and every 30 seconds my UberTwitter was refreshing with the next 280 characters of Gaga’s long-winded message.

Twitter is a great way for celebs to reach out to their fans… in 140 characters just like everyone else does. When you cross over into a 12-Tweet message, just start a freakin’ blog like John Mayer already. This reminds me of that time that that dude with the ugly nostrils was Tweeting about getting attacked by sea life or some dumb-ass shit and my Twitter was clogged up with his crap for hours. Ugh! 140 characters, people! 140 or take it elsewhere!

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