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Eli Roth Almost Dies, Lives to Tweet About It

Eli Roth was just trying to be a rich handsome guy in a kayak off the coast of Careyes in Mexico last week when a sea urchin rolled up on his ass and stung him nearly to death. The star took to his Twitter yesterday and completely broke the 140-character limit by telling his story over about 20 Tweets.

Apparently Eli was in an urchin infested part of the ocean but keeping clear of them by climbing over rocks until he was engulfed by a wave and accidentally found his footing on top of the urchin. When he screamed for help, a doctor came to his aid, but no pain medication was available, so Eli was awake while over 200 pins were being removed from his feet and palms. Perhaps the best part of this horrible story is that while the doctor was working away on removing the pins, a man came up to Eli and asked if he would meet his son. Despite the fact that he’d just had a near death experience, Eli obliged and entertained the man’s drunk 20-year old kid. Ugh.

A couple things to say about this: 1) Celebrities should really only Twitter this much if they have an amazing story like this one to tell or they are Courtney Love. 2) If you see a celebrity washed up on the beach with over 200 pins sticking out of their hands and feet, maybe wait until they are removed to ask for an autograph, huh?

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