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A Mel Gibson Update

With all the various court dealings and the photos and tapes being released these days, keeping up with Mel Gibson is a tough gig.  Here’s a handy little list of the shenanigans that good ol’ Mel has gotten into lately:

– Radar posted a photo of Oksana after Mel knocked her teeth out.  Her dentist, the one who took the picture, has said that he doesn’t believe she was hit in the mouth like she said, but that her injuries were consistent with being punched in the temple – she broke her teeth from instinctively bearing them down.  He says that he even saw bruising on her temple, but in the photo she covered it with her hair because she wanted to protect Mel.  An expert who examined the photo said that the wound looked self-inflicted, but there’s still that whole recording in which he tells Oksana that she “fucking deserved” being punched in the face, so I’m guessing that expert was from Mel’s camp.

– Security at Mel Gibson’s church has gotten real tight since this whole mess started.  Guards have been hired to keep watch over the church on the weekends, and some additional guards have been hired to hang out with Mel 24/7.  Because that makes sense – I think if anybody tried to hurt Mel, he could just pant angrily at them and threaten them with oral sex and they’d run away screaming.

– In the custody battle for Mel and Oksana’s baby girl, the judge ruled that Mel wasn’t dangerous, so their arrangement of full visitation rights and one overnight a week for Mel still stands.  The thing that probably tipped the scales in Mel’s favor was a declaration made by Mel’s ex, Robin.  She said that in the 28 years they were married, he never physically abused her or their children.  I don’t think she said whether or not he ever shouted at her at the top of his lungs about blow jobs.

I just cannot get over how crazy Mel Gibson is.  I mean, yeah, there was that whole “sugartits” debacle, but this is just out of hand.  And things should only get crazier – Radar still has more audio tapes to release.

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    • “I think if anybody tried to hurt Mel, he could just pant angrily at them and threaten them with oral sex and they’d run away screaming.” Best sentence I’ve read all week.

    • I used to be a huge Mel fan back in the day, but since he went off the deep end, I believe at least some of the stories have to be true, it can’t all be lies…maybe he didn’t abuse Robin, but hes a changed man since they seperated..and hes had a drinking problem for a really long time, I remember when Robin told him if he didn’t go into rehab she was leaving him, that was a long time ago….

      • Actually, his behavior now is consistent with his behavior during his marriage: he was a drunk, a womanizer, a misogynist and a bigot before his separation and he continues to be all of those things.

        The only thing that has changed is that he lost control of a woman and became violent. Of course his family sticks up for him – he’s Daddy Deep-Pockets.

    • You don’t make a huge profit off God then step on HIS face with morally objectionable behavior, lust, cruelty and greed.

    • Does anyone remember a few years back when Brit went to stay with him at some vacation pad in Costa Rica so he could give her advice? LOL.