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Brandi Glanville is Still Publicly Pissed at Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes

Though the divorce hasn’t even been finalized, it hasn’t stopped Eddie Cibrian’s estranged wife from continually speaking out about her husband’s affair with country star, Leann Rimes. Brandi’s latest interview emerges from the depths of In Touch, where she calls Eddie and Leann both cheaters. Again. She also insinuates that they both need professional help, but she wants to be friends with the new couple, too:

“They’re both cheaters,” Eddie Cibrian’s soon-to-be-ex, Brandi Glanville, tells In Touch exclusively. “I hope he gets help, but if he’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever.”

When Eddie Cibrian left his wife, Brandi Glanville, for singer Leann Rimes, it took her a long time to forgive. But she’ll never forget what he did to her — and thinks Leann shouldn’t, either.

“I don’t know how she deals with it, that he was lying to both of us,” Brandi, 36, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview. Brandi, who still lived with her husband for three months after his affair was exposed, adds that until the scandal broke, “there was no lull in our sex life.”

“They’re both cheaters,” she says. “I hope he gets help, but if he’s a cheater, he’s going to cheat forever. The great thing is, it doesn’t affect me anymore. I’m done.”

Indeed, though Brandi has definitely moved on and has a new boyfriend, she’s confident that she and her ex can have a civil relationship.

“I know Eddie loves me — I’m the mother of his children. But it’s a different kind of love now,” she says. “I do have resentment toward him, but I still wish him well. I hope we can all be friends one day, to be honest.”

What do you think? Will this unlikely trio be sitting down for anything more than a good, old-fashioned hair-pulling anytime soon?

… Nah, me either.

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    • marie(aka cme)

      You also believe that we don’t know it’s you posting under all these different names even though you are writing the very same things we saw you write on JJ as CBME. So why are you now using Marie? Is Marie a name that you hjacked from someone else?

  • She’s not over it! And why does she think he loves her just because she’s the mother of his kids??? I don’t love or even like my ex-husband and father of my children.

    • Brandi is only trying to make Leann jealous (as if), and is deluding herself into thinking he still somehow loves her.

      • Well Leann is constanlt trying to fill BG shoes. She dresses like BG, wears her hair like BG, and even pays sites like JJ and x17 to say that she EC kids’ stepmother. I think the only one deluding themselves is LR. Just look how LR stages those pda photo-ops with the public just won’t acccept LR fairytale.

        Just look at how LR employs her pr person to pose as fans. How odd that these “fans” show up and then can never be foubnd when LR needs to sell tickets.

    • gaby(aka cbme, marie)

      Heard that before, which is why it’s easy to see that these “fans” are CBME posting under different names.

      Now why do you do this?

      We know that Leann is not over it, which is why you bombard all these threads with different names to make it look like LR has support. You did the same thing on CB and they called you out for it. How odd that these “fans” all disappear and show up at the same time.

  • All Brandi is doing is showing the world how bitter she is. If she’s moved on so wonderfully, completely, and quickly from this situation, she wouldn’t feel the need to give a statement every five minutes.

    In all honesty, he probably wasn’t lying to Leann at all; the other woman knows much more about the reality of the relationship than the jaded wife wasnts to admit. I’ve been the other woman before, and I can tell you it was hilarious to watch his wife pretend like everything was fine and that I had no clue, only to come out and admit I had been right about theyir dynamic the whole time.

    Leann is laughing at Brandi, because she’s merely showing how pathetic Brandi really is. It seems that once the hoopla dies down for 5 minutes and Brandi isn’t the apple of the public’s eye for a moment, she dredges up how strong she is/how well she’s holding up to show everyone she is “really, really” ok. :o)

    It’s ok, brandi. Women get pumped and dumped every day. You’re no different, so join the millions of women who got exchanged for a newer, more fun model (pun intended). ;)

    • “I’ve been the other woman before, and I can tell you it was hilarious to watch his wife pretend like everything was fine”

      That’s quite possibly the bitchiest thing I’ve ever heard. Every woman reacts differently to being cheated on. Some pretend they’re okay, some wear their heart on their sleeve. But as long as you’re entertained by someone else’s heartbreak, I guess that’s all that matters.

      • I don’t know which is worse – being entertained by the person’s heartbreak or being entertained at the thought of destroying LeAnn’s life and talent. Neither is healthy.
        I agree, LeAnn probably knows more about her than the ex would care to admit, but if this keeps on, we are probably going to start hearing more than we should. LeAnn will not sit there and put up with this crap forever. I have said before that it takes more than one in a marriage to break it up. Neither husband nor wife is totally guiltless.

    • Wives aren’t necessarily exchanged for a “newer, more fun model”. Sometimes we’re swapped for someone who is happy to cater to physical, without expecting a partnership role.

    • Hi CBME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How amny different names have you used?

      Now how odd that this thread has over five fans when there was only ONE fan in the old system. Sow hat accounts for this?

      Since LR is tweeting about BG kids and tipping off the paps so that she is spotted with BG kids as if she is their mother, BG is not in the wrong. In fact after seeing the tweets that LR has been making about BG kids, it’s LR who comes off as bitter.

      LR is sitting back, she is paying you to pose as fans because she does not have the support and constantly tauting BG with her own kids because something is seriously wrong with LR “romance” with EC.

      It’s nice to see that you are blamingBG though because in the end it just lets us know how bad things are for Leann.

  • oh Marie— there is nothing better in life than when the husband cheats ont the mistress with the wife,, great stuff

  • Jasmine…

    I’m looking forward to the day when Eddie divulges Brandi’s little secrets and why he no longer loved her. That will be really juicy.

  • We already know why, that Brandi was’t able to come up with any big bucks. I think Brandi will find a great job before EC does. Really glad that she has a boyfriend . And , why shouldn’t she be allowed to speak out on anything she wants to, when Leann twitters about everything that goes on in her relationship with Eddie and twitters about Brandi’s kids. Thought she showed a lot of class to say the nice things she did about LR.

  • Why would an ex wife sleep or have sex (whichever you prefer) with an ex husband (or husband) if she is so down on him to call him names and accuse him of all the things this woman did? Knowing he has a girlfriend and that is why he left, would you do that to yourself? Excuse me, but I don’t really see good sense in that at all. I believe she said LeAnn had many bad faults and one was no self respect. Where was her self respect?

  • Seriously doubt that Brandi has a boyfriend or any job prospects. The woman is not very bright! What man would want a mouth like that!

  • Just so the ex’s new man will know: have you ever thought what might happen if you ever decided to leave her. Run, guy, run to the nearest exit. AND everything you say and think and do will be reported to the media. Words to the wise.

  • Words do not always tell the truth. I just saw where the ex twittered that she would “clean toilets to keep a roof over “there” (the word is their) head.” Has she applied for a job yet? Also, what does a woman who would clean toilets need with $15 hundred a month for make-up and another $750 for gym?

  • Brandi, you keep your head up. LR has Marie in her pocket, well wallet actually. You were the injured person here along with Dean. And all Lr PR people can put out there is that Dean is gay and you talk too much.. LR twittered every day of her life the last year about everything EC did or said right down to the sex and what they had for dinner to what Eddie was watching on TV. Then she had to make sure every one knew that she was going to be the new mother figure in the life of Brandi’s kids. Where was Eddie while LR was Tweeting her guts out. Out telling the media that Brandi was causing trouble and that she should move on. He should have yanked the cord on LR laptop. What a MAN. I used to like him and have absolutely no respect for him now It would take about 2,000.00 dollars a day to even get Lr presentable she’ll always be a sows ear A big loud mouth sows ear. If Dean is gay, who could blame hin, he probably couldn’t stand to be in bed with LR.

    • You tell such lies. LeAnn never said she was trying to be the new mother figure to Eddie’s kids. You are just what everybody needs as a supporter. You revert to a child and make stupid remarks about how LeAnn looks which is also a lie. Where did she mention the sex they had? Another lie. You made remarks about me being in LeAnn’s pocket. Another lie. I am sure it is going to break Eddie’s heart when he finds out you don’t like him!!!!!! If you can’t find anything to do but lie, why don’t you find another hobby?

  • @ Marie

    You are answering the “g” troll. I’m certain you’re well aware of that.

    It does sound that LeAnn has been performing in the western states of late.

  • LeAnn is no more to blame for Eddie getting let go from CSI:Miami then he is. Theoretically it is not possible for all these events to be happening the way everybody says they are happening. Whay can’t Eddie and LeAnn just be left alone to live their life and to figure it out? For now yes, she does have money. She Loves him enough to help him. They will both bounce back on their feet and get their lives back and maybe they will have learned a thing or two. One thing is to Love each other and Trust each other. Keep putting those two boys first. GOOD LUCK EC & LR GOOD LUCK

  • LeAnn and Eddie, regardless of what people say, will have disagreements and fight and make up; they will have good days and bad days but most of all, they will love each other whether they say it or not. They should have a good life that has some bad things in it like everybody else. Why all the hoopla? Mind your own business. you will have disagreements and fight and ………. Just like LeAnn and Eddie.

  • Wouldn’t it be a sweet moment if LeAnn told Eddie to hop in the car, then drove him to Brandi’s and said “this is who you deserve!” and left him there, hired a co. to haul his goods out of his house.

    I can dream

  • What has happened to Eddie? Leann doesnt talk about him anymore and I dont see pictures of them together anymore. Has Leann gone her seperate way from him or what. Is that what she is going to share with us.

  • Marie(aka CBME)

    Wow what a different tune you are singing because when BG and EC had fights and disaggreements, you said that it was okay for EC to sleep with another woman.

    Who is Marie, yet another name that you hijacked from another poster?

    Why are you posting under all these different names? We know it’s you. How odd that all of these “supporters” just so happen to show up out of nowhere.

  • What has happened to EC?

    Hopefully he is keeping those promises he made to his kids.

    BTW, don’t worry. People are saying that EC is cheating on LR and using her for her money, so it won’t be too long before LR is staging a photo-op to make us think that EC is in love with her because he rubs her butt or makes out with her in front of his kids.

  • Kathy, Marie, and huteg are all the same the person.

    It’s CBME trying to make up for LR lowfanbase by posting under different names. She is posting the very same comments on Showbiz Spy under the name of Lani and Lori.

    The only thing you are certain of is that LR fanbase is so low that you have to post under different names. How odd that these “Fans” pop up out of the blue was disappear when LR needs them the most.

  • kgik(aka cbme)

    Wow are you serious?

    Why are you posting under so many different names?

    I saw you write the same thing when you were posting as cbme and michela on JJ.

    And then you want to get mad when we call you out for posting under different names.

    BTW, where were these fans before? How come there are over 5 LR supporters in this thread when there was only ONE when there was the old system?

  • Well now we know why Leann showed up in hot pink shorts. BG wears pink and Leann has to wear it too. So if Leann has EC, why then does LR still feel the need to compete with BG?

    Look at the background. It says Tequila. Well now we know why LR is always making references to Tequila. She has been studying this photo for too long.

    So why then is LR still competing with BG is she “won” EC?

  • I believe I have read these gwen inputs in other posts on other sites. Must have worked there since he is trying it again on us.

  • It is reported that Brandi has been dating Michael Meldman for 9 months now. Why would BG not be happy?

    • give me a break. Mike Meldman and his first wife were huge cheaters and then he broke up a good friends marriage and married his second wife who was hot and devoted to him but he was banging anything that looked at him in AZ behind her back. He is a horrible role model for those boys and any D list actress that would date him would have to be a gold digger. He is only 5.6
      my husband knows him very well. He so wants to be a star himself now that real estate is in the tank. His second wife was a doll and was amazing to his boys but he just ditched them for fame and money.

  • This guy she is supposadly dating, Michael Meldman is dating Sunshine Tutt who was married to Chris Kattan a few years back.

  • Hysterical that the so-called bf has more than one , if what I’m reading above is true. I’ve seen it elsewhere too so it very well could be. WOW! This ex can’t get a homer.

  • . Brandi only wants him for money anyway.. He cant buy height.
    funny though that he and Kattan are about the same height. He totally is a huge cheater. Broke his second wifes marriage up to get her then ditched her for fame and money.

  • Oh my look at Leann go. All of the posts about BG boyfriend cheating are none other than RACY/CBME, who we just recently found out has been LEANN all along. Aparantly Leann is trying to deflect from EC cheating on her by posting lies about BG boyfriend and have even started stalking this man. One of the accounts Leann was using was closed down because people reported her for stalking the Meldman guy.