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The Latest in Will.I.Am’s Deranged Ego

A photo of the Black Eyed Peas at the BET Awards

I don’t know if I believe any words that Will.I.Am says, but his latest ramblings are kind of interesting, so I’m just going to play along.

According to him, James Cameron is going to take a break from making some of the most successful films in the history of films to make a 3-D movie about the Black Eyed Peas.  While speaking about this, Will of course used his characteristic humility and eloquence:

“We have the biggest director because we are the biggest group on the planet. The Peas are filming it in South America. People will be able to see us in the theater with the 3D glasses and everything…There will be a storyline that [Cameron] came up with, which will be dope. It’s a full-length film and it’s based around our tour activities. We’ve toured from America and Europe, to the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa.”

My personal response to this is something along the lines of “Oh God, no, please please no.”  What about you?

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  • The reason no one is commenting, is because no one cares about this (insert some Mel here) piece of shit.

  • Haha seriously, I don't care about this guy, but I always like to know when “famous” people think I should care so I can remember NOT to.

  • Glad to hear James Cameron solved the oil crisis that now he can focus on the PEAs….wtf….

  •… what a douche. the black eyed peas are one of the least fame-deserving bands out there. maybe if they wrote an actual song that didn't cycle the same meaningless lyrics repeatedly or perhaps learned to actually play an instrument then… no, they would still be entirely undeserving of fame.

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  • Bless him. Maybe he needs to big the group up because deep down he feels so small. The thing is he CAN cut it in music. “I've got a feeling” is a great song, magical even. So perhaps he should really just let the music speak for itself.