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How Weird Is It That Dakota Fanning Isn’t Six Years Old Anymore?

I don’t know why this disturbs me as much as it does, but whenever I see Dakota Fanning in a TV interview, I’m like, “What. The. Fuck?” Check out her in Kimmel last night talking about taking the ACTs and learning to drive. It’s like, “Yo, weren’t you still a fetus last year?”

I’m sure it’s just because I grew up watching her grow up and because she’s nearly a decade younger than me that I can’t get over it. That being said, I’m sure I’m not the only one. In many ways, the Twilight series were the perfect movies for Dakota to make her transformation from teen-to-woman during. She’s able to keep her life-long fans engaged while not doing something that will completely shock them or turn them off. What I’m wondering is this: What’s the next move for this chick?

I’m thinking her playing a romcom ingenue might be a bit much, but taking a break to concentrate on college doesn’t really seem like D.F.’s style either.

Do you also think it’s kinda bizarre to watch this young girl grow up in front of our eyes, or do I just need to come to terms with the concept of time?

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  • it probably bothers you SOOOO MUCH because you're immature and annoying. this website fucking blows and i cant wait till the day you no longer have a job.

  • You should watch “The Runaways”. She DEFFINITELY shows her grown up side in that film.

  • Wow is she one charming gal, I have not seen many interviews with her, she is adorable.

    It kind of bugs me out that she turned into a young woman too. I am used to her being this cute little thing and it can sometimes be disarming. When I heard she was in the Twilight series and friends with Kristen Stewart I definitely had the realization she wasn't a little girl anymore. It's weird with kid stars sometimes, took an adjustment with the Olsen twins too.

  • I am in love with the cut on the back of that dress. If only I had enough money to afford one of my own!

  • in “The Runaways” she sings about sex in lingerie while spreading her legs, gets drunk,snorts cocaine and kisses Kristen Stewart.. just saying

  • The only thing that bothers me about her is her middle part! He hair drives me insane! She is no longer 6 years old. It's time for a more mature hairstyle. But other than that, I love this girl!

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  • You, sir, are an idiot. That’s why you find it odd that Dakota is maturing. Which is something you’ve apparently avoided.

  • Not sure if anyone will read this, but what disturbed me was that the Kimmel interview was very demeaning and I could tell from Dakota’s body language she was thinking, “can’t you ask me some intelligent questions. I know I am 10 times smarter than you”. I believe she absolutely is and she was able to take the audience along with her. Great work Dakota your are an inspiration.