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Amy Winehouse Wants To Get Rid of The Tattoo She Got For a Guy In Order To Make Some Other Guy Happy

Winehouse Wants "Blake" Gone

Look, I love this whacked out bitch. I really do. I am such a fan of her music and I even love a lot of things about her public persona, but she’s always doing things that kind of break my heart. Amy has so many bad ass qualities, but on the other side of that, she also has pushover tendencies that you normally only see in the massively insecure. Drug addition aside, this is a common theme with her.

I’m saying this after finding out that Amy’s finally getting the tattoo she once got for her ex-husband Blake removed… because her new boyfriend wants her to.

From DigitalSpy:

Amy Winehouse has started making plans to remove a tattoo dedicated to ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, according to a report.

The singer currently has Blake’s name inked on her right breast but has been using the internet to research laser removal clinics, the Daily Star claims.

It is thought that the 26-year-old was spurred into action after new lover Reg Traviss told her that he was unhappy about the marking.

Sources close to Winehouse have revealed that she is feeling nervous about the pain she might suffer due to the removal procedure. One insider said: “It could take about 15 laser treatments to remove. It could even leave scars or melt her boob implant.”

Ugh! Girl! For real!? I’m thinking that if Amy got the tattoo in the first place, she likely did it because she was deeply in love or deeply influenced by her man at the time. I’m thinking that either way she should have to keep the tat as a reminder not the be that lovesick or that stupid again. And if she were to remove it, I would hope that she’d be smart enough not to do it for the same reason she had it put on there in the first place: to appease some dude who will probably be meaningless in a short amount of time.

Oh, Amy. I’m so tired of you breaking my heart.

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  • i dont believe this friend. laset treatments dont melt breast implants.

    amy was stupid to get all her tat and her implants.
    since she is off drugs all she had to do was get a trainer and gain weight. once she did that her breasts woulda come back naturally.

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  • How dare she make decisions about her body without getting express written consent from Molls?!

    Dumb move, Amy, dumb move. Clearly gossip bloggers citing other gossip sites know more about your life and why you are making choices than you do. Always, always remember to check in with them, Amy. Always.