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Oxygen Keeps Making My Dreams Come True

A photo of the cast of Glee

I absolutely love Oxygen.  And I don’t just mean that thing that people breathe.  With the Bad Girls Club, Snapped and reruns of Roseanne and America’s Next Top Model (apparently I like watching shows featuring wacky women), I feel like I have nearly all of my television needs covered.  But then Oxygen goes out and hooks up with Glee, and now I am just elated.

Oxygen got syndication rights to Glee, so that will be handy in 2013, but what’s more exciting is that Oxygen is in the works to create a reality show based on Glee.  The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy, will be involved, and it will premiere sometime in 2011.  There’s no word yet on if the cast will be involved at all or what the concept of the show will be, but there are theories that the show might follow a particular show choir for a season or that it will be more of a show choir competition show.

I really don’t care what the concept is, I’m watching it regardless. Have you ever met a kid in show choir in real life?  I’ve only met one, and that girl was the craziest.  She would storm out of rehearsal screaming about how she was on her period, and when one of my friends got drunk enough to sleep with her, he woke up to see her measuring his dick with a pocket ruler.  Right now I’m just imagining that girl on a reality show, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thanks, Oxygen!

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  • Oxygen. That's right, the stuff you breathe. That's the same stuff that the owners, producers, and everyone else at Oxygen (the TV channel) are robbing from me to breathe.

    Better TV can be had in about 27 days when Mad Men returns, albeit all to briefly, for the new season (Four, I think).