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J.Lo Actually Seems Like a Semi-Normal Mom

Jennifer Lopez Brings Out The Twins

You know who I forget exists all the time? Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s twins, Emme and Max. That’s why I’m posting these photos. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen either of these kids’ photo since they were infants. They’re no Suri Cruise, you know? If I haven’t come across photos of them in at least a year, that means they’re probably living a somewhat normal life. Sure, they probably have pet tigers at home and don’t know the word “no”, but at least they’ve been shielded from the cameras, for the most part. Body guards aside, these kids look really typical.

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  • i'm sure they are. jennifer seems down to earth. i don't understand the diva rumors. she just seems like someone who has had to fight to get where she is, whether it's by being demanding or a perfectionist. they look like they are happy

  • The real reason you don't see them is that they were ugly babies. Once they start getting cuter you will see them more.

  • the reason you haven't seen them is because they 're being raised by the nannies not them.When was the last time you seen JLo and Marc doing something like going to the park with their kids.Never