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You Will Die When You Hear How Much Kate Gosselin Spends On Her Hair

Kate Gosselin Overspends on Hair Treatments

For years Kate Gosselin looked like she was saving money by having her husband cut her hair with a Flowbee, which is why the reports that she’s spent over twenty-one thousand dollars on her hair over the past five months are extra shocking.

The mother of eight famously had celebrity stylist Ted Gibson treat her to a free set of extensions, but like the hair-crack dealer he is, the second, third, fourth and fifth hits weren’t free. Between five thousand dollar extensions, the five hundred dollar color and the five hundred dollar cuts, Ted Gibson is pulling in over six grand each time Kate visits his salon. Tell me that thing about being a single mother on a budget again, Kate?

Now, I’m sure that Kate hasn’t paid six grand out of pocket for each visit. Since her high-profile visits draw business to Ted’s salon, I am sure that at least the extensions are free. Regardless, the illusion of a struggling mother is totally taken from Kate once you know that she’s walking around with hair that’s as expensive as the down payment on a sensible home.

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  • The woman who says it's all about the kids and that she doesn't have time for a breast implant or other cosmetic surgery has had:

    A free tummy tuck

    Free hair implants for her then-husband, which involved leaving her eight children, many of whom were sick at the time, with her now-despized sister-in-law, who then was left caring for 12 young children (having four of her own)

    Tooth bleaching for her and Jon (probably paid for by TLC)

    Free hair extensions

    Constant tanning (maybe she has to pay for that!)

    But folks, remember that it's all about the kids!

    • It’s ‘despised’ – NOT ‘despised’.

      Doesn’t your computer notify you – with a red, squiggly line, underneath – of misspelt, or error-filled words?

  • kate doen't even know! you can get your hair did – and look just as good – for less than 300.00 in harlem – and that's including the hair!

  • How horrible could her hair possibly look naturally, that $6000 later it still looks like THAT!

  • She is free to spend her money however she wants but she needs to come down to houston my hair has looked 10 times better than hers and it only cost me less than 100 and it included color and the whole works.

  • She doesn't have to pay for it so why would she care where the good deals are (and would she be caught dead in Harlem)?