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Angelina Jolie Confirms That Shiloh is Transgendered

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Living as a Little Boy

It’s been rumored for awhile now that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt lives her life at home as a boy, demanding that she be called James and that she dress like her brothers, and now we have confirmation from Angelina Jolie that this is true.

Angelina spoke to Vanity Fair this month about many aspects of her life, but particularly her children and her relationships with them. Corageously, Angelina spoke quite casually about her daughter’s demands to live her life as a boy, simply saying, “She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So, we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.”

Shiloh is young enough that her preference to live life as a boy might be a phase, but if not, I think that it’s wonderful that Angelina is so open and “whatever” about her daughter’s sexuality. So many families deal with raising a child that feels it was born in the wrong body, and a mainstream celebrity saying that they are going through the same thing at home gives those families a sense of normalcy. Granted, it’s sad to think that a celebrity saying they have a transgendered child would make all that big of a difference, but it does feel like a cultural milestone. While someone like Chaz Bono lived his life as a disappointment to his parents, Shiloh’s being embraced in the public eye. That feels like kind of a big deal.

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  • This would not make her transgendered, if anything you could call it two spirited.. please check your terms before you post an artice like this. Shiloh is young enough that I'm sure it is a phase, but still- being transgendered and dressing like a boy are two different things.

    • I agree with Courteney. Although the aspects of Shilohs’ life clearly reflect her preference to be a boy, at her young age….seems inappropriate to call her transgendered. Children are still growing, maturing, and although her thoughts and feelings may not change, at this stage of her life, calling her transgender is premature.

    • Totally agree.

      It’s one thing for a small child to know their sexual preference (I’m gay, and knew it, since my earliest memories), but, children – boy & girls – to know – they, in fact, are a different gender than they’re born with, is more complicated.

      Sadly, this so-called ‘sensitivity’ displayed in the media, of parents – of VERY young (pre-pubertal) children, who ‘know’ they’re biologically different, is only the latest bit of quackery, along with the onslaught of children, who supposedly suffer from ‘aspergerger’s syndrome’, etc.

      Going back to sexuality, many youngsters – male, and female – experiment, sexually, with members of their own sex. Many -college-age – young women declare themselves to be ‘lesbian’, but, after a relatively short time, declare they’re, on fact, heterosexual.

      Listening to a (pre-pubertal) youngster who wants to dress in boys clothes is nothing new – they’re normally referred to as ‘tom-boys’, and many of them – when they grow up – like to be ‘girly-girls, and/or tom-boys, but, also love to be women.

      It’s not ‘dumb’, it’s dangerous – to fully entrust any child – with knowing something, such as this, and the huge consequences, gender reassignment surgery will have.

      What should a parent do? It’s good that they let their child express themselves, but, just keep the ‘door open’, and continue to allow them to feel free, safe, and comfortable to share themselves with you.

    • Two-spirited? Like an Indian? I think it’s all nonsense, just a bunch of cultural marxist
      hooey, an implicit attack against objective reality

    • I agree! She is a tomboy and there’s nothing wrong with that. But to start calling her a transgender at such a young age is absolutely ridiculous! Hollywood and the media are pushing transgender and homosexuality on us and only to justify their sexual preferences. It is disgusting to me that this is the way the world is. Whatever your sexual preferences are is your business but not push it on us and calling children transgender or gay because they are different.

  • she's not open about her daughters sexuality. she is open about her daughters gender. Gender and sexuality are two different things.

    • No they’re not.

      Your gender is whether you were born with a penis=boy or vagina=girl
      And your sexuality means how you wish to act out your sexual expressly in a physically intimate way.

      Shiloh is a Girl- was born a girl and has not had the freedom to become the girl she was born to be.

      • Did anyone not notice she has been dressed in Boy clothes ever since she was born and hence before she had any say in the matter. Did Angelina sell her firstborn to her masters in exchange for everything she has? Is Brad too whipped to gave any say or is he on board with the sale of his firstborn?

      • Some crazy stuff! At 4 really! I don’t believe a little girl knows she wants to be a boy at age 4! Don’t make sense! I think Angelina is a crazy broad! She had always dressed her as a boy! If my 4 year old granddaughter was told she is an want to be boy at 4 she probably would think that! This is crazy shit.! If your born. Boy, your a boy, if born a girl! Your s girl! God created Adam and Eve! Not two boys! Not two girls!

  • Isn't she like three or four? I think calling her transgendered is jumping the gun a little bit. Okay, quite a bit. I don't know if kids really understand gender roles at that age, maybe she just enjoys playing with the boys and that's easier to accomplish when one has short hair and pants on.

  • I'd hardly call her 'transgendered', she's just a tomboy. Fair enough if in a few years she feels the same way, but right now I think it would be fair to say it's a phase.

  • yeah, nowhere in this article is angie saying shiloh is transgendered. a four year old wanting to be a boy may grow up to be a transgendered adult, but there is no way you can slap a label like that on a four year old who very well may be going through a phase. that said, it is great that they encourage her to be who she is.

  • I mean really let her grow up a little before yammering on about her supposed gender issues and as for sexuality…bit of a leap!

  • This is not an issue of transgender. She is a tomboy who looks up to her older brothers and wants to run around & play with them & mirror their behavior. Maybe that's why Angelina is so 'whatever' about it. It's a non-issue.

    • No.. She’s not “whatever” about it at all!
      She has agreed to call her daughter “John” and not helping her daughter form her feminine identity by giving her appropriate boundaries re names & clothes.

      Confusing your child by letting the child lead & act as though its all your 4 year olds decision to be a boy etc is just child abuse.

      It’s a political game now- but many confused kids grow up to become suicidal- after the political statement parents parties are over.

  • Molls knocks it out of the park again!*

    *And by “knocks it out of the park” I mean she completely, totally and utterly f'd up another story.

  • What a ridiculous thing to write about this young child. She may grow up to be transgendered but it's much too early to slap on the label out of a simple statement made by her mother. Good grief.

    • People have been known to commit suicide when they have gender confusion.

      There is nothing good about children being labeled “transgendered”- at all.

  • no… she says it as though it is far too early to put a label on a growing, changing child.

  • Sexual orientation (sexuality): who you'd like to fuck
    Sexual identification: if you check either male or female when registering for something or get pissed off and write neuter on the side.

    So yeah, she doesn't identify herself with the female role and wants to be a boy… being 3 years old. Yeah, she must be a transgender, a raging homosexual, and i bet a drug dealer as well.

  • lol, forget about the spelling errors.
    mind the content.
    what exactly does “transgender” mean? i'm now confused.

    • Transgender means someone who does not conform to the normal binary gender stereotype. At the age of 4 it is possibly too early to say that Shiloh is definitely transgendered, but that i s a possibility that her parents will have to bear in mind.

  • Hey! I think it's pretty awesome that Angelina empowers James/Shiloh to express their gender their way. It may be a phase and if not, then puberty will be the telling stroke, I feel. BTW: it's not sexuality, it's gender.

  • OMG- so she wants to act dress like a boy! That does not make her transgender. It used to be called “Tomboy”. I remember when I was little I wanted to walk around with no shirt like my dad! I am not transgender, gay, bi or a crossdresser. Stupid. Let kids be kids and not “gay” everything up!

    • Why do you want to muddy the waters by talking about “gay” when this is an article about a child’s gender not their sexual orientation?

      Also, why do you throw this out as if there is something evil in talking about gay issues?

      Please try not to confuse gender and sexuality in your own mind. They are not related.

      • We are all different and need to accept and realize that. You are correct. We need to support and and live and let live. Be their and Love ? and respect all people.

  • i don't think angie was saying shiloh is transgendered……… many girls go through this…and she's probably so casual because she thinks it's a phase. however, if the kid turns out to be, glad to see angie and brad will be supportive.

  • Dressing like her brothers and wanting her hair cut short doesn't make a child transgendered, gay or anything at all.
    Dressing in jeans and having short hair is not masculine and it has nothing to do with gender, the only definition I would give based on wearing of skirts or jeans is tomboy or girlie-girl.
    Calling her transgendered or even referring to her (A FOUR YEAR OLD!)'s sexuality (premature I think!) based on what she likes to wear is just the same as saying a boy is gay because he likes to help his mother ice a cake, or calling a girl a hemaphrodite because she drew a picture using blue and pink crayons. Get a grip molls!

  • Oh guys. Calm the feck down. She's a girl who insists on dressing as a boy and has demanded a boy's hair cut. If she's not transgendered, she's well on her way. The important part of the post is that the parents are cruising with it and letting her express it however she wants. Why do people come here to hate on the writers? Go start your own blog you whine-asses.

  • When my cousin was 3 she wanted to be a pony and walked around on all fours. Does that make her a trans-specied?

    I'm happy to say that same cousin is a perfectly normal person functioning in society today.

    It's not that I have an issue with transgendered people. I agree that we should all be more open-minded to those type of issues, andn if any parent is cool enough to handle it, it's Angie, but I don't think dressing like a boy and idolizing your big brothers equivocates to transgendered at three.

  • No, the important part is the jumping to conclusions about a four year old child! “well on her way”? Give me a break! I see nothing wrong with being transgendered, but it is RIDICULOUS to put a label like that on a 4 year old child, no matter what she insists on being called or how she likes her hair cut. Millions of children go through a phase like this and do not turn out to be transgendered. Yes, it's great that Brad and Angie give her the freedom to dress and act how she likes. No, there's nothing wrong with someone being transgendered. No, it is NOT ok to label a four year old child, in such an obvious and public way, when she is too young to even understand the distinctions.

  • How about this conclusion: Shiloh is bending gender rules because her parents allow it. Perhaps many little girls would dress “like boys” and call themselves James if their parents treated the behavior as normal. That Shiloh does this doesn't mean she hates her female gender or feels she should have been born male – yet.

    (Ditto on the gender-is-different-from-sexuality point, as well.)

    • Nothing in the article has said anything about transsexuality. The article is about speculation on whether Shiloh is transgendered – a totally separate concept.

  • Ok, I pretty much agree with what everyone else has said on here, and I've never been so blunt before, but I think this is the stupidest thing with the most ridiculous title and wrong use of terminology EVER written on this website!

  • Rediculous post! She is a three year old child with big brother's! No big deal that she likes to dress like a boy and be called James. My oldest daughter is all women now, became all girl around 5 years old, but at 3 her hair was cut short and she liked to me called Jeffrey. Leave the child alone, I hate Angelina too, but Shiloh is a beautiful little girl.

  • Oh no, William! I totally meant that the write up was ridiculous, not the child or her behavior or transgenderism.

  • A transgendered person does not identify with their actual, physical gender (male or female). Such individuals usually seek to have their physical gender changed, through hormones and surgery, to more accurately reflect their psychological image of themselves. Chaz Bono, a very public surgically transgendered male (Cher's offspring) was actually born Chastity Bono – Daughter to Cher and Sonny Bono. It has been reported that one of Warren Beatty and Annette Benning’s daughters is altering her physical gender so that she may live her life as a male. Somehow I don’t believe that forcing such a person to wear a dress has the capacity to resolve such a deep-seated internal conflict, and far exceeds an issue that any parent can impact. Basically, at very fundamental levels we are who we are, no matter how someone may attempt to force us to be otherwise.

  • WHAT THE FUCK? seriously, Beet NEEDS to get rid of this retarded writer. When i was a little girl, i wanted to be a boy – it's called BEING A TOMBOY. Shiloh isn't old enough to realise that she can do “boy” things without BEING a boy.
    I am SO insulted. Guess what? I'm a straight, girly girl now…wow! I'm not transgendered, lesbian or otherwise affected by my childhood.
    Take this paragraph: “So many families deal with raising a child that feels it was born in the wrong body, and a mainstream celebrity saying that they are going through the same thing at home gives those families a sense of normalcy.” wtf?
    I bet my mum and dad NEVER considered me to grow up as trangendered, just as Angelina feels Shiloh is probably going to grow up as a tomboy (influenced by her brothers, clearly).

    Seriously, you are a fucking idiot, I am insulted and I dont think you should be entitled to call yourself a blogger.

    • Did no one ever tell you that what you experience is different to what others experience?

      What right have you feel insulted by by a report on someone else’ child? Seriously, your attitude is really threatening.

      Shiloh is no threat to you. Whatever happens in Shiloh’s life doesn’t really question your decisions in your life; that’s only your insecurities coming out.

  • Lol, if actually read the real interview, you would know Shiloh is just going through a tomboy phase. She's not trangender lol.

    • My, there are mental hospital crying out for incisive diagnostic abilities like yours. Where did you get your doctorate?

  • Author, you are a vapid idiot. OMG and amazing comprise your vocabulary. Having trouble finding a husband I see.

  • There are two sides to that story Bunny. I was a tomboy. Something tells me I am the only girl/boy here.
    I wish I had the same courage as this little one when I was 3 or 4! I was uncomfortable in my skin as a girl as well. For years I fooled myself into thinking it was messed up to want to be a boy and dress like one. This is not about sexuality. It is about feeling good in our skin which ever gender she/he feels. I wear boys clothes, I have short hair and if I had the chance I would have wanted to be born a boy too.
    Regardless of any of this, its not up to any of you or me to decide for her whats best for this child.
    You can try and pick it apart and analyze this situation till you are sure you understand it. I can tell you now, you don’t. So fuck off and get a life. Thats what I plan on doing right now.
    Let them discover and learn who they are without us judging there every move. They don’t do it to us.

  • I know from experience that being born in the wrong body is a overpowering feeling, The fact that she is wearing boy clothing is one thing but wanting to be called by a boys name and insisting that you are treated like a boy tells me that she might be Transgender. It is not like this girl don’t have female role model and the fact that Angelia came out and told people that this is true tells me that she is sure about it. Anyway I am not surprised that some people on here stay anonymous because they make silly remarks and have no understanding of the real issue. I really hope that this little person gets counseling to help her deal with whatever it is that she facing.

    • LLisa Du Preez says:
      > I know from experience that being born in the wrong body is a
      >overpowering feeling…

      Yes, me too. and I knew for sure and had asked my mother to approach doctors long before I was this child’s age. Before I was three. It was crystal clear to me that I must now grow up big, hairy, gruff voiced, masculine, but I’d be happy having a woman’s life. That, or the reverse, is well within the capability of a 3 or 4 year-old to know, and say.

      But that doesn’t mean its the same for Shiloh. Only Shiloh knows that.

      > I really hope that this little person gets counseling to help her deal
      > with whatever it is that she facing.

      Looks happy and perfectly well adjusted to me, in a family that seem to be handling it perfectly. There’s clearly a lot of hateful, transphobic “interest” around (well illustrated in the comments here, unfortunately), but hopefully it doesn’t get through to Shiloh, and there will never be any mental illness needing treatment.

      Being born like that isn’t a mental illness, you know.

      • It is not only the mentally ill who need counselling.

        if the comments by the majority on this post are anything to go by, and IF Shiloh is indeed transgendered, then she will need counselling to help her to cope with the neanderthal reactions that she is likely to encounter.

  • why the hell should she fit into a stereo type why cant a girl dress as a boy and a boy dress as a girl what the fuck have cloths got to do with what gender she or he is and as for bringing sexuality and been gay into it that is something completly different to been transgenderd oh and trangender isnt much better for describing someone its too broad a lable.
    some one that likes to dress up as the opposite gender but would never want to be the other gender.
    some one who’s mind don’t fit the gender of there body.
    Its a bit more complicated than that but these two are put under the transgender banner and well they couldn’t be more different
    anyway its nothing to do with this little kid that is just living her life and no one knows until she can communicate leave her alone and let her figure it out for her self.

  • Doesn’t anyone else see it?

    “James” is Angelina’s BROTHER’S NAME. Ew ew ew ew ew…

    Maybe – Is she making this sh*t up?! Wth!!!


  • LMFAO. she’s not “transgendered”. shiloh is like 4 years old. it’s a phase, obviously. some kids have imaginary friends, others think they are superman. if i were her parents i wouldn’t let her take it quite this far with the swim trunks, but really she’ll get over this. when she’s 16 and gorgeous she’ll look back and be like “OMG, how embarrassing. mom, why did you let me do this?”

  • Shiloh could very well be trans-gendered… I was. I remember exact moments when I was five wondering why I couldn’t pee like my other guy friends. Well, it wasn’t a joke and I fixed it as soon as I could. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t till I was 40. Thank God that people are more educated about this subject so that needless suffering can be removed from an already traumatic situation. My wish is that this child – and the countless others like Shiloh (and me) – can be treated with a little more love and understanding. It is what it is. And for those wondering: yes, I’ve had “total” female-to-male surgery, including lower, and everything looks and works fine. While I no longer identify as a transsexual, that stigma will always be an undeniable part of who I was. You would never know – not in a million years – that I was born “female.” So, don’t judge. Just live your life and be happy that you don’t have to deal with the hand that has been dealt to others.

  • I look at this issue in a different way. According to Merriam-Webster, gender is “the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex.” I think the problem is more along the lines of society’s expectations for male and female behavior. After all, a very young child doesn’t fully grasp the biological difference between boys and girls so much as they understand the behavioral differences (i.e. boys play football, girls wear dresses, etc.).
    Before I’d label my child as trangender, especially at such a young age, I would try to encourage her to be proud of her own body and gender without having to subscribe to typical masculine/feminine stereotypes. Like Bunny said before, you can still be a girl and do “boy” things. Let her cut her hair short, dress in boy clothes, and play with trucks. But, no, your name is not James. It’s Shiloh and you are a magnificent, special, healthy little girl. You are perfect just the way you are!
    That being said, I know we do not live in a genderless society. As my child grew up, if she continued to feel uncomfortable being a female, I think we would both have to look more into the possibility of her being transgendered. I would support her no matter her choice to live as a man or woman, but I think it would be healthier, both physically and psychologically, for her to learn to embrace her body while challenging society’s notions of male and female.

  • Ok i first of all people… the same way you knew at 3 or 4 if you are a boy or girl is the same way a transgendered person knows. kids are coming out earlier. being Transgendered is more common then you may think most people dont know that katherine hepburn felt like a man her entire life and never came out

  • @Courtney, if you haven’t lived it, then you have no say so…I’m transgender and lived/dressed like a boy growing up but went through phase where I thought I HAD to be a girl to please the public, then came out as a lesbian…and none of that ever made me happy. Now, I’m an adult and know what I want…to be happy and comfortable in my own skin. I’m Female-To-Male/Transgender/Transsexual, and now I know who I really am. So, before you start labeling, find out who the person really is. Thank you, and have a nice day!

  • If the child is asking to change their name to James and Angelina said they “want to be a boy”, it can very well not just be a phase. Also, transgender is an umbrella term used for people whos gender expression and identity dont fit the gender binary set by society.For example someone who is adrogynous and still identifies with the sex they were labeled at at birth can be transgendered. I was born female, i played with boys, i wanted to be one and now I am. I also voiced that I wanted to go by a male name at age seven. I was considered a “tomboy” because I played with boys and my way of saying I wanted to be a boy was to ask to change my name. I also think that Angelina is being “whatever” about it because she appears to be open to knowing that Shiloh may want to be James. She could be showing that gender fluidity is natural,not sensationalized.

    • Having a insane mother who dresses her newborn daughter in skulls is transgender? This is not shilohs choice. This is abuse.

      • Yes it is considering anyone who knows about really young children knows they could care less about the clothing they wear, yet this one has been dressed as a boy since day one. This shows how sick and perverse Miss Jolie is.

      • It’s not abuse. It’s what the child wants. Angelina Jolie is not forcing her child to dress like that. Shiloh WANTS to be dressed like that.

      • She didn’t dress her daughter as a boy since day 1 ? are you stupid there’s picture of her wearing a dress with long hair e_e

      • Looking at Shiloh’s baby pictures, Angelina has conditioned her daughter to be
        a boy; it wasn’t her daughters choice at 2 months of age!

    • I think this is awesome..the freedom to let your kid grow up and identify themselves of how they feel inside. Being transgender is a real thing. I am transgender also. We do not wake up one morning and say hey lets change genders so everyone will make fun of us, or wondering we walk out of our house will it be the last time? We can get killed just for wanting to be true to ourselves? How would you take it if your kid came to you and said I am transgendered? We are all human and have feelings? Image tomorrow you woke up in the opposite gender you are now, but you still have the brain of the gender you been use too…just think about that! Thats what we feel like everyday!

      • I think it’s so adorable how my little boy at age 2 1/2 rushes to cars, dinosaurs, transformers, etc and shows no interest in anything pink or “girly”. He absolutely loathes my daughters things and likes to dress in traditional boy clothes. With that being said, i’m not sure whether you people are living on planet delusion or what but KIDS pick what they like. KIDS gravitate and show interest in the things they like. There is NO way I could force my boy to wear/act girly. There is no way a parent would/could ever force their kid to act as a different sex, so cut it out with those accusations. It is our job as parents to be supportive of our kids interest no matter what the world thinks. Shiloh or James looks VERY happy and I applaud the Pitt’s for standing by their baby. There are so many children born into the wrong bodies and it is our jobs as citizens to accept and defend our nations kids. I pray James/Shiloh is always surrounded by intelligent, open minded, accepting people and I pray you evil people realize holding anger in your heart will effect no one worse than yourself.

      • You’re completely right!!! It’s not a matter of choice, people just were born like that exactly like some physical feature we’ve got ( blue or brown eyes, fair or dark skin )!

    • What if shiloh always identified as a tiger and decided she wanted to be called Tigger and only refered to as a feline. Her parents need to be open minded and support he/she/it. This is just another systematic attack on family values…they are makng it sound like wanting your children to grow up moral and well adjusted is wrong. I dont agree with homosexuality or trans-whatever and I woukdnt want my chikd to be one. Am I some horrible person? I dont think so. They try to make people out to ne crazy for sticking to their morals. Its sick.

  • This is good news, and it is great that she isn’t being forced to conform to her sex. I’d just like to point out that gender identity has NOTHING to do with sexuality.

    • I second this statement. Thank you for pointing out that gender identity and sexuality are two completely different things.

    • It’s so great to see comments from intelligent, educated and wise people. Thank You for giving me hope in the future of human species.

      • That’s why this world is what it is. Something in the food or air is causing this and u can’t blame the kids. Maybe u can blame jolie cause I have always thought that she was a boy since day one but she’s a girl.always in boys clothes . Just dress them by what they are. A girl or boy. When she grows up then she can decide to work are what she wants. Since when are kids in charge. Plz I don’t agree with gaus or leating and I don’t have to. Like we all have opinions and we don’t have to agree on it, I think Transgender is a different topic . Has nothing to do with being fat or lesbian. Don’t like my post oh well . Some of u Ppl getting mad for nothing . I am glad my son is normal. Yes I said it. Oh wait someone is gonna say what’s normal. Transgender isn’t normal even though we support it. This life is f up so admit it.

    • Gender-identity is a huge part of who someone is. There is nothing he(!) should or would reconsider about his identity.

  • That’s really a very respectable action that Angelina Jolie did. It’s good that she isn’t trying to kill her daughter for that but still, I hope her daughter reconsiders.

    • Your gender is how you feel about yourself, and identify as male or female. It is not who you are attracted to which is your orientation, be it the same or opposite sex.

  • this is just wonderful. FINALLY people will start to understand. and it isnt a choice, to the person who said they hope he reconsiders.

  • this is so wrong, please says something coherent, we are contributing to damage the internal image of a girl, when it should be cared for. Brad and Angelina should go to a psychologist to see what is happening, not because they are seen as men but to cut her hair, encouraging this, and Angelina had to show a very troubled with this girl, blow it calls the attention of her mother. When a teenager to dress and choose the pair you want, while you have to take care

  • This is the result of the damage the Frankfurt School satanists have brought this nation. Those two freaks should not be allowed to be around children. The rest of the self interest groups bent on destroying this nation must be imprisoned for life. Parents better start to stand up NOW to the school boards and organizations that are infiltrated with those FREAKS trying to create a artificial normal out of abnormal. Listen up FREAKS, the kid gloves are off!

    • I guess you think that you are a good person..or one of God’s children!? Seriously??!! Such hatred!!! This child,male or female is perfect! Who gives any of us the right to look and judge. Angelina and Brad are obviously doing what is Best for their child,they are listening to him and easing what must be a very confusing and heartbreaking transition. No doubt if you had a child born different in your eyes that child would never dare utter its feelings…you would be the bad parent….and i would hate to think of a world full of your kind,but gladly it is not. We are educated people of all races and beliefs..where sexual orientation and gender does not define us as satanic! I am Roman Catholic and my belief is that God created us all,children being the purest creation..if that child says he is a boy in a girls body then he IS!God made him,He is Perfect!

      • If God made all things perfect, why would he put a boy in a girl’s body or a girl in a boy’s body for that matter?…sounds like a stuff-up to me!

    • Shiloh is a girl, not a boy. She is possibly a lesbian. But she is NOT a boy. Boys are boys & girls are girls. Whether they are straight or gay is another matter. Sexual orientation is a reality. Transgenderism is obviously a mental illness & needs to be treated by a psychiatrist, not sex change surgery. Boys cannot be changed into girls & vica versa. DNA testing always tells the truth.

      • “transgenderism” omfg dude… dissociative identity disorder can be classified as a mental illness, but its caused because the mind’s gender doesnt match up with your body’s sex. you can’t really change the mind, though, you cant change who a person is or their gender, so the disorders cured by matching the body up with the mind. jesus christ

      • Gender roles are completely different than sexual orientation. Shiloh is a child. She isn’t into sex yet. She is comfortable with the male gender role. Kids are a work in progress. Let’s not get too excited over this! Things may change once her hormones kick in. Regardless of gender, Shiloh is a beautiful human being and she is loved by her parents and family.

      • So, so true. No matter what Shiloh chooses to call herself or what anyone else says about her, this little person is without a doubt a girl. She is a little girl who just happens to favour boy’s clothes etc over girl’s; just like someone who prefers red over purple or steak over fish…it’s all a matter of personal choice no matter what society decides to label it.

  • enough with this sick gay friendly shit in our schools. This is how a small group of freaks control the rest of us

    • I don’t feel as though anyone is controlling me, or my kids. Count yourself lucky that you weren’t born into the wrong body. Gender identity isn’t a choice. NO ONE would CHOOSE to go through the hostility or abuse that people like you heap upon them. I think these kids and families have a rare kind of bravery to ALLOW their children to BE WHO THEY ARE, regardless of societal pressures and bigotry. I’m relieved that my kids are happy with their genders, because if someone like you said or did anything to hurt a transgender child of mine, I’d lose it and likely not be able to control my rage. Children are who they are, and bless the modern age for the openness we are coming into, regardless of a few Neanderthals like you.

  • I think it’s so so sad that this little girl thinks she’s a boy. Maybe Angelina did take her to a doctor to see what was going on in that little brain of hers, but who knows. Let’s hope it’s a phase and nothing more. Too bad she’s not in dresses, and hopefully she will get out of wanting to be a boy and doing boy things. What a drag if Shiloh does grow up to be a man…omg, how aweful would that be. I think Angelina is trying to play it cool for the public, as if it’s nothing she’s too concered with, but really now, how aweful would that be??

    • It probably was a shock initially, but the struggle must subside when the parent realizes that their child’s happiness comes before any vision of what the parent forces upon them. It’s not awful–Angelina is encouraging her child to express him/herself freely. If only all parents could do that!

  • So I just saw this because people have been recently commenting on it….WHERE DOES IT SAY THE KID IS CONFIRMED TRANSGENDERED? Nothing above says Angelina confirmed Shiloh being transgendered, she just likes to dress like a boy. That does not transgendered make. Horrible, horrible “journalism”.

    • Actually this terminology is correct. except transgender is more appropriate. the umbrella term meaning between two typical definitions of gender. “transgendered” is grammatically turning a noun into a verb. An example of this would be: I websited your comment

  • I think jolie hates shiloh deep down and only made her to get brad pitt…She called her a blob and then an outcast!! come on, this woman is sick!! How can someone so sick can adopt kids?!! OMG! I think this little girl wants to be a boy because she fells her mother loves them more….If she doesn’t like dresses, fair enough but it is wrong to buy her clothes made for boys!!..this is so sick!! this brad pitt is such a dumb ass! how can he let jolie hurt his daughter like that and do nothing??!! what a moron!

  • I think it is odd tha it just happended to happen to Angelina Jolie not relatively un troubled women like Carrie Underwood or Natalie Portman ???!
    I think Angelina does favor the boys and it may be permanent for poor Shiloh.
    Being transgendered is absolutely OK ..but I think it has been foisted on Shiloh ….

  • Sad. Jolie lives her life godlessly and now her children are involved. Pitt allows himself to be toted around by Jolie and is in her evil little web. Being politically correct in our responses gets us nods but really most parents in the US and worldwide for that matter would be a bit concerned at best if this were rheir child and it ends up being anything more than a phase. I applaud Cher for her genuine mixed emotions and even grief when her daughter transgendered. That’s not PC but is REAL!!

  • Wow some of you guys are complete idiots. There is nothing wrong with being transgender, and it has nothing to do with how the parents raise their child.

    But I’d just like to say, dressing as a boy doesn’t necessarily confirm that Shiloh is transgender. And whether he/she is or not, it’s not really anyone’s business.

    • Agreed!IF this helps some parents accept a transgender or even a cross dressing child then its worth the discussion though.

    • Hey, thanks for calling others complete idiots simply because their views don’t align with yours. Who says it’s “completely okay to be transgender”? You, and those who agree with you. Well, okay, that is one opinion. It’s also completely okay to hold a different view about the issue, so long as tolerance is extended, and there are MANY reasons why one might hold such a view. Seriously, you resort to name calling simply because someone’s views are not in line with yours? Wow, just wow.

  • It’s not about sexual orientation. It’s about gender. There are many gays and lesbians who feel they are the right gender. This is about waking up every day in the wrong body.

  • Sad story. The APA still considers the “transgendered” belief that they are “trapped” in a body of the wrong sex to be a depressive psychosis. This child is far too young to be so labeled just because she is obsessed with being like her brothers. There is so much that we do not know about the brain and behavior. Better research tools are currently revealing that retro-viral and human and animal DNA contamination of vaccines can cause strange changes in brain tissue and chemistry. This type of delusion, if it persists, could be related to brain chemistry malfunction due to contamination of vaccines. Hope this wealthy family is not already planning the mutilating surgery which many feel is unethical and certainly is incabable of actually changing woman into a man.

  • I am a female to male transgender person born in the Deep South in 1957. It is not an easy condition to have and I would never cheer the case of a child as young as Shiloh having Gender Identity Disorder. However any transgender child greatly appreciates the loving support of a family such as Brad and Angeleno. I had to endure social reconditioning and was rejctd by my family. Be yourself Shiloh!

  • When Shiloh was first introduced to the public, Angelina dressed her in skull bone onsie’s. I thought it was weird then and it’s even more strange now. Angie wants her child to be transgender, she never embraced the fact that she was a girl. It wasn’t Shilohs choice when she was an infant to be dressed as a boy!!!!!

  • Bunch of idiots!! As a trasgender person who had my mom and my family give me absolute HELL over my transgenderism as a kid, I am disgusted by many of this comments.
    Shiloh is in fact transgender, as transgender is any person who doesn’t conform to society’s excpectations of male and female roles, which shiloh obviously i conforming to. That, however, doesnt mean the child is transsexual, and that he or she will go through a sex-change procedure.

    From experience I know that being against a child’s transgender behaviour doesnt stop the child from being transgender, it just makes the life miserable, resentful and then have to deal with low-self esteem for experiencing ABUSE, because that’s what it is, from your parents.

  • Angelina is forcing this on her. She has been dressing her like a boy since she was too young to dress herself. Hollywood is going to give young kids the impression that it is cool to be a transgender. Not saying there is anything wrong with it but it should be something you just are not an option for something you could be. These people have no business being in the news or role models.

  • Shiloh will live her life the way that suits HER…thanks to her understanding a progressive parents.

  • Shiloh will live her life the way that suits HER…thanks to her understanding & progressive parents.

    • Sonny & Cher only had one child, Chastity who is now Chaz. In 1977, Cher had a son with Gregg Allman, Elijah Blue Allman who is a straight male. He recently got married,& is going to be a dad, I think.

    • Shiloh wore boy’s swimming trunks when she was four. Any sane parent would have drawn the line at the swimwear, especially considering the kid was still practically a toddler. I’m sorry, there is enough evidence to suggest Angelina gets off on this. Once a blood vial wearing weirdo always a weirdo.

  • Makes you wonder what kind of drugs sonny and cher were taking in the 60’s with two trany kids! What kind of toxic make up and perfumes the jolie pitts use as in that ridiculous commmercial of brads for chanel! Hacking toxic perfume!! Probably throwing toxic sperm! Something was switched in the gene pool!

  • it doesn’t matter if someone is transgendered. Shiloh should live her life like she wants. If she wants to dress like a boy, it;s okay. i know some girls that dress like boys.

  • Today, I went to the beach front with my children.
    I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed.
    There was a hermit crab inside and itt pinched her ear.She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  • I’m a gay guy, and i still think this is really wrong. Where are the good old parents when you need them?!

  • It’s a shame & disgrace that our society has come to this when transgender, homosexual, etc behavior is so accepted & publicized. Humans are suppose to be the intelligent species so scientists say, but isn’t it ironic that animals don’t exhibit this kind of behavior. It’s a sad day in America for our young generation & someone’s next comment will be that I’m a bigot, but I’m not. I’m for what’s right & wrong & by accepting this kind of behavior, society is condoning it. People are not born that way. They choose to be that way.

    • oh piggy you poor little waste of human sperm, didn’t you know that animals could be homosexuals too ? since you’re speaking “science” you should google some scientific facts about homosexuality and transgender in animals you might find it useful.As a transguy who lives in a society full of your kind, you and the likes of you should be ashamed of yourselves for speaking things you know nothing about.And we are born this way .. did you choose to be straight ?i don’t think so, you were born this way.Next time you want to speak science double check your facts before you say anything that make you sound dumb.

  • Angelina said she had trouble loving Shiloh because she was ‘boring’ compare to her two adopted sons Maddox and Pax who are ‘survivors’ so the little girl learned that if she wanted to be loved by her own mother she would have to become like them and be less ‘boring’. A transgender is far from being boring…. poor little girl.

    • Interesting take on things. I somehow this she is having an absolute ball playing with her brothers. So much more fun than playing with dolls. I often compare Shiloh to Tom Cruise’ daughter. What a boring life that little rich girl appears to be having – but what would I know. Come on , I know many females who grew up with brothers and just found it more fun playing with them than with girls. When they suddenly hit adolescence they still play with the boys only in a different manner and more often than not the tomboys are much better equipped to handle . Good luck to Shiloh.

  • “I think that it’s wonderful that Angelina is so open and “whatever” about her daughter’s sexuality”

    Gender and sexuality are two different things. If Shiloh is transgendered, that has to do with how her/his brain identifies between male or female or somewhere in between. Sexuality has to do with what one is attracted to sexually. Please, stop conflating the two.

    And Peggy, do just a soupcon of research and you’ll find there are a great many species who exhibit homosexual behaviour.

  • Although I think that Shiloh is genuinely transgendered, I can’t help but consider that Angelina’s choice to publicly address this fits in with the programming agenda currently at play. There is hardly a family television show that features married heterosexual parents and traditional sex roles these days.

    Even in cartoons, characters are ‘coming out’ as gay. I don’t care about individual’s sex roles or orientation. People should be who they want to be without being hassled.

    However, there seems to be an agenda to promote homosexuality and transgender these days in the media that children want. It’s being pushed. I don’t agree with that. Angelina works for the U.N. and knows too many people at the White House. She is part of furthering agendas. And here she is, publicly outing her daughter at a young age.


  • You people who write such horrible negative comments are simply showing how uneducated you really are. These parents are grappling everyday with how to do the best thing for their child – what parent in the ENTIRE world would WANT their child to suffer the life of being Trans? Clearly you’d rather screw your kid up until they just comited suicide simply because YOU can’t get your head around the idea of supporting them. Who is the weirdo bad parent now? I am a Transman and I can tell you personally it’s not a life I would ever choose. I would have givin ANYTHING to have parents that could help me deal with it instead of ending up trying time after time to end my life because I felt so much different. until you are faced with it you can only speculate nievly and annoously on line with your hatefulness.

    • It must have been hard…

      But what people are saying is don’t confuse your child from infancy about a gender that hasn’t even formed yet..

  • I read a lot of comments before posting so this is going to all the negative comments. If you force your child to wear clothes the child isn’t comfortable in will cause depression with the child. Yes James/Shiloh needs therapy but not to “cure” him but to understand the transgender lifestyle and to feel good about himself. Good for Brad and Angelina to notice the gender identity crisis and do what James feels comfortable with. I am happy to hear Brad and Angelina are behind it and doing what they can for their child. I am transgendered but haven’t told my family because of the outcome so anytime you hear of a family standing beside their family member is always a good thing. Family is everything and your own child is your life so any parent wants to make their child happy. GOOD FOR ANGELINA AND BRAD.

    • Yes, it’s good that families are there for their kids.., but it’s not good to confuse your children from infancy about their gender…

  • The headline confirming that Shiloh is transgender, coming from Jolie’s mouth is from 2010. This means her child was 4. I don’t know how many children everyone else has, but my boys loved to wrestle and walk around in mommy heels at 4 because it was fun, the last thing on their mind was they’re gender indentity. The real issue is that this was Way to complicated a subject to throw on such a young child. She’s a kid, not a public service announcement.

  • I personally do not agree with Brad and Angelina’s support of their daughter wanting to be a boy. In saying this does that mean I hate transgendered people or even gay and lesbian people? No I don’t. So many lgtb people seem to think if you don’t agree with their lifestyle you hate “them”…not always the case. But I am frustrated that people can and have lost their jobs because they don’t support their lifestyle. Is that not discriminatory as well? Lgtb people don’t like being told they can’t live the way they want so why should people who don’t support them be forced to agree with them. It’s a free country…however the more this lifestyle is accepted by the world the more persecuted people will become…namely Christians and churches and pastors. How is that freedom?

  • I agree people r born some different from others which is fine but this wee girl has been dressed like a boy from photos since I can remember maybe her mum trying to be hip n cool but left this wee girl confused x

  • Ok. I just read all these comments and I think we should stop assuming so much. The kid likes to act and dress like a boy. So what! Leave the kid alone already. She will figure it out. I have an 8 year old boy and there is no way in hell I could get him to wear girls clothes so I doubt Angelina has had some master plan all along. Maybe the kid is confused and will start acting and dressing more feminine later on. Regardless she is supporting her kid one way or the other and that’s great. All this crap many of you are saying is based on the perception of what you read in celebrity magazines that purposely print untrue or exaggerated stories about their private lives. The truth is that we really don’t know. Eventually the kid will grow up and then we will know. In the meantime worry about your own kids.

    • You say “in the mean time – worry about your own kids”- however what everyone of us here on earth has an affect on one another- especially when stuffing up parenting, such as confusing your child re their birth gender causes major depression which can result in suicide.

      What all of us do is all of our responsibility.

      Especially a family that is in the public eye- and decides to thrust their poor young child in the lime light by declaring that their child is a Boy/wants to be a boy etc.

      This site is for sharing opinions – so if you aren’t interested in that – why are you even commenting?

      This issue is far too important to not care.

      Let kids be kids. Lets all cease labelling them as – “Oh yes.. My child is “transgendered”..”

      Come on… It’s a real life here.. Not a social experiment or a political statement by some trendy celebrities.

  • Are you all blind to what is going on with Shiloh and her siblings? PEOPLE Sadly Shilohs issue has nothing to do with being a tomboy or the clothing choices. Gender idenity choosing? I wish for this young lady it was just that. What this is so obviously is ritual abuse characteristics that develope after the trauma inflected on children who are in “training” mk altra you know similar to same stuff that makes disney children stardom! Pitt even stated that her wanting to be called “John” is taken from a character from the peter pan movie! And read up people that is exactly the twisted method used to break a childs core and start the compartment process of what really will be another brittneyamanda bynes tragic tale! WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • I am a woman. Growing up as a young child 4,5,6,7 years old I wanted to be a boy, do boy things, were boy clothes. I can even remember putting on my brothers underwear. I wanted to do everything my brother did. I never ever thought about gender identity. It wasn’t sexual at all. I suppose if I had had an older sister that put on makeup and bras I would have been doing the same thing. I always knew I was a girl, but it seemed so much cooler to be a boy. As I grew older I was deemed a tomboy because I did everything. I played sports climbed trees, caught frogs, had a favorite baby doll until I was 11yrs old. Hated “Barbies” played Army. GUESS WHAT??

    I am 50 yrs. old now. I have been married and with one man for 30yrs. and I have a wonderful daughter. As an adult I can do anything. I love to look good and go out with my husband. I love to dance and I love karate. I am a great cook and I can almost repair anything in my home. LET THIS CHILD JUST BE!

  • I am a woman. Growing up as a young child 4,5,6,7 years old I wanted to be a boy, do boy things, wear boy clothes. I can even remember putting on my brothers underwear. I wanted to do everything my brother did. I never ever thought about gender identity. It wasn’t sexual at all. I suppose if I had had an older sister that put on makeup and bras I would have been doing the same thing. I always knew I was a girl, but it seemed so much cooler to be a boy. As I grew older I was deemed a tomboy because I did everything. I played sports climbed trees, caught frogs, had a favorite baby doll until I was 11yrs old. Hated “Barbies” played Army. GUESS WHAT??

    I am 50 yrs. old now. I have been married and with one man for 30yrs. and I have a wonderful daughter. As an adult I can do anything. I love to look good and go out with my husband. I love to dance and I love karate. I am a great cook and I can almost repair anything in my home. LET THIS CHILD JUST BE!

  • Terribly Written Firstly It’s Not Transgendered it’s Transgender and It’s got nothing to do with the childs Sexuality irs about Gender Identity and Kids at that age don’t have Any sexual preferences they are way too young. I Think the motivation behind this article was good but Very uneducated and it makes a huge difference how an Article is written and this was written very poorly.

  • EVERY child should be so lucky to have Brad and Angelina as their parents. Both of them have been at the forefront of numerous social issues that have opened up the minds of millions of people in the U.S and around the world. And the world is a better place because of them. Thankyou both again for demonstrating what it means to love and support unconditionally.
    You are without doubt one of the most positively respected, courageous, and admired couples in the world. And I wish you and your beautiful family all the best.
    My heartfelt regards, Michael

  • I remember I didn’t know wether I was boy or girl. I was probably 6 thinking I was a boy… like the whole penis/ vagina wasn’t an issue. I liked boy stuff and girl things too. But I started to realized
    I was a girl. Sexuality and gender are NOT the same. It might be difficult for adults to understand but a child dont think that way, its much more simple. In my case at about 12 hormones must’ve kicked in and I took my path as a girl like I was born to be… I believe there is a lot to learn about gender and sexuality and about the development of the brain to jump on the wagon one way or the other is just foolish. To push and force is also foolish but so it is to be cavalier about it and be all free do what you want.
    Being a parent is a difficult task I dont judge, but merely think of the whole thing as a dance when at times specially when kids are young the parents leads but lets the child make its own moves after all the conclusion will be for them to dance alone. We need to make sure they are well adjusted and not delusional. After all we are either born with a penis or a vagina unless its a hermaphrodite. How we dress, what colors we like etc its just a matter of taste including when you choose a mate. So in the short I think if there was true acceptance kids wouldn’t feel the need to be transgender. They would be this is me, I like this and this is my body.

  • Children are born male or female. There is no way to change your DNA. Like it or not that is what your dad/sperm donor gave you. There is nothing wrong with wearing boy or girl clothing regardless of your sex and we should accept people as they are. If people weren’t so preoccupied with labeling others and worried more about loving each other it would not be necessary declare ourselves something to get acceptance.

  • This is CHILD ABUSE.
    A child at 3 years of age needs to be nurtured and encouraged to be who they ARE: Shiloh was born a GIRL.
    Many girls & boys muck around with dress ups etc.
    How shallow that this mother wishes to use her own child as a Social Experiment.
    Many girls who were given boys clothes, called a boy, treated as a boy etc became suicidal as they never felt like a boy due to not having a penis or feeling as an authentic person.
    You never find cases of gender confusion in the jungle or outback etc due to no bullshit about “boys toys/boys clothes” etc.
    let Shiloh be a girl.

    It’s a trendy social experiment that will end in tragedy and confusion all because of an indulgent mother who wants to make a political statement. It’s a very sad story as depression and and anxiety come later on- whilst the parents find it all so “cutting edge” & liberating.

    I hope that Shiloh will be given some space from her narcissistic mother and leave the castle tower and break out.. Like repunzle- and be free to be a beautiful girl that she was born to be.

    But not a chance right now as her identity at 8 years of age is being cemented.

    I hope that a nanny or someone- a school can pass on some sort of sanity to this poor abused child.

    Shiloh- you are a Girl- a beautiful girl. You will always be a girl- it’s what you were made to be. Sorry that you had to be used as a social political statement by your indulgent and narcissistic parents.
    Hope you get a chance to break free and be you one day – you will have to wait 10 years til that day but when you do- embrace your womanhood and make up for all the years lost living a lie and a myth that your blinded, deluded parents lived through you.

    • Transgender people are born that way. It is just the way that it is. We realized that Shilo was transgender when she was three years old. There is no shame in this. Having parents who understand this, are a blessing. Best wishes to the whole Jolie-Pitt family.

      • No child is “transgender” at the age of 3.

        That is nonsense.

        Gender is decided at conception- then all know what gender during pregnancy and of course at birth.

        However, the persons sexuality is not known until all their essential organs, brain functioning and emotions have fully developed.

        This is by late 20s in some cases.

        No child should be thrust into the public lime light by any parent, with a declaration of the sexuality of their child just because they wanted to be called “John” or where boys clothes from 3..

        That is called “causing gender confusion” in your child, which is akin to child abuse when you think of all the psychological damage- including depression, anxiety and suicide.

        Yes, parents should support their kids in their decisions.

        No, kids are far too young to state what their sexuality is to be.

        And absolutely – their gender has already been established- no debate in that.

        Penis= Boy
        Vagina= Girl

        Lets support our kids- but not confuse them.

    • Wow, you are very ignorant to the issues children have when it comes to sexual identity, this is not a new issue for parents, transgender children have a 60% suicide rate if they are not accepted by they’re family, shame on you!

      • No body is saying anything about sexual identity – so stop serving out your own bigoted insults without seeing the full picture here.

        We are talking about a child who is very obviously being encouraged to dress in overtly boy clothes- not even neautral clothing or haircuts- it’s all- you are boy boy boy.

        What they are all saying on this site is that parents need to LEAVE their kids alone – lay off the social agenda push and just allow their sexuality to unfold naturally.

        Seriously- Viv and co are not the ignorant here.

        There is much research that states that men or women who were told they were the opposite sex to what they were born as – were confused and suicidal.

        Now- that is child abuse.

        Leave the children be.

        Allow their sexuality to unfold naturally without making public statements about a child’s sexuality – it is a disgrace that the these parents have shoved Shiloh and her sexuality onto centre stage at such a young age.

        Cut it out.

        This is a life here- a child’s life.

        We have no right to meddle. To coerce. To use as a social study – as a political statement – to brain wash either way.

        Best to not analyse at such a young age- let the child decide when all of their essential organs have developed.

        And there is no need for insults on this site for such a crucial topic.

        Too many have suicided due to people having sex changes and they never even felt like a man/woman they thought they were anyway.

        It was a mind matter- not what organs they had.

        No one is saying dont show compassion.

        Step back- take a deep breath- and relax.

        The child comes first- lay off judging and declaring to the whole world what gender they are until they are absolutely sure themselves after having fully developed physically, emotionally, sexually.

        Back off people.

      • Culture rot. Up is down and truth is nowhere to be found. Wicked generation… Jesus please come back soon.

        God doesn’t make mistakes or put people in the “wrong” bodies.

    • What are u some kind of expert? Your comments anger me. I applaud the Pitts for letting Shilo simply be a person with an identity she/he feels most comfortable…

      • Yes- it IS an option. Many kids are brainwashed into being a “girl/boy” because it’s “cool”- for Angelina Jolie, that would be so cutting edge and diverse – it’s what would fulfil her – as she wants her family to reflect an ideal world of “diversity, tolerance, various sexual orientation” etc .

        For her to have Shiloh as her little gender diverse kid, would “complete” her. And Brad Pitt just follows- they don’t stand for anything – they stand for everything.

        Kids coming out as transgender means that their parents/significant others brainwashed them into it for the “make us look like cool parents” factor – or society told them to experiment and be “whoever you want to be/ girl or boy?” – or the kid researched it on the net and then got obsessive conclusive about it, and since they get everything they want- they got to be a boy, when they were born a girl.

        One doesn’t need a phd or be transgender to know the truth in all of this. Phd students have corrupt extreme social agenda lecturers anyway.

        Penis= Boy
        Vagina= Girl

        If there is authentic gender confusion by the time the kids grow to be 30 years old, then research all avenues- it’s often psychological and an obsessive thought that has led to not feeling happy with own sex.

    • I agree. I think if Shiloh is allowed to grow up to be the beauty God intended it could become a nightmare for her mom. She’ll overshadow her mom’s legendary beauty. Can u imagine she could grow up to be the next Marilyn Monroe.

  • I agree with Vivienne.
    They are not born transgendered. They are either born with a penis or vagina. A boy or a girl.
    Confusing the child by encouraging certain clothes/hair is a sad political statement by parents with too much time on their hands.

    I cut my hair to be a boy like my brothers at 4 and wanted to wear clothes like them and did boy activities (up trees/billy carts etc) and cried when I got my period because I was not like my brothers.

    But my parents gave me the sanity and chance to be a GIRL. They never urged or bought boy clothes for me.
    I did boy stuff – wanted to be a boy- but was given BALANCE/ a balanced chance at gender.

    Poor Shiloh has never been given that chance. Whilst Angie waltzes around in gorgeous couture clothes/hair/makeup- Shiloh grunges out in ACDC tops and home boy clothes.

    Shiloh has a vagina – she is a GIRL and always will be.

    All it is a bit of social engineering by the mega rich. Extreme political views to boot.

    I’m with Vivienne- Child abuse is setting up an environment & persona & permanent gender of a child when they have never even had the chance to just be themselves – a girl.

    I hope that Shiloh grows up and explores herself – who she is- without the mother Gothel glaring at her making sure she fits the groovey transgender kid that would make her family complete.

    There has never been a transgendered child at birth – and put one in a forest – grow up in an environment where there is no pressure re Clothes- ie no money… And they children play & be who they are – no one defines a child by cutting their hair & putting boys clothes on..

    It’s tragic as the consequences – based on the many accounts of transsexuals. Many regret surgery and are silenced when they try to share their pain and the stories of being brainwashed as kids and told they were a boy etc when they were a girl..,

    Takes years of healing.

    In the meantime – the parents swan around in their defined gendered clothing – whilst they clearly define the opposite gender in their daughter Shiloh.

    She is a beautiful GIRL and always will be.

    • Another “expert”…. PLEASE… You know nothing about the human brain and how it develops from birth… The family is not pushing anything on Shilo… They are allowing the child to express how she(or he) feels
      ( gender-wise) and I applaud that. Having a penis or vagina does not always define the gender… You people make me sick!!

      • I used to want to dress up in more boy type clothes. If it wasn’t for my prudent watchful and wise mother, I’d probably be messed up and confused. The fashion police would be hunting me down. My rather traditional mom used to say that some of these ladies dress up as men as an excuse not to try to look nice. You know just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you have to become a huge slob. I’ve discovered tht about 90 percent of these ladies are overweight unsightly slobs who can barely dress themselves like clueless sixty year old men. It’s embarrassing ladies. It’s a wonder tht they find each other attractive. They should take advice from their gay male counter parts. Lose weight and look in the mirror once in a while. Being a lesbian doesn’t give anyone the right to just become an unsightly blob of “I just don’t give a damned.” The rest of us straight people are becoming more confused and distressed by this show of slobdom. Gee whiz at the very least try to be like Ellen. Put on some make up, dress neatly bad lose weight. A pasty faced woman is a pasty faced woman -lesbian or not.

  • You fuckers are dumb your not transgender so shut the fuck up. by not showing your kid love and bring them up as who they feel they are that ruining their life that’s not child abuse you fucking retards you people need to mind your fucking business that’s why your children are all probably all seeming therapist cause they switched their hips the wrong way stupid fucks.

    • Really intelligent response, “fed up”.

      How about thinking about the children in these families who are the victims.

      Try talking to kids who were brainwashed into thinking they were “transgendered” and even went as far as surgery- only to regret it years down the track.

      No one here deserves to be sworn at the way you did.

      You belong elsewhere on the net- nasty-land.

      • People who have never personally had to deal with this issue in their own family cannot have an intellegent opinion, my family is now facing this issue as well, it’s scary, n we cannot seem to influence him to being the boy he was born, from day one we knew he was not very boyish, as he’s getting older it’s getting even more obvious we are heading into a situation we have never experience before, it’s hard n scary, but our family has decided to let it be n see where this goes naturally and love and support him no matter what he is, we love him to the moon n back :)

      • Anonymous how do you know what ‘boyish’ means? What, they don’t like sport? They don’t like short hair? They don’t like cars? They are children for Christ’s sake. How is a little girl or little boy supposed to know what ‘feeling’ like the opposite sex actually is?

  • I agree at anon 11. 09pm-

    That is all I am saying- to let it be.

    Let the child’s natural sexuality unfold without coercion which only confuses.

    I would have thought that a child’s sexuality isn’t really seen during infancy and into pre-school years – as it’s all play with many different toys, dress ups etc.

    Shiloh looks as though she was put into extremely black/boyish clothes from a far too young an age.

    I wonder why kids clothes can’t be more neautral? Why does it have to be so aggressively, heavy metal black on a young child?

    Give them a break..

    Parents like Angelina need to stop defining their child through appearances and clothes and as anon says- back off..

    Far too young to proclaim to the world “my child is a boy and always has been”.

    Many suicides have happened when so much pressure was put on a child – and all they needed was freedom- neutrality of gender clothing, if there is stress about it.

    But mostly- love and support from family.

    Noone here is denying that either.

    It’s a heated topic and an emotional one.

    I could only imagine the challenge you have- but your child is in good hands and no matter what they decide- you are there.

    It may be a phase- and you will still be there and it will be ok to remain the gender they were born as.

    Research from both sides needs to happen- not just the side of the trans kid. What about the kid who just wants to be a kid?

    And there’s also the ones who do have sex changes believing they are a man or woman but regret the surgery and the depression is statistically higher than when they were previously confused about their gender.

    Only this time- they are 6 times more likely to suicide than when they were unsure, and exploring their sexuality.

    I agree with your stance- that all you need to do is be there to love your child.

    But the fierce boyish gender dressing that Shiloh has had to go through since she was still in nappies, is really unfair to a child- given that a lot of the stories of people who sex changed then regretted it, have memories of significant people in their lives who brainwashed them into thinking they were a girl, when they were born a boy.

    It’s not all cases but it has happened.

    Love them- that’s all – give them freedom to be.

  • I’m ready to vomit from the ignorance of some of the above comments. REALLY? I had to stop after three or four. You need so badly to hear yourself talk that you’re going to have a public opinion about something you CLEARLY know nothing about?

    For example: “Many girls who were given boys clothes, called a boy, treated as a boy etc became suicidal as they never felt like a boy due to not having a penis or feeling as an authentic person.
    You never find cases of gender confusion in the jungle or outback etc due to no bullshit about “boys toys/boys clothes” etc.
    let Shiloh be a girl.”

    The contradiction is giving me hives! What are you missing here lil poster?? That those children used in your example above were forced AWAY from their preference and I-don’t know— maybe that’s why they wanted to drink bleach and play in traffic?

    Do yourself a favor and research some basics on gender identity? Maybe dabble in some research on intersex (previously referred to as hermaphrodites)

    So many people assume this is all a mental decision or lifestyle choice. There can be a genetic defects, hormonal abnormalities, developmental disruptions in utero etc.

    I vote for ppl not taking a stance just to hear themselves talk or prove they know a lil somethin about everything. Maybe this topic should be limited to people with PhD’s or the conditions themselves?

    Have some links for desert friends:

    • Jenn: You would have to be the most arrogant, nasty person writing on this forum.

      “Ready to vomit..” How vomitus are you as a person! How revolting you are when there are so many valid points of view here.

      People like you shut down debate and discussion when it is much needed. Instead people like you bully others into a social agenda that CAUSES depression and suicide- since you present only one side.

      “Maybe this topic should be limited to people with PhDs or who have the conditions themselves?”.


      People who have PhDs are brainwashed by lecturers with extreme social agendas that screw up society and people’s lives anyway..!

      No. Allow people to have a say- you can’t go around bullying people telling them they can’t have an opinion.

      Remember: opinions are like assholes – everyone’s got one- whether YOU or I like it or not..

      Therefore I must even tolerate your deluded and arrogant opinion- but that’s life.

      Bottom line- and I agree with everyone else here- and we ALL have every right to express our opinions Jenn, so such it up:

      Kids need to be left ALONE to explore their OWN agenda – clothing – preferences.

      YES Jenn – Viv is saying that Shilohs folks have coerced her into being a “boy”- take one look at her clothes/hair etc as a toddler. Duh!
      Have you not even read the article??

      Shilohs folks (whoever they are? Never heard of them) cannot honestly say “our daughter has wanted to be a boy since she was 3” etc – EVERY girl says that. I said that – having all brothers. There’s nothing precious about Shiloh saying that yet they shove her into the spotlight and CONFIRM it in public..! Insane. Irresponsible.

      The parents took advantage of a word or whim and milked it. Too much time on they hands. And loads of Social Agenda. Sooooo cooool..

      How on EARTH can a bloody toddler know they are a boy..!! And why would the parents want to confuse their child by giving in to the child’s whims of “call me John”, “I like boys clothes”, “I feel like a boy”.

      Of course there are legit cases- but 3 years of age??

      Come on Jenn- you don’t need a “phd” to know that is really damaging to a child’s sense of “Who Am I?”.

      Parents need to tred carefully- help their kids BE their gender they were born with. If their kids decide when ALL organs are developed by late 20s- then at least the poor kid had a chance at being their birth gender.

      Jenn- go do your own research on the OTHER side of the story.

      Don’t be a trendy Sheep thinker.

      • To clearify this for most of you, sexually and gender identity are completely separate things. To make it simple, sexuality is who you go to bed with, but gender is who you go to bed as. Yes, there has been studies to show that some children know they were assigned the wrong gender at a very early age. Given that most children do want to be the opposite sex doctors and parents wouldn’t begin a transition until the child is much older. I think it’s admirable that Shiloh’s parents are letting her dress the way she wants to. No, her parents do not have any influence on her gender identity. No one can “confuse” you into the wrong gender. This article is filled with a lot of misinformation. For starters, Angelina did not confirm that her child is “transgender”. Shiloh would have to be the one to make that decision when she is much older. The word “transgender” never came from her mouth. That was just a way for this site to get you to read their article. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please educate yourself on the topic before you begin to argue. Debates can only be successful when all parties in the matter know what they are talking about. Also, belittling one another is bullying so it needs to stop. I don’t believe that Shiloh’s parents have an agenda. They seem to just be doing the best job they can as parents.


    This is interesting reading in response to your claim that parents/guardians have no influence over gender/sexuality.

    That is why I am urging readers to do research on both sides of the discussion.

    Nature V Nurture still needs to be explored – otherwise many children have to live with the unwise decisions and influences and coercion of their guardians/parents/people in their community.

    Shiloh being dressed to the extreme version of a “boy” is not helping her to explore herself as a “person”. Yes, dress/garments/hairstyle is incredibly important in shaping a child’s gender identity.

    As this article states so clearly.

  • Taken from the link above by author Walt Heyer who was influenced to change his gender from a young age:

    “Changing genders is short-term gain with long-term pain. Its consequences include early mortality, regret, mental illness, and suicide. .. let’s affirm and love our young people just the way they are”.

    Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker with a passion to help others who regret gender change. Through his website,, and his blog,, Heyer raises public awareness about the incidence of regret and the tragic consequences suffered as a result. Heyer’s story can be read in novel form in Kid Dakota and The Secret at Grandma’s House and in his autobiography, A Transgender’s Faith. Heyer’s other books include Paper Genders and Gender, Lies and Suicide.

  • Children are not capable of making any important decisions or judgments about themselves or anyone else because their brains are not fully developed. Won’t be for years to come. This is why teenagers often make horrid choices and are unable to contemplate consequences. No matter how much they are told something is dangerous or harmful, many often step right into doing that very thing, believing deep inside that they are indestructible. In my opinion, due to the fact that the brain and emotional stability is no where near mature enough for any child to “decide” they are transgender, or gay, or whatever, it is likely best to just let the child grow up and eventually she or he will come into their place. I also believe born a girl, be a girl…born a boy, be a boy. Society is getting so intent on being “diverse” and embracing all sorts of varied sexual choices and preferences that it has become something to strive for. Eventually, this will be a regretted thing as sexual orientation morphs into involving animals and things we likely can’t even imagine as being acceptable and encouraged. Don’t laugh…once all other sexual diverse avenues are exhausted it won’t be surprising to find subgroups of who knows what “coming out” and insisting on being accepted. Anyway…for any parent to encourage and announce that her little child is capable of deciding she is transgender is ludicrous, considering the lack of brain maturity and no real ability to make those types of decisions until young adulthood. Many girls have been “tomboys” throughout childhood and grown up to be women who are confident and secure in being female.

  • Who the fuck cares about some rich old lady and her idiot spawn? Anyone who gives a shit about this ‘transgendered’ faux-issue is a fucking toolbag.

  • People who arenot transgender should not voice an opinion on the situation. Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, you are just stating your humble opinion. As parents, you your best. I am sure the Pitt-Jolie family is not forcing this on them but i have personally dealt with transgender children where it is blatently obvious that they are not comfortable in their own skin as the social definition a girl. By allowing Shiloh to pick out her own clothes and cut her hair the way she wants is not bad parenting. It is allowing her to be who she is.

    • Would like to think so, but it’s highly likely that this mother *is* influencing Shiloh as she encouraged it since Shiloh was a toddler (as per the many photos seen).
      Makes sense- Angelina has loads of money and time on her hands and image means the world to her:
      She has her stereotypical black babies, white babies, and now she wants a transgender baby.
      It will *complete* her family as her family will represent a perfect world of tolerance and acceptance.

      Which is all fine – but I believe it is manipulation and parental influence.

      A toddler always wants to be like her brothers- it doesn’t mean a parent goes “yes! Cut your hair! Wear black acdc t shirts! Boys clothes! Go for it! Be yourself! ” … At 2 and 3 years old…

      Please read up about the sad stories of transgender people who were literally coerced into being transgender at a young age.

      It really does exist and it should be taken very seriously as it is akin to abuse.

  • The child was born a boy – it makes sense when you think about what long term goal they want to achieve, promoting the transgender agenda!
    If thats the case, now they can sell their lies and propaganda to the accepting public.

  • Transgenderism is a mental illness.

    What has this world come to – allowing such things to become normal. Where is the leadership and accountability? Any one with half of their humanity still intact can see the tragedy and future repercussions of allowing transgenderism to become normal.

    How sad seeing the responses here. Makes me wonder how people have become so totally lost. No one takes responsibility. No one leads, they all follow. That’s what this is, everyone is accepting transgenderism because others say it’s OK. Well, it’s not. And it’s time every one got a grip on themselves and woke up.

    Don’t listen to your peers just because it’s popular! What the hell has happened… I’m very sad to have to live during a time to see humanity fall to such depths.

    • Transgenderism is not a mental illness, it’s a real thing but maybe the accountability should be laid at the doors of the food companies that load our food up with hormones and other chemicals which may be part of the cause.

  • Even girls who are tomboys like to wear pretty clothes once in awhile, but yet Shiloh never has. I noticed three or four years ago that she may be transgendered. If in fact that is not the case, and just more of a little girl going through a “phase” of wanting to be a boy, than that phase will end. It seems they are handling it well by being supportive (because really what other choice is there?) and most likely hoping that it is a phase she will outgrow. If so great, If not, than at least she will have the support of her family. No one can persuade or sway a child to act, dress, and truly want to be a different sex. You either are or you aren’t. The same as being gay. I could have been raised by two lesbians but I still would have turned out to be heterosexual.

  • My son at the age of three asked me if I would buy him a dress! Reason? He was a male living in an all female family, we let him wear a tea towel wrapped around his waist, we let him paint his nails and wear makeup, we let him even grow his hair long. Is he transgender? No!! He grew out of it once he started school and began to hang out with other little boys. Shiloh is just acting out, wanting to be like her brothers, lets see what she is like in 10 years.

  • AJ has not said that Shiloh is “Transgendered”!… let alone, “Confirmed” that Shiloh is “Transgendered”! By your very words , “Shiloh is young enough that her preference to live life as a boy might be a phase,…”, is telling me that “Evil Beet Gossip” is unsure as to Shiloh’s personal gender identity status!
    To sum up, the words of AJ, “She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So, we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers”, is not an AFFIRMATION by AJ that she is certain that Shiloh is “Transgendered”!… nor, is it a “biological/ medical certainty”! And even if AJ suggests in some future interview that she believes Shiloh to be “Transgendered”, does NOT make Shiloh “Transgendered”! The TRULY “Transgendered” are those possessing a “biological predisposition” towards BOTH genders!… it’s NOT simply a matter of “willful gender identity”! Such a view suggests that all gays and lesbians who have merely CHOSEN a preferred sexual identity were “preempted by biology” in the CHOICE these have made re their sexual identity!… i.e., were “BORN THAT WAY”! This would make “WILL” more “FATE”, than “FREE”!
    Please!… no emails!

  • THE GAY/ LESBIAN AGENDA FREQUENTLY POSES AS A TRANSGENDERED AGENDA AND MEME (and… the Gay/ Lesbian Agenda/ Meme, and the Transgendered Agenda/ Meme, not to be confused with the “Gay/ Lesbian Transexual Agenda/ Meme”, the “Gay/ Lesbian Transexual Gender Re-assignment Surgery Agenda/ Meme”, and the “Transvestite Agenda/ Meme”!… which are other matters, altogether!)!
    Such thinking, would suggest that there’s no such thing as “FREE WILL”/ “CHOICE” when it comes to sexual orientation (the TRULY TRANSGENDERED, being the exception to this!)! And again!… not to be confused with those who are transexual!… or!… transexuals who have “CHOSEN” “Gender Re-assignment Surgery (AND!… DESPITE EVIDENCE OF ANY PROVEN BIOLOGICAL/ GENETIC PREDISPOSITION TO BEING “BORN THAT WAY”!… AND POSSESSING A TRULY “TRANSGENDERED BIO-SEXUAL ORIENTATION”!)”!
    For!… it’s one thing for a six year old boy to want to cut off his genitals due to an overwhelming biological (hormonal) tendency to femininity!… but!… it’s quite another issue, to do so, based on a series of “familially-based, peer-based, or socially-based behavioral influences (and!… on many occasions!… due to incidents of ‘incest-based, peer-based, or stranger-based SEXUAL ABUSE’!– whether as children, and/ or, as adults!)”!
    So… the question, is:… “Are you ‘coming out’ to reveal your gay/ lesbian ‘CHOICE’ OF ORIENTATION (i.e., a ‘CHOICE’ based on whatever ‘NURTURE-BASED/ non-biological’ circumstances may have led you to your resolve!)!… or!… are you anxious to end the REAL MENTAL/ EMOTIONAL PAIN of hiding a TRULY ‘BIOLOGICALLY-BASED CONDITION’ THAT YOU HAVE HAD– HAVE!– NO CONTROL OVER (AND WHICH MAY HAVE LED YOU– IS LEADING YOU!– TO THE POINT OF SELF-HARM!… OR!– WORSE!… SUICIDE!)?”
    Please!… no emails!

  • I’ll tell you this, religion is far more of a choice than homosexuality. And the protections we have for religion– we protect religion! And talk “abut” a lifestyle choice. That is absolutely a choice. Gay people don’t choose to be gay. At what age did you choose to not be gay? – Jon Stewart… to Presidential Hopeful, Mike Huckabee
    Dear, wonderful, precious Jon Stewart!… wherever you are!… without whom– and, of course, without Stephen Colbert!– Barack Obama might not have won the US Presidency!… at least!… as easily, as he did! Although… I must say!… Barack didn’t have much in the way of a contender! But!… what he faced… however!… was a confused, and frightened America! Thanks!… for the clarity!… and!… give my best!– our best!– to Stephen!
    Nevertheless!… and in light of this recent NC bathroom law debacle!… let me respond to your offering to Mike Huckabee! And despite never having met him… or having been a part of his politics!
    Jon!… Dear Jon!… YES!… Mike– IN PART!– was genetically sexually oriented to be straight! However!… you’re missing part of the equation here!… and that is, the impact of NURTURE-BASED development!
    Jon!… if everything was merely based upon genetics, then YOUR REPLY to Mike!… and, MY REPLY to you!… here!… now!… is/ are nothing more than the manifestation of a biologically predetermined event, or series of events (i.e., “BIOLOGICAL FATE”!)! Indeed!… we could then claim “Biological Fate” for all of our Behavioral manifestations! But!… this IS NOT the DEFINITIVE ANSWER to our respective sexual orientations!… or Behavioral Manifestations! We are more than just a fateful epiphenomnon of molecular arrangements! We have… to varying degrees!.. CHOICE!… COGNITIVE PLASTICITY! And as the expression goes!… the “I” that is ME!… and YOU!… is/ are more than just the sum of the parts, of our respective fateful genetic predetermination (i.e., we’re more than the sum of our respective parts!)!
    Nonetheless!… both our genetics, and our nurture, are elements in our individual developments, BY DEGREE! That is to say, both are individually unique!… and weighted more so on the side of genetics for some!… and for others, more so on the side of nurture! BUT!… LET THERE BE NO MISTAKE!… BOTH GENETICS, AND NURTURE, PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN OUR RESPECTIVE DEVELOPMENTS!
    And our genetics and nurture are further impacted by our environments!… both informational environments, and physical environments! From natural physical perturbations, to man-made physical perturbations (e.g., and re the latter!… like lead in paint eaten by children from bedroom walls, and drunk from the water in the pipes in Minnesota, and Michigan!… to the BPA in the lining of cans used for storing food!)… from natural informational perturbations, to man-made informational perturbations (e.g., and re the latter!… like “advertising lead” eaten by children from bedroom TVs, and drunk from the cesspools within the “internet pipes” in Cyberspace!… to the “BP” stories lining the cans used for discarding food!)!
    And so… and to conclude… to be genetically programmed to be transgendered (i.e., physically predisposed to a hybrid sexual orientation!), is a REAL human biological manifestation! However!… and as you’ve NO DOUBT learned over the years!… natural and man-made physical perturbations, and natural and man-made informational perturbations, have added to our “genetic-wiring” to further compound our respective developments! And it is a composite arrangement of all of these features, that make up a YOU!… and a ME!
    And!… at the end of the day!… AND SURELY!… we would want to know– SHOULD, WANT TO KNOW!– what OTHER FACTORS have been at/ in play, that have made, and are making, who we are! And!… if certain of those factors– e.g., child abuse (an example of a man-made “informational perturbation!)!– has set the stage for our sexual orientation, then we would/ should want to effect the “informational treatment” of the factor, or factors, that have PREEMPTED (through coercion!) our NATURAL CHOICE!… AND COURSE!
    All the best!… to you, and yours!… and!… to our BELOVED transgendered, and transsexual communities!… and!… to our BELOVED gays, lesbians, thesBIANS, thesGAYNS, thesGENDERIANS, thesSEXUALIANS, thesVESTITIANS, and stand-up, sit-down, and lay-down COMMEDIANS! If you’re reading this… Stewart!… I bet you thought this was going to end on a serious note!
    Please!… no emails!

    This article is by courtesy of Raven Clabough, of The New American, of Wednesday, August 24, 2016
    The Left often likes to use science — or rather, a modified version of science — in arguments related to atheism, evolution, abortion, climate change, etc. But just how it will deal with a new scientific study on transgenderism remains to be seen. According to a new report published in The New Atlantis journal, transgenderism — the latest hot button social justice “ism” — is not supported by science.
    The report was co-authored by former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Dr. Paul McHugh and Arizona State University Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics Lawrence Mayer. They concluded that “gender identity” is not separate from biological sex.
    “Examining research from the biological, psychological, and social sciences, this report shows that some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence,” the report prefaced.
    “The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex — that a person might be ‘a man trapped in a woman’s body’ or ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body’ — is not supported by scientific evidence,” stated the researchers.
    This is not exactly groundbreaking news to those who exercise common sense, of course. Simply because an individual purports to identify as something doesn’t make it true, particularly if it is biologically impossible. It does not take a scientific study to confirm that a person who identifies as a horse, for example, is not a horse, or one who identifies as a chair is not in fact a chair. But the study should provide some weight to the common sense approach to transgenderism, while simultaneously exploding the beliefs of some social justice warriors who may have difficulty reconciling this scientific study with their own sense of reality.
    The New Atlantis report is sure to provoke some controversy, as it challenges a number of theories that have been readily accepted by the general public in recent years, including what the authors dub the “born that way” hypothesis: “The notion that homosexuality or heterosexuality is in any given person unchangeable and determined entirely apart from choices, behaviors, life experiences, and social contexts.” According to the authors, that view is not “well-supported by research.”
    The authors also take issue with the criteria found in the fifth edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) for diagnosis of gender dysphoria in children, and the interventions used in the treatment of gender dysphoria despite the lack of scientific evidence behind them.
    At particular issue for the researchers is how transgenderism is being foisted on America’s youth, as the scientists note that most children outgrow gender confusion, and efforts to advocate transgender acceptance are sure to create further confusion. “Children are a special case when addressing transgender issues. Only a minority of children who experience cross-gender identification will continue to do so into adolescence or adulthood,” the report stated.
    “There is little scientific evidence for the therapeutic value of interventions that delay puberty or modify the secondary sex characteristics of adolescents, although some children may have improved psychological well-being if they are encouraged and supported in their cross-gender identification,” wrote the researchers. “There is no evidence that all children who express gender-atypical thoughts or behavior should be encouraged to become transgender.”
    The report argued that enabling acceptance of transgenderism through medical intervention is particularly harmful. “An area of particular concern involves medical interventions for gender-nonconforming youth. They are increasingly receiving therapies that affirm their felt genders, and even hormone treatments or surgical modifications at young ages,” the authors observed.
    These sentiments are similar to those found in a position statement released by the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) on March 21 entitled “Gender Ideology Harms Children,” in which the writers observed that any policies that foster the belief that gender dysphoria is anything beyond a psychological problem are in fact harmful.
    The authors of that position statement made several scientific observations, including that human sexuality “is an objective biological binary trait.” Children who use hormones to attempt to mimic a sex that is not their own have a number of dangerous physical and mental risks, the position statement advised, adding that “conditioning children into believing a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful” can be classified as child abuse.
    According to The New Atlantis study, in fact, conditioning anyone to accept impersonation of the opposite sex via surgery or chemical influences is harmful. The authors observe that adults who choose to have sex-reassignment surgeries have “a higher risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes.” They cite a study that found that sex-“reassigned individuals were about 5 times more likely to attempt suicide and about 19 times more likely to die by suicide.”
    Interestingly, PJ Media did a piece earlier this week on some of the real-life victims of what it dubbed the transgender “cult.” These” victims” were encouraged to embrace their gender confusion in their youth and are now living with the repercussions of those decisions. “I am a real, live 22-year-old woman, with a scarred chest and a broken voice, and five o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman. That’s my reality,” Cari Stella confessed in a YouTube video. “Gender was done to me, gender was traumatizing to me, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore,” she declared. She admitted, “When I was transitioning, I felt a strong desire — what I would have called a ‘need’ at the time — to transition.”
    Stella now contends that her transition only made things worse. “It can be damn hard to figure out that the treatment you’re being told is to help you is actually making your mental health worse. Testosterone made me even more dissociated than I already was,” she said.
    Stella is a prime example of an observation made by the authors in The New Atlantis study. They wrote, “The potential that patients undergoing medical and surgical sex reassignment may want to return to a gender identity consistent with their biological sex suggests that reassignment carries considerable psychological and physical risk.” The report ultimately concluded that politics and culture have been far too influential in the understanding of transgenderism and LGBT-related mental health problems, and encouraged individuals to take a more scientific approach to these issues.
    The researchers wrote, “While there is much controversy surrounding how our society treats its LGBT members, no political or cultural views should discourage us from understanding the related clinical and public health issues and helping people suffering from mental health problems that may be connected to their sexuality.”
    They readily admitted that better research is required to determine the best ways to help lower the rates of poor mental health outcomes in the LGBT community, but noted that despite the scientific uncertainty behind sexual orientation and gender identity, “drastic interventions” continue to be prescribed and delivered to patients.
    In June, McHugh noted that despite the lack of biological or physical basis for sexual identity, scientists struggled to persuade others that transgenderism is a psychological disorder because “there is a deep prejudice in favor of the idea that nature is totally malleable.”
    The authors of the article welcomed “spirited responses” to their report, and it is likely they will be barraged with exactly that.

  • “Angelina is so open and “whatever” about her daughter’s sexuality.”

    Author of this article is an idiot. This is not about sexuality. It’s about gender. If you do not know the difference, look it up.

  • SERIOUSLY…. at 7 I myself was wearing boys clothes, I had nothing but boy – friends, since no girls lived on my street, I always liked boys toys better than barbies & dolls, they called me a tom-boy, not a girl living as a boy…. I am a 29 year old FEMALY, who lives as a freaking female…. this world has gone to shit.

  • Has this child been brainwashed into believing she is transgendered? Why not wait until age 15 before giving her drugs? Suppose she changes her mind at 18 and wants to be a girl? Could this be a playing out of what Angelina would have liked for herself?

    She looked a normal girl holding her dolly at age 3 or so. I was a bit of a tom boy as a child but certainly I am all girl now.
    I pity Shiloh if she is not what her mother hopes for.

  • Seems that many celebrities and their kids have been transgendered by parents from birth. Perhaps she was, too (as perhaps parents were) and still feels like a boy. If this sounds crazy, you have to look into it, really look into it.

  • Will Shiloh still want to be a boy in 2019, 2020? I think that it is Angelina who has always wanted to be a boy shaping Shiloh to be what she could not be. Is this fair? Just as other teens find out their preferences Shiloh might decide to be 100% girl. A tragedy if operations have already been performed.

    Why not wait and giver her/him a chance to decide? It is not fair to decide somebody else’s life for them.

  • Bottom line:Too Many options! When adults treat children as though they are adults the child is faced with the challenge of attempting to make decisions at a level of maturity which they are unable to comprehend. It is ridiculous that anyone would accept this type of behavior from a parental figure regardless of status be it celebritory or not. If anything, society should be hoding the celebrity to a higher degree standardwise seeing as such public figure are often held in admiration and high respect by the youth of our country. Thus the celebrity figure has an obligation to hold themselves to a higher standard than the common person. Regardless of the celebs personal belief, they need to adhere to certain guidelines as to what is proper and acceptable. Our generation has become far to lax concerning prochoice,self-entitlement, gender bender jenners, as well as a sleu of other controversial issues which demand careful consideration in regards to the inevitable repurcussions that will befall our future generations as a result of this gross display of poor judgement.
    If we as a society continue to accept such behavior it will continue to erode the moral fiber and foundation our great country was built upon until it collapses upon itself. Our choice, be it one voice or a multitude, IS the power that decides if our nation,society,civilization, progresses or ceases to advance. Regardless of the thoughts of those who CHOOSE to willingly support such nonsense, they that are themselves deceived by their own misguiding logic, need to wake up and face reality on realities terms. Pretending that you are a girl when you are born a boy or vice versa, and using such a ridiculous defense as ‘being born that way’, defies logic, common sense and fact. Calling an apple an orange doesn’t make it an orange. The apple is an apple and regardless of what anyone convinces themselve, the apple is an apple. Even if it dresses up as an orange. Even if everyone feels that it the apple should be allowed to masquerade as an orange, even if the apple is abe to convince a mulltitude of people that it is an orange or gains a decent percentage of supporters who rally for the apple supporting it’s belief_ that doesnt make the apple an orange. It does however define one bad apple spoilng the barrel. Tollerance has become the battlecry for anyone who doesn’t get there way. Wake up you fools! Wishful thinking doesnt make it so. Diluted capacity of moral fiber and integrities disregard, (which this nonsense equates to)coupled with the support of the majority of fools quick to avoid confrontation /quarrel due to cowardice born out of an unwillingness to accept life as it is. Manipulation of the rules of nature by selfish,spoiled brats whose refusal to accept that they are servants of something greater than themselves in spite of their pointless attempts to prove otherwise, will continue to slow the evolution /advancement of the human race.

  • Well I say we best let this TomBoy hit puberty first and see what mother nature says about all these transgender musings.

    When she is fully loaded up on her natural hormones then it will be clear whether or not she is straight, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

  • I am commenting again. It is fine to be transgender if you really are. I am angry when people like Miley Cyrus suddenly loved girls when she got dumped. Now she is ‘engaged’ again to the same guy who dumped her. Then there is the pretty girl from the Twilight series who got dumped, rushed off to the ladies saying she was always gay? Is it when you start making so much money that you go slightly crazy? I believe that Angelina Jolie realised that you are always in the news if you can claim that at least one of your children need medical attention.
    Having both breasts removed because of a cancer scare in the family was both smart AND convenient for an actress getting older by the minute. Smart because it is best to remove both-just in case.
    I really hope that Shiloh is allowed to decide for herself when she is older. Better to be ‘straight gay’ than transgender. You can plan your life better.